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Big Bad Badger

Badgeria--Yeti Mountain Ski Lodge Gelande and Bluegrass Festival

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The scenic Yeti Mountain Ski Lodge, tucked away in the beautiful Badgerroot Mountains would like to invite everyone to attend the 10th Annual Gelande and Bluegrass Festival February 27th to March 1st. 

Founded in 1947, Yeti Mountain Ski Lodge is a rustic out of the way ski lodge in northern Badgeria.  Known for its excellent powder and majestic snow ghosts, Yeti Mountain is a ski lodge for skiers and boarders of all abilities.  

The festival will bring out our historic Gelände ski jump which measures over 200m; as skiers from all over Polaris will compete.  We will have Big Air competition and freestyle competition in both skiing and snowboarding, as well as our traditional ski competition.  Each day (Thursday-Saturday) will the feature the preliminaries for one event in both men's and women's contest with Sunday dedicated to the championships for all events.  

At Sundown we will have our Gelände Quaff Championships.  Each day we will feature a different category of competitors for the legendary Gelände Quaff.  Men's teams Thursday, Women's teams Friday, Mixed teams Saturday, and Calling All Wooks on Sunday.  The competition will be fierce and messy!

Each night will bring world class bluegrass bands to the Yeti Mountain Ski Lodge.  We will have local opening acts Thursday through Saturday with featured bands shredding until the wee hours.  Thursday night will feature Delbert Earth and Spoon Band and Badgerly award winner Willy Strings.  Friday will have Frozen Oklahoma and The Soggy Bottom Boys.  Saturday Old and in the Way w/Ft Merle Garcia followed by Merle Garcia and Waylon Grismon.  Sunday is a real treat as Lambeau Leap and Greensky Bluegrass will close out the festival.  There will be plenty of musical collaborations along the way.  VIP specials guests will be playing in the VIP warming tent throughout the day! 

Local food trucks and restaurants will be selling food all festival long.  Yeti Mountain Distillery will be having tastings of their fine whiskey and whiskey products.  Many fine Badgerroot Breweries will be represented at the festival as well selling beer from morning until the early morning.



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The Gelände Quaff


Gelande quaffing is a dream-come-true competition for snow-obsessed mountain dwellers and visitors. The annual “sporting” event is a ski and snowboarder’s iteration of the football lover’s Super Bowl—however, the game includes a higher density of beer, fireworks, smoke, wild creatures, party tricks, costumes and hula hoops.


Two teammates stand at the end of 10-foot long bar tops. One slides a beer down the smooth surface and when the glass leaves the table, the other teammate catches the brew mid-flight to quickly guzzle it down. Between each catch, tricks are added, which accumulate more points. Only sixteen teams are allowed to compete at the World Championship game, held each year at the base of Yeti Mountain Ski Lodge. As the competition progresses, teams are either eliminated—or disqualified, such as for premature pitches or for “wearing” the beer instead of drinking it. The last team standing is crowned GQ World Champion.


In the 1980s, a core crew of local expert skiers in the Badgerroots—dubbed the Beerlodge Air Force—was waiting for the lift to open at the Bear Claw Café during a mega snowstorm that dropped 14 feet of powder, according to the folklore.

The excitement and anticipation of carving into the deep snow inspired what would become gelande quaffing: the bartender slid a foam-capped mug of beer down the countertop, the glass flew off the edge, and one BL Air Force member caught the flying beverage followed by hearty consumption—all before the glass shattered on the floor.

The crowd’s elation bore one of the greatest games of all skiers’ time: to throw beer, catch beer, drink beer and repeat.

“When Jacøb Usinger used to jump, they’d say, ‘gelandespring,’…quaffing is when you slam your beer…, so we called it ‘gelande quaffing,” Hooka Johnson explained in her ski life documentary Silent, but Deadly.



  • Four people per team
  • 3, 1-minute rounds; 2-minute final round
  • Quaffer must stand two feet from edge of table
  • Rotate pitcher and quaffer per pitch


  • Round One: 1 point per regular catch; 2 points for a handle catch
  • Round Two: Quaffer must spin a 360 post-pitch
  • Round Three: Quaffer must spin a 360 or do an under-the-leg catch

Finals: Complete one catch of each: handle, 360, under the leg. After the three required catches, the freestyle segment begins to earn points: 1 point per handle catch; 2 points for a 360 handle-catch or under-the-leg; 0-5 points for freestyle (props, performances, costumes, stunts, party tricks, and various consumables permitted).



--Parts taken from https://www.ski.com/blog/what-is-gelande-quaffing/

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Surprise night before concert has sprung up at The Boars Nest, a local tavern in the Yeti Mountain area. The first band just got off of the stage after a smoking "Grateful Grass" set. Playing Bluegrass covers of Grateful Dead music. Grateful Grass is an amalgamation of players from several different bands playing at this weekends Bluegrass Festival. 



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