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Which do you like better?  

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  1. 1. Which do you like better?

    • Z-Day
    • N-Day

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5 minutes ago, Artztokzsia said:

What's Z-Day like?

Basically, zombies start appearing in your nation and you can either a) exterminate them, turning them into dead people; b) cure them, turning them back into living people; or c) embrace the zombie horde, enabling you to spread zombies to other nations. The region works together to reach a single goal (last year we did pretty good in curing), and has the option to temporarily close borders.
It's fun! Although now having participated in N-Day, I can say both are cool but I prefer N-Day over Z-Day. 

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11 hours ago, Westwind said:

Interesting. It seems to me that Z-Day was leading until N-Day came.

Will it flip back after Z-Day? 

(Or will Z-Day change this year?)


I read that forum thread recently. I am fine with the current Z-Day despite the pandemic, but I understand those who aren't. If it changes, I am excited to see what comes this year. :)

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