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  3. Wrong forum

    Plz ignore
  4. Goodbye, NS (hopefully temporary)

  5. Goodbye, NS (hopefully temporary)

    Now that the finals are over, I will be back more often.
  6. Oh god. It's the puppies again.

  7. [WANTED] New Nation Greeting Squad

    Terrific! We'd love to have you Wyvern! I'll DM you instructions.
  8. Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    NationStates Nation Name: Arkadia Universalis (AKA United Arkadia, but the nation is soon to be retired as my main) Discord User Name: Ark#3495 Your Local Timezone: EST Regions You Have Active Nations In: The West Pacific, the Union of Democratic States Any Diplomatic Experience: I created the FA department of the UDS as it exists now. I was also the head of the Diplomatic Corps in the Pacific, a position where I took on responsibilities normally reserved for Pierconium, the FA senator at the time. During my time as Dept Head, the Department was reinvigorated and the Pacific saw new, trained ambassadors visiting all GCRs as well as major UCRs.
  9. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    3 more citizens (why are they always coming in 3s) Psychotic Lovers Rizorien Far Bahriki Thank you!
  10. [WANTED] New Nation Greeting Squad

    I'm not on the RMB much but I'd like to help.
  11. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I can do that, you know of course I copy and pasted your proposed titles (other than the Archives)
  12. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Much appreciated! Would you mind adding an 's' to the end of New? Edit - and maybe reorder so Repository is #2 and Roleplay is #3? THANK YOU!
  13. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    ok I'll do that, give me a bit after a few false starts I got this right I do belive.
  14. [PASSED] Ozone Layer Protection

    'Ozone Layer Protection' was passed 15,214 votes to 2,998.
  15. [PASSED] Protection of Biomedical Research

    'Protection of Biomedical Research' was passed 13,766 votes to 3,856.
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  17. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I'm taking on the revitalization of TWP roleplay and would like to remodel our RP section of the forum. Please create: Atlas of the Occident - Map & Factbooks; The Repository - Local & World New; Roleplay - How the West Was Won; OOC Support - Information & Dispute Arbitration; The Archives - Stories From Long Ago. Within The Archives, please create: 2014-2017; 2018-Present. Please move all current subforums and threads to The Archives, 2014-2017. Thanks!
  18. [WANTED] New Nation Greeting Squad

    Sorry for the delay, I will contact you all with instructions. Welcome aboard!
  19. Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    NationStates Nation Name: Jalaron Advaria Discord User Name: OneSevenNineWest/FCBarca49 Your Local Timezone: Mountain Standard Time, GMT+7:00 Regions You Have Active Nations In: Conch Kingdom Any Diplomatic Experience: None before
  20. [WANTED] New Nation Greeting Squad

    I wouldn't mind trying this out.
  21. [PASSED] Protection of Biomedical Research

    I echo the above sentiments--against.
  22. [WANTED] New Nation Greeting Squad

    I'd certainly be interested.
  23. [PASSED] Commend The MT Army

    'Commend The MT Army' was passed 8,763 votes to 7,144.
  24. Hello from the DPREK

    Welcome aboard, from another new face around here!
  25. Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    Welcome aboard! Please either dm me on Discord or tg me and we can get started!
  26. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Done, done, done. New Citizens is good news to me!
  27. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    New Citizens! (I know, right) Dad is nearby, DenimusLeader, and Alexander
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