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  2. So would boys going through voice change which limits their singing activities (weird wording of the proposal) count as (at least temporarily) disabled? Also seemingly this covers any and all activities? Creative nitpickers could have a field day with this one. On the other hand the intended measures seem to be a combination of too focused and too unspecific. It specifically mandates measures for the walking impaired but leaves all the rest (blind, deaf,....) to some unspecific ~'yeah, just enforce some anti-discrimination measures and train your teachers'. Voted against.
  3. Lacks clear definitions of the condition of being disabled and in my view is just a sympathy-seeking trap to acquire an easy badge. Have given it the thumbs down.
  4. Against. Specialization would be a better tool here.
  5. Ask the person who decided to submit this without drafting it first. It's admittedly quite well-written, but there are some fatal flaws.
  6. Hello! Pleasure to have you here *provides cookies and assorted drinks*
  7. I have a mental condition that limits my productive activity. Am I disabled?
  8. Apologies if I'm stepping on any toes here, but as this proposal is now at vote, it seemed prudent to create a thread.
  9. Hello, We are Matism, and we are new to the world.
  10. Last week
  11. Heya Vlad, good to cya
  12. I'm good, thanks. Just trying to get back involved.
  13. Done... I think. Hopefully I didn't cause the collapse of civilization or something.
  14. Hey, Ivan! How the heck have you been? *steals a carrot and dips it in chocolate*
  15. Please Mask @2-D-Gori and @KhanterWinters for military, tank u!
  16. *provides carrots*
  17. Heyhey, Noticed that some of the title/role bar images (not sure what to call them, the TWP flag element that says Guardian or Armed Forces or Ambassador etc) appear to no longer work on myself and numerous other nations. It appears to be the Ambassador image that has the issue, which was on this link: Just a heads up, and a plea for the pretty role image banner bit to return
  18. Hello.
  19. Aye. Same here.
  20. Apology accepted.
  21. Head and shoulders knees and toes

    (Consider this my post while I go on a 2-week holiday. Cheers!)

  22. Stares at head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

  23. stares at Lamb

    1. Lamb


      This is an improvement, but you have a long way to go.

  24. Last week I dismissed four Guardians from their posts. The action itself is not what caused issue, but rather the manner in which I handled the dismissals. Each Guardian has served TWP with honor and distinction and I failed to treat them with the respect and dignity their service demanded. Their devotion to TWP is unquestionable and their professional character is beyond reproach. Failure to recognize that - however temporary - constitutes a gross misjudgment on my part. I want to personally apologize to Elegarth, Yy4u, Wickedly Evil People, and Bhang Bhang Duc. Furthermore, I would like to apologize to the rest of the region for the undue stress and anxiety caused by this situation. Going forward, I pledge to earn back the trust in me that has been shaken, and to continue to serve the region and her interests to the best of my abilities.
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