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The West Pacifican Issue #3 (5.May.2016)


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Population increase in NationStates!
For a while, our population has hovered around 5,000, however, it has recently jumped to literally over 9,000, while somehow still staying at 5th place. The North Pacific remains the most populous region at over 11,000 nations. This is pushing the stability of the delegates’ power, causing Elegarth to send a mass telegram a few weeks ago to all TWP nations. Though the cause is uncertain, Elegarth seems to be stable with around 450 endorsements.

TWP World Summit
This March, the TWP Summit was hosted in Carson Village, Benjamin Mark, in which, the leaders of Zogradia, Hariko, Antahbrantahstan and Malviet all met for a couple days, though the discussion topic was not completely clear. Either way, the RP summit went on for about 10 days before the nations departed one-by-one.

Zogradi Company Looking to Colonize the Solar System
A Yakadu-based development firm known as Inostran, known for developing the Yin Yang Artificial Island Resort, has been developing everything from commercial districts to permanent Antarctic bases since 1988. However, Inostran CEO Kim Seung Jo has decided to partner her $13.6 billion (T7.3 billion) company with the government-operated ASAP Zogradia, the Zogradi space program, to jumpstart bases on the moon and Mars, hoping to also soon reach out to the moons of Jupiter.

By Zogradia


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