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The Auran League(Formerly the Commonwealth of Saint Mark)

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Charter of the Auran League

The Parties to this Treaty reaffirm their faith in the purposes and principles of the agreement and their desire to live in peace with all Auran people and governments. They are determined to protect the sovereignty, prosperity, common heritage and civilization of their peoples. Founded upon the beliefs of honor, peace, and individual liberty, the nations of Aura seek to promote stability and well being of the continent of Aura from the Darkesian Sea to the Straits of Blackbeard. They are resolved to unite their efforts for the collective defense, economic prosperity, free-movement of peoples, and the preservation of peace and security. They all therefore agree to the following terms of the Auran League:

Article 1: Organizational Structure of Organization

The Auran League shall be a council that shall convene four times a year. Each year, the council shall convene in a different country based upon an alphabetical rotation. The host nation shall be Speaker of the Council for that year. Emergency meetings can be held should something arise.

Article 2: Mutual Defense

  1. Should any nation be attacked by a foreign nation all other nations must aid the attacked nation in military defense, as they are able.
  2. No nation shall conduct espionage on another nation in the League.
  3. No nation shall take military action against any of the others, nor join any coalition that militarily opposes any of the other nations.
  4. All nations must participate, as they are able, in protecting the seas surrounding the continent.

Article 3: Trade and Movement

  1. All nations are forbidden to impose restrictive tariffs, quotas, or embargoes upon other nations.
  2. No nations are allowed to promote, participate, or legitimize any trade blockade upon another.
  3. All nations shall allow for the free of movement of citizens of all nations across their borders as long as those citizens come with peaceful intent.
    • Exception is made should there be an international emergency such as a pandemic.

Article 4: Admission of New Members

Should any state wish to join the Auran League, they must be on the continent of Aura and must agree to all the terms and conditions of the organization. They also must be recognized by pre-existing members and be approved for entry by a unanimous vote of pre-existing members.


In hopes of securing a peaceful future for ourselves and our posterity, the nations of Aura hereby approve of this document and agree to the terms of membership.

Founding Members:

Saint Mark


Gryphonian Alliance

Confederacy of Zoran



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As voted upon by the Grand Defense Council of Zoran, I, President Ani'-Wah' of the Confederacy of Zoran, hereby sign this document and agree to the terms of the League.

Apenimon Ani'-Wah'

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The National Convention accedes to the Charter of the Auran League, and the entry of the Gryphonian Alliance into the aforementioned treaty organization.



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By a unanimous vote in the Commonwealth Assembly and the Federal Diet, the Chancellor-President of the Commonwealth has signed and ratified the Bill of Accession to the Auran League. The Commonwealth of the Citizens of Hong Kong hereby agrees to the terms of the Treaty. All hail the Auran League, all hail the West Pacific!

Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 9.22.08 PM.png

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As of April 30, 1410, the Auran League has reviewed and approved the applications of the following nations:

The Commonwealth of Hong Kong



The United Auroran Republic



We welcome you to the Auran League and may we be stronger as one.

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