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Strife in the Seas

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Gioville Prefecture-Level City, Fernando Coast Region—21:30 International Atomic Time, 4th August 1422

It was a quiet night at one of the Giovannilandian Navy's many coast guard facilities. Located in the main island of the Fernando Islands group, some 81 nautical miles (150 km) away from the Andolian mainland, it served as an important central watchtower in the Darkesian Sea's waters, connecting Giovanniland's Auran and Andolian territories alongside many others across the Andolian coast.

However, no matter how quiet it may be, staff are always watching. Elyse Lastramore-Uryth, one of the officers there, had just arrived to fulfill a night shift as the day shift personnel prepared to rest, and together with her were several other people. 

Suddenly, a siren starts sounding. Elyse looks worried, rushing to the panels used to track any suspected movements across Giovannilandian waters. "Unknown ship just detected within the 12 Nm (22 km) limit of Giovannilandian territorial sea!", she noted.

Another staff member, Armando Olviro-Sousa, asked where it currently was, to which Elyse replied, "Just off the western Andolian borders near the coastal city of Tumbergia, some 135 Nm (250 km) away from this facility."

Armando thought, "Hmm... western borders...", and noted, "I do have an idea of who it may be, although we can't be sure." 

Both of them, alongside other staff present, agreed that it would be best to attempt contacting the ship. Elyse initiated contact, and soon the ship was to receive a request of identifying themselves.

"I hope it's a friendly vessel in an accidental entry into our territorial seas...", she thought as the message was sent. 

Little did she know much more was to come...

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The VRMF Striatus, a frigate in the Varanian Navy, was certainly one of the larger ships in the Varanian navy. Certainly not the largest or newest ship in the VRMF, but a powerful ship in its own right. The captain, Peyton Zontif, had been ordered to take the ship out for this small mission. Well, small is certainly a term for it…

“Go straight ahead, Podi Formes” he ordered his navigator. 

“But what about Giovanni-“ Podi questioned, before being quite quickly interrupted.

“I said straight ahead, didn’t I?” Peyton questioned.

“Yes sir,” said Podi, turning back to the navigation board.”


some time later

“Sir, we’ve received a request to identify ourselves,” stated the communications officer.

“Ignore it,” commanded Peyton, and so it was done.

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