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The Treaty of The West Pacific and The Pacific


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It is my pleasure to announce and present our newest treaty, approved byThe West Pacific Council of the Imperium and The Pacific Senate. 


The Treaty of The West Pacific and The Pacific


Sharing common ideals, philosophy and fraternal understanding, The Pacific and The West Pacific hereby enter into a mutually beneficial Treaty of friendship, goodwill, respect, security and military cooperation. The signatory regions seek to encourage inter-regional cooperation in all areas of mutual interest. Both regions respect the sovereignty of each other's region and nations.

Article I

This Treaty is an exclusive agreement between The Pacific and The West Pacific and does not affect any current and/or future alliances or treaties. This Treaty is not subject to the approval or disapproval of any other parties. The legal and legitimate government of each member region shall be that form of government initiated by or adhered to by the sitting World Assembly Delegate.

Article II

Each region will maintain an Embassy in the region of the other to further communication between the signatories. Embassies and Ambassadors will respect the laws of foreign soil.

Article III

The members of each region are invited to participate in the cultural events of the other. The signatories are also encouraged to hold inter-regional cultural events. Such events may be opened to participation by non-signatories.

Article IV

The signatories commit themselves to the principle of mutual defense and military cooperation. The military of each signatory is encouraged to work with the other whenever possible. Co-operative military training programs and exercises are encouraged, and may be proposed by either party. Each signatory recognizes the right of the other to refrain from participation in actions that would violate their sovereignty.

Article V

Should any region, group of regions, alliance or entente threaten the signatories with force, mutual defense will be provided upon request. Signatories will be asked to contribute whatever means necessary and available to assist in repelling threats, and to assist in any counter-offensive if deemed necessary.

Article VI

The signatories are encouraged to share information of vital need to each other, including (but not limited to) intelligence in regards to imminent threats, espionage or subversion. All care shall be taken to preserve the integrity of information sources. Such exchanges will be limited to the signatories only, and not to any third party. Information sharing may only be initiated by the Delegates and their designated representatives.

Article VII

Should a misunderstanding arise at any time as to the interpretation of this document the matter shall be resolved between the appropriate officials of each region. Appropriate officials shall be understood to be The Delegates and/or their designated representatives.

Article VIII

Each region confirms that they will not engage in the subversion of the legally recognized government of each respective region.

Article IX

Each region reserves the right to refuse to assist in the other region's endeavors outside of Mutual Defense.

Article X

Each region reserves the right to cancel this Treaty by public announcement and official notification.


Signed this 24th day of August, 2013

All Good People, Delegate


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