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  1. 1. Would you rather only be able to live in a

    • ...small city for your entire life?
    • ...big city for your entire life?

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Having lived in both, while the convenience of the "big city" is very handy at times, the feel of the smaller city as well as its effect on the local community within is much more preferable. I think that may have been a part of the reason why so many people moved out to the suburbs when it became an option for them.

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I hate large settlements and the thought of having to live in them. It can become far too overwhelming being in a large city for even a day. The smaller the place is, the better for me.

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Id say i live in a "big city" currently, and honestly, yes traffic is annoying, yes there's a lot of noise, and yes there are many issues but i think at least in my area big cities are better than towns/small cities, while a change of pace could be nice, i just think there's more opportunities n' such in the bigger cities than in the smaller ones.

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