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  3. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    complete, left primary mask as Military for badging purposes on military members, masked all to Hall of Nations
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  5. [WITHDRAWN] Repeal: "Condemn The Black Hawks"

    Dang it, this is twice in a row now! Granted, this one was withdrawn due to a legality issue so expect it to return in a modified form.
  6. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    If you would be so kind, the following need to be masked as new citizens... Big boy, Lambdasia, Sekowo, The United Republic of the West, Kiger, Havenka, Obsikionia, and Ikorion
  7. Last week
  8. [WITHDRAWN] Repeal: "Condemn The Black Hawks"

    I agree wholeheartedly. The original Condemnation was justly 'awarded' and was significant enough to remain in place, especially as this Repeal is poorly argued.
  9. [WITHDRAWN] Commend The Macabees

    Well, this is awkward.
  10. [WITHDRAWN] Commend The Macabees

    I've literally never heard of this nation, so i'll defer to TWP's judgment. If anyone participates in II then their input would be much appreciated.
  11. This proposal's argument makes no sense. It praises SC #217 in the 'RECOGNIZING' clause, yet it states in the 'BELIEVING' clause that TBH shouldn't receive any recognition from the SC. This would imply that the author wants to repeal SC #217 as well, yet they've made it clear that they support the resolution. The SC regulars are divided on this, but I do not think that a historically significant condemnation should be repealed unless the arguments for doing so are watertight. They are not in this case, so my recommendation is to vote 'against'.
  12. [PASSED] Commend Ransium

    'Commend Ransium' was passed 14,562 votes to 1,698.
  13. [AT VOTE] Repeal: "Freedom to Seek Medical Care"

    It shows how quickly stamps can buy approvals, more like. Also, this is now at vote.
  14. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    @State of Minnmar, @Willsta18, @Lambdasia, @Moingyong, @Kiger, @Havenka, @Lucifer, @Ark military masks please.
  15. [AT VOTE] Repeal: "Freedom to Seek Medical Care"

    Well, that went up quickly and is experiencing quite widespread approval. Shows again how much sincere conviction informs each individual vote in the WA.
  16. The target was a proposal that we opposed, the repeal is well-argued and SP is a very accomplished author. My recommendation is to vote 'for'.
  17. [PASSED] Freedom to Seek Medical Care

    'Freedom to Seek Medical Care' was passed 9,643 votes to 7,425.
  18. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Please mask Overthinkers as Speaker of the Hall and change Drall's mask from Speaker to Citizen.
  19. Starting immediately, I am making the following change to the Endorsement Caps. The endo caps will be lowered from 10/125 to 10/100. Badger put in the 125 cap last year with the understanding that he would consistently have over 500 endorsements (a 4-1 ratio). For the last few months he had dropped below 450 and was in the 420s when he resigned. I am currently at 411 endorsements. This is not because of any lack of nations endorsing the Delegate. In fact, my endorsement percentage is the second highest among GCRs (thank you all for that). Where we are lacking in is the total number of WA nations. Nations currently in the 125-100 range will have until the end of the month to get below the 100 endorsement number. This should be enough time for natural attrition to lower your count. Just don't endorse and it should happen with minimal effort on your part.
  20. [PASSED] Commend Ransium

    Agree completely. "For."
  21. [PASSED] Commend Ransium

    Agree wholeheartedly Thumbs UP!
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  23. [PASSED] Commend Ransium

    Ransium is an accomplished GA author, an accomplished SC author, an accomplished issues author (he is now an issues editor moderator) and an accomplished regional delegate. Several nations have been commended for excelling in one area of the game, so why shouldn't we commend someone who excels in multiple distinct areas of the game? This proposal has my fullest support and I'd urge the Delegate to stack his votes in favour.
  24. Hello from Moorishland

    Hello! Welcome to the West Pacific!
  25. [PASSED] Freedom to Seek Medical Care

    I will be voting AGAINST Not for any strong conviction, but I just think it can be done better.
  26. [PASSED] Freedom to Seek Medical Care

    I'm not convinced too in this Article it chain much the freedom of citizens to receive the Midecal care
  27. [PASSED] Freedom to Seek Medical Care

    In the absence of definitions, such a term would follow its common meaning. Since emigration, under the prevailing accepted definition, would include leaving the country for medical tourism, I'm not convinced.
  28. [PASSED] Freedom to Seek Medical Care

    While this is similar in nature to GA #279, that resolution doesn't specifically define emigration specifically to include travelling or medical tourism (although another resolution that I don't know of may do that). That being said, a nation could use this loophole to either prohibit people from travelling for the sake of health or to mandate that citizens must receive medical attention in their home nation. This proposal seems to close that loophole to me.
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