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  3. [DISCARDED] Freedom To Seek Care

    'Freedom to Seek Care' was discarded by the WA for rule violations after garnering 11,212 votes in favor and 3,363 votes against.
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  5. 'allo!

    Glad to see you! Welcome!
  6. 'allo!

    Bienvenue mon aime! Wait...welcome friend!
  7. 'allo!

    Greetings! Glad to have you here. If you have any questions please let me know!
  8. [DISCARDED] Freedom To Seek Care

    OK, so I took a risk with this one. Ordinarily, I would have made a thread much earlier, but a Legality Challenge had been filed alleging that Section One of this proposal contradicted GA #53 a.k.a. Epidemic Response Act, GA #76 a.k.a. Standardised Passport Act and GA #389 a.k.a. Rights of the Quarantined. Looking at the thread, I was certain that GenSec would rule the proposal illegal and discard it, so I felt that there would be no use in posting this as the proposal would be discarded anyway. As it so happens, I was right. The proposal will be removed for rule violations once the voting period ends. In these circumstances, it would not be useful to recommend any particular course of action.
  9. 'allo!

    Greetings, mes amies! I have decided to settle in this nice region of yours, so, here I am. *sips wine* ^^ I have also submitted my citizenship application. I'm not French or from a country that speaks French, by the way. >_< I can't wait to be acquainted with you all! - Your amie, Monamie
  10. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I don't seem to be able to access this ( despite me being Dave's Slave/Deputy Minister. Is this a masking issue?
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  12. [PASSED] Repeal: "Commend Texas"

    Repeal: 'Commend Texas' was passed 10,160 votes to 4,028.
  13. [PASSED] Convention on Internet Neutrality

    'Convention on Internet Neutrality' was passed 13,899 votes to 1,331.
  14. [PASSED] Repeal: "Condemn Kknight"

    Repeal: 'Condemn Kknight' was passed 11,209 votes to 2,551.
  15. Hewwo!

    Greetings Soppy! Glad to have you here!
  16. Hewwo!

    Greetings! Welcome to The West Pacific! Glad to meet you!
  17. Hi! I'm new to the west pacific and wanted to introduce myself. My nation is Jesus take the Wheel. Uhhmmm... Hi?
  18. [PASSED] Convention on Internet Neutrality

    good point
  19. What do you want from your Delegate ?

    I'm sure that would provide the necessary real estate. TWP, coffee and chocolate capital of the World. And don't forget the spiced crimson rum.
  20. What do you want from your Delegate ?

    Good old-fashioned coffee and chocolate.
  21. What do you want from your Delegate ?

    I want NS-wide dominion for TWP.
  22. What do you want from your Delegate ?

    Real Estate. Really, the teaming billions of All Good People need room to grow, New lands to colonize and occupy. I'm quite sure many other West Pacifican nations share the same burden and needs for their own teaming billions. The NS universe requires growth, it is the very nature of it's mechanics. Yes. Real Estate.
  23. [PASSED] Repeal: "Commend Texas"

    This has now reached quorum.
  24. [DEFEATED] Repeal: "Prevention of Torture"

    I love the sound of boots in the morning. Repeal: 'Prevention of Torture' was defeated 13,516 votes to 2,258.
  25. [PASSED] Convention on Internet Neutrality

    It's an unusual topic to be sure, but we have resolutions on stock markets, beekeeping and microfinance, so in comparison, this proposal seems downright ordinary to me. Also, I don't want the net neutrality debate in the World Assembly to be as pointlessly drawn-out as it is in real life. Edit: This is at vote, BTW.
  26. [PASSED] Convention on Internet Neutrality

    I think it's weird that we have RL issues creeping into a game that has no parallel to reality. But if the FCC reg sounded more like this one it would probably be much less reviled by service providers who would be out of their minds to exhibit the behavior supposedly at need of regulation. So Auralia did a good job of writing, but there is no internet in NS so wtf?
  27. [PASSED] Convention on Internet Neutrality

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