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Announcement: FA Minister and Deputy

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Greetings West Pacificans and Friends,


The Holy Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Sacred Order of The West Pacific has been in need of a rejuvenation, and it is my hope that with these new appointments, we will see a resurgence in organization and activity in the Ministry and our presence in diplomatic matters in NS World Affairs.


Foreign Affairs is often one of the larger tasks for a NationStates region, and it needs a combination of familiarity with our region, and the regions we associate with, as well as those we may have troubled relations with. It needs an understanding of how our region works, and an ability to express the nature of our community and it's cultures. And....it takes an investment of your time.

I have the honor to introduce God Emperor, returning to the position of Holy Minister for Foreign Affairs.  He has an established history of service to TWP in Foreign Affairs, and I look forward to working with him as we continue to move forward.  


This time though, he will not be without assistance, as I am also pleased and honored to announce Karland will be serving as Deputy Holy Minister for Foreign Affairs.  His service to TWP is well established and he has great vision for bringing activity and organization to our Foreign Affairs.

Please join me in thanking and congratulating God Emperor and Karland.  *applauds*

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