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[Factbook] The Kingdom of Giovanniland

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The Kingdom of Giovanniland

The Kingdom of Giovanniland is a country on an island in the Darkesian Sea, south of Aura and north of Andolia. The only land border is the border with Triestine in the south.

Demonym: Giovannilandian

Capital City: Giovannistadt (population: 409,523)

Largest City: Violet Harbor (population: 592,127)

Head of State: King Giovanni I (commonly nicknamed Gio)

Head of Government: PM Amore Gil Albrecht

Population: 8,915,453

Area: 137,038 km2 (52,911 sq mi)

Density: 65.1 (km2) or 168.5 (sq mi)

Currency: Golden Orbs (GO$)

National Animal: Elephant

National Languages: Giovannilandian, Common

National Religion: Violetism

Calling code: +2 16

Other codes: GIO (3-letter), GL (2-letter), .gl (TLD)

Time Zone: IAT+0

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Geography and Climate 

The coastal parts of the country are more densely populated, with mostly plains. Going inner the country, the terrain starts getting hilly, with a rainforest in the southeastern part of the country. The country is far from any tectonic plate boundaries. The climate is a mix of equatorial and tropical, with two seasons: the rainy and the dry. The capital Giovannistadt is located near the inner part to symbolize the unity of the country, while the largest city, Violet Harbor, is also the main port of the country, located in the southwestern coast.


GDP: $534,927,189,609

GDP per capita: $60,000

Conversion rate: 1 Dollar = 0.9 Golden Orbs



Military per 1,000 capita: 18.8

Active personnel: 167,611

Conscription: No

Spending (total): $4,279,417,517

Spending (% of GDP): 0.8

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Maps of Giovanniland

1. Provinces and Special Cities:


2. Provinces and Special Cities with Names (WIP):


Special cities:

A: Anneville (Giov.: Annavilla)

B: Violet Harbor - largest city (Giov.: Portio de Viöletta) 

C: Urythburg (Giov.: Urytiëburga)

D: Giovannistadt - capital  (Giov.: Gïovannistatia)

Regions (WIP):

Region - Common name, Giovannilandian name Capital - Common name, Giovannilandian name

1: Edristania, Edrëistania

Lavanday, Laväindaya
2: Clegouskya, Clegöyskia Altadia, Altadia
3: Amorantland, Amorantiëlandia  

3. Counties:


4. Transport (Major Roads, Airports, Shipping Roads and Ports):


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