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  2. Greetings From Tal Wel Gha

    Welcome to TWP!
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  4. I run a Nation of the same name, and will probably start making other various puppet nations once I get a feel for how NationStates works. Call me Keys or Keysie. IRL I'm a 21+ year old from Florida. I don't care what pronouns. Slytherin, INFP-T, all that personality quiz stuff. You can find me on Torn City as Keysie and Mafia Returns as StealthMaestro.
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  6. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Today we have a large citizenship class of 5 Sousted, Trust, Kilorodado, Aqua, and Halmont
  7. Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    NationStates Nation Name: Naturalasgoh Discord User Name: shrub#3566 Your Local Timezone: EST Regions You Have Active Nations In: The West Pacific Any Diplomatic Experience: None
  8. COPS Treaty banning

    I can't believe he is back to trying...
  9. NS reminisces

    It's been a while, hasn't it Eli?
  10. [PASSED] Commend Alasdair I Frosticus

    Commend Alasdair I Frosticus was passed 17,331 votes to 1,613
  11. Short and to the point. This is a normal liberation for a change. Bovitt Cay is a puppet by Lenlyvit. The three unnamed raider forces are TRE, TI and USSD. Native support has been expressed in the discussion thread. Occupants have stated their plan to lock and refound the region. The basics look good. TRE's leaders have recently been declared PNG by us (and many more regions) for their egregious behaviour (see here). Them leading the occupation should be reason enough by itself to support this liberation. So unless I am missing some more political connections my advice is to vote for this proposal. discussion thread
  12. [DEFEATED] Agricultural Invasive Species Act

    "Agricultural Invasive Species Act" was defeated 11,452 votes to 8,193
  13. NS reminisces

    I've been here...hiding in the shadows.
  14. The author submitted this after a very short drafting period. They don't seem to be very keen on criticism. In my eyes this proposal has several flaws. First thing are the weirdly circular definitions in 1.a and 1.b. 1.c limits this to laws that require retention of all customer data making this proposal effectively useless. A law only requiring the retention of most data completely falls out of the scope of this proposal. Then there's of course the question if this is really an international issue. This would have needed much more time and frankly, the author's attitude isn't exactly destined to win many hearts. Due to its numerous technical flaws I recommend to vote against this. discussion thread
  15. NS reminisces

    My post will go here. It will be less than a postzilla, as I am a fan of getting to the point. But I do have stuff to say.
  16. NS reminisces

    Winni, is that you?!
  17. NS reminisces

    I miss my old Meritocratic Census...back in the day before NS really provided any stats outside of the XML API.
  18. Yes, really minor but still a noteworthy point. I must admit I find the whole ordeal oddly fascinating. So now Greater Cofrienolls seems to have been DEATed for repeated WA multiing if I interpret moderation's comment on their RMB correctly. Also the proposal lost a few delegates thanks to a disapproval campaign by Lenlyvit and sits at: I guess that means that it'll soon be discarded? Well, I'll wait until that happens and close the thread then. Perhaps there will be a few more minor occasions for me to get the popcorn. /edit: and it's gone, I'll close here
  19. [NUKED BY MOD] Commend Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar

    Plus, there's no draft on the forums for others to look at. Then again, that's a minor complaint.
  20. [IN QUEUE] Commend Solorni

    Rachel (Solorni) undoubtedly has a long career in NS to look back onto (and that is still developing). Her influence on Balder is hard to overstate. I am personally not that versed in all the details of this proposal, especially things that go back a few years but even the critics in the proposal thread admit that at least the general gist of it is absolutely correct. TWP is on good terms with Balder and Europeia (as written in the proposal) and Rach is even a citizen here (unless I am mixing up something in my mind). This proposal has been in the works since 2014 (with long idle phases), Rach seems to be fine with it as far as I can tell, this will likely have the support of WALL, giving it a big headstart. The writing is fine and has obviously been refined for a long time. Unless there are some political reasons or major details I am not aware of, I see no reason to not vote for this. discussion thread
  21. If your first reaction to this was 'Who??' you are not alone. This is the second time this has been submitted. The first time the submitter openly talked on their RMB how this proposal was written by the person to be commended themselves and that they were given stamps together with the pre-written proposal for a campaign. The proposal was yanked by moderation. Only because no more evidence was found in TGs, moderation left it at that. Now the proposal has been submitted again. On their RMB they are talking about how they fear being raided by TBH, who of their friends to commend or condemn next and how they drive to school together. These really are just a bunch of clueless kids with too much money to spend on stamps. The content isn't noteworthy anyways. Of course against. discussion thread
  22. NS reminisces

    Dec 3 2002 I had just got to work, same office I'm in now just three different owners since then. Browsing National Review, Jonah Goldberg's column said check out, I'm still here. That morning as I was getting out of the car, Eli's Coming; Three Dog Night version was playing, so I'm humming Eli's Coming. My first nation was born that day, Eli was and is a libertarian leaning plain spoken type... I had to have been born in the Pacific, since it was the only GCR at the time, I think this actually pre-dated the Rejected Realms *scratches head* Soon I went to the Capitalist Alliance, founded by New Caithness who is still around today as El-Cid, and started building alliances between my nation and others in that UCR. I ran for Delegate, in game only, and got elected. Not too long after this I woke up in some other region, I don't believe there were founders yet, and discovered to my chagrin/pleasure that I'd been ejected from the Capitalist Alliance by some sordid scoundrels going by the name of the Atlantic Alliance. <insert boos and hisses here> It seems that they had discovered they could take over regions with a bit of organization and a bull rush to the endorsement button of their favorite take over figurehead. It was a result that had never crossed my mind. I did a bit of looking around and found out that there were some in the Meritocracy that would help us recover our region. Some treaty organization that Free4All was in, so we in the CA joined it. This eventually resulted in us overtaking the AA's figurehead (or they got bored and went elsewhere) and in Eli becoming interested in the Meritocracy. *I'll add to this later this will become a very postzilla type deal before long*
  23. [AT VOTE] Repeal: “Liberate KAISERREICH”

    Oh, hell no! I'm getting my boots to stomp!
  24. [AT VOTE] Repeal: “Liberate KAISERREICH”

    *gets ready to STOMP*
  25. [PASSED] Repeal: “Liberate Femdom Empire”

    Repeal "Liberate Femdom Empire" was passed 16,777 votes to 2,471
  26. Eurks. Proposed by a Kaiserreich resident. The usual "We have less than zero Nazis and you forcing us to police our nonexistent Nazis would actually make you, the WA, the real Nazis" line. Holocaust jokes on Discord and RMB as well as antisemitic propaganda posters are a matter of public record. Whenever this resolution comes off the books, it should not be through a proposal by a Kaiserreich resident in which they get to paint themselves as the victims and some sort of martyrs for free speech. Nuke it from orbit, take no prisoners, salt the land - against! discussion thread
  27. [PASSED] Commend Alasdair I Frosticus

    Well, I got feedback from exactly one person: This pretty accurately mirrors how niche NS Sports is on the whole. Again, this is no reason to vote against this. All in all I'd say - if in doubt, vote for. This niche probably deserves a bit of love.
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