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Spetember 7th, 1421 - Response to the South Hallessekratamian War

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Roughly a year has passed since negotiations began with Kalmach and Garahun, and no official agreements have been achieved. It is under the opinion of the Campa Simpatcan government that the invasion of Garahun was justified in order to stop the oppression of Kalmash people. However, it is also under the opinion of the Campa Simpaticas government that Kalmach has pushed beyond where it is needed into areas not needing or desiring liberation. We have tried to negotiate a peace in which as much of the population as possible gets what they want, however these options have been refused by both participants. 

An embargo has been considered, however it is believed that this will do little beyond hurt the people in both countries. Instead the Campa Simpatican government has decided to further ease immigration policies as well as create a refugee program to assist those negatively affected by the war. 

Immigration policies, as mentioned, are further relaxed, the time required to live in the country to gain citizenship has been reduced to one year. Government programs will also assist in finding a fitting state and city for those who come as well as a job and or education. New refugee programs work much the same way however with additional benefits.  Primarily access to healthcare even without citizenship in cases of damage caused by war or government oppressions. 

These polices indeed may increase taxes, however over time the increased population of theses newcomers will begin to balance out the money required to pay to help them. As such, over time, taxes will balance back out to roughly their previous amount.

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04.04.1423 - West Fauthur

As the conflict between the UNK and Garahun takes it's course course and deaths toll high, the Fauthurian government made it's official statement regarding the matter. 

"We are all aware of the aggression the UNK is showing, the homes innocent people being destroyed, brave soldiers giving their lives on the frontline for essentially all that is a landgrab. Alas, it was a justified landgrab and a way to end the long standing hostilities in that region. As shown before, the affected territories have previously voted to be re-unified to the UNK's lands. Their government did not honor this motion shown by the people and fierce resistance by the people of the affected territories began to show. After a while, there was no other option than to liberate the people of the suppression from Garahun's lands. Nonetheless, we will hereby reach out to affected people, both soldier or not, Garahun or not and send them as much aid as possible. Additionally, during the war and a year after it, Garahun citizens shall have visa free entry and a home assigned to them if they ever reach Fauthurian jurisdiction and apply for such. We will establish a monetary fund for everyone affected to help recover living conditions, as well as major lost possessions such as cars, childrens toys and more.

But here we have to take another decision, should we suspend the UNK from the NCC for an unspecified amount of time or not? Statistics show that the populace of Fauthur has voted for the suspension, and we see it as justified. One of the reasons being that the UNK has not proposed atleast an ultimatum to Garahun before just walzing in and surprising friend and foe alike. Also, due to our harsh history with the UNK we believe many people have voted out of spite against the UNK and we can not do anything about that. The people have the power, the people choose. 

We in the government also have made another tough decision. We do not want our relations to the UNK, nor the rest of Nur deteriorate. Sadly we can not ensure that this happens and there are always parties that are guaranteed to be mad. Our populace has shown quite the variety of support to defend Garahunian lands. We can not look over this fact, but also can not take any further action in support of Garahun. Instead, we opted to for a limited amount of time, or for the duration of the rest of the war, that we will restrict access only from the UNK into Fauthur that is not a regular citizen of the UNK. The citizens in both Garahun and the UNK are not supposed to carry the weight of their governments decisions and we do not want to make their time already harder than it presumably currently is. Only the governments of their countries can be justifiable on the matters the government takes. At the last action we are taking is that we are sending any government officials received from the UNK and send to the UNK back to their respective countries. We hope that this war is soon to end and not many more casualties to happen. This is no laughing matter for anyone and should stay like that."


The United Republics of Fauthur



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The Kalmachian Government


Prime Minister Willsen Hessen is seen in an office, with a big Kalmachian flag in the background.

"As the war keeps drawing on, we feel that we need to publish a statement about what is currently happening in Kalmach and in Garahun. Many have expressed concern about the invasion, and what it entailed, as we had remained secretive about the plan up until its execution. We will clear some stuff up."

The prime minister shuffles in his papers a bit.

"We did not launch this war in order to make land grabs but believe that the Garahunnic government is incapable of properly protecting its citizens. The execution of peaceful protesters in Southern Hallessekratamia is proof enough of this. Before the invasion, we even tried to give a secret ultimatum, however, the Garahunnic did not listen. We never received an answer from any official representing Garahun, so we decided to launch the invasion.

After the second Kalmachian civil war, they forced Kalmachians out of their cities in order to put in their own Garahunnic peoples and replace them. The ultimatum of 1345 was a blatant attempt by Garahun to expand their empire. Taking advantage of a weakened Kalmach during it's infighting is the worst of the worst one can do.

Some have shown concern about the potential for human rights violations in the war. We will ensure that doesn't happen. We promise the protection of every single ethnicity in the area we occupy, in contrast to the Garahunnic. From the Oodwanese to the Garahunnic, we will treat them all the same as citizens of Kalmach. We also want to announce that we have no intention of controlling any ethnically garahunnic land. The eastern push was simply something that was needed in order to maintain the frontline. It was purely strategic, and we have no plans to advance in the east. However, we will continue to do whatever is necessary in order to protect the Kratans and the Oodwanese in the south.

We wish for peace, but we also wish for change. Therefore, The United Nations of Kalmach has demands. The Garahunnic has 2 options. One is to help us set up an independent state in the areas compromising the ethnically Kalmash and Oodwanese areas, with minor territorial concessions in Southern Hallessekratamia. Another is to let Kalmach have complete control over the ethnically Kratan areas of Garahun. We have had enough of the barbaric oppression of all the ethnic groups of the Garahunnic Prince-Bishophric."

The Prime Minister looks up from his papers and into the camera.

"Lat gudd váre met ós. Held kjunn till Kálmach"

End of broadcast

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Chancellor Amelia Marcus


Chancellor Rooms
3rd District
Sekiya Capital Region

Official Statement - Chancellor Amelia Marcus

My great Sekiyans,

It is with great sadness that I heard about the news from Andereik on April the 11th, and my heart goes out to all those involved and their families. I would like to personally thank those of the Sekitz Metropolitan Police and the brave officers from E-6B. Sekiya condemns the actions of these terrorists, and will continue to hunt down and destroy the group responsible for this.

However, we must remain strong as a nation, and not bend to the will of martyrs. Therefore, I would like to reaffirm the Republic of Sekiya's foreign policy to The United Nations of Kalmach.

  1. The 3rd and 7th Airborne Battalions will remain in Southern Hallessekratamia until a resolution is reached. These brave men and women are working hard to promote peace in the region and assisting with rebuilding and distribution of aid.
  2. We will not suspend our diplomatic mission to The United Nations of Kalmach, nor will we close any of it's consulates.
  3. We will not deport any diplomats in the Republic of Sekiya from The United Nations of Kalmach.
  4. No tariffs will be placed on any trade between the Republic of Sekiya and The United Nations of Kalmach, nor will the Republic of Sekiya support any embargo.
  5. We will continue to encourage peace negotiations between The United Nations of Kalmach and The Prince-Bishopric of Garahun.
  6. The Republic of Sekiya will not start a movement to suspend The United Nations of Kalmach from the NCC.

On brighter terms, I am pleased to welcome home the national rugby team from The Free State of Dalimbar! The Free State of Dalimbar has my person thanks for taking such wonderful care of Sekiyan players and fans alike. Additionally, I thank Associate Minister Leo Frisk from Cambria for their visit, and I hope this will hopefully path the way to greater relations between Sekiya, Cambria and Polaris.

I personally thank each and every Sekiyan working hard for the prosperity of the nation, of the continent and of the world.

Chancellor Amelia Marcus


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