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The West Pacifican Issue #1 (11.Nov.2015)


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Welcome to TWP!

By Zogradia

Hello, new West Pacifican, and welcome to the West Pacific, where Karaoke Friday is every, well… Friday, and all your chocolate belongs to Darkesia! I am here to give you a brief tour of the West Pacific, or TWP! Note, this will not be a tour of NationStates, just TWP.


First, let me introduce you to the TWP government, led by the Deledragon Dragongarth of Elegarth as our WA Delegarth… I mean Delegate! Then, we have our guardians, Yy4u, Punk Daddy and Mediobogdum. They have control over border control, communications, embassies and polls, which basically means they can banject any troublemakers to The Rejected Realms and create fun polls whenever they like.


Then of course, you have Security Officer Bhang Bhang Duc, and TWP Advocate Big Bad Badger. As for a founder… we don't really have one, unless Max Barry himself counts.


TWP also has its own forum at westpacific.org, shouldn't be too hard to remember! On the forums, you can discuss everything from serious events to role play if we ever revive it, and the Clubhouse, full of fun activities like "type your name with your nose", which I failed horribly, or an entire topic with just questions (how did we pull that off?), or a topic for Polandball.


Lastly, in the world factbook entry on the main page of the West Pacific in NationStates, you will see a few factbooks that have been linked, including a guide to nicknames, acronyms, and TWP treaties. While you're at it, don't forget to check out the TWP pronunciation guide, so you can realize it's "Ha-ree-ko", "Mal-vee-et" and "Foo-jey", not "Hairy-ko", "Mal-vee-ey" and "Fooj-eye"! I hope you found this brief introduction helpful and that you stay a while here in TWP, where the bar is always open!


TWPAF In Action

By Malviet


The West Pacific Armed Forces has been revitalized!  After a slow summer and several leadership changes, the TWPAF is once again off and running.  Newly appointed Field Commander Malviet, led the charge in a Delegate transfer and security in Warzone Australia


While Commander Big Bad Badger led an impressive lineup into Atlantic, a region that has been the whipping post of raider regions for months.  The initial take over was perfectly timed as a raider group backed out just before the update, a TWP operative came in and endorsed the my puppet and I quickly ejected the raider RO’s and puppets.  Big Bad Badgerasked for help on the RMB to hold the region and TWP responded.  TWP royalty Darkesia and our very own Mayor Tweedy assisted in the pile, as well as long time ally Brightonburg.  Newly recruited soldier, Jacobania also partook in the exercise.


A special thanks goes to all of the nations that assisted in this mission.  Especially, Fratellnoir for tutelage and mission support.  TWPAF is forever grateful!


If you are interested in joining the TWPAF send Big Bad Badger a telegram right away.  New missions are beginning!


From the Desk of the Delegate:  Z-4 Resounding Success

By Mediobogdum


*nervously taps Radio TWP microphone and smiles at waiting The West Pacifican reporters and camera crews*


I just had to retire to my quarters in TWP bunker a few hours before the end of Z4, so I missed the grand finale  :(However, most of what I have to say has already been echoed by previous speakers on the RMB, which is awesome  :)Z4 did seem somewhat easier this year than last despite the purportedly tougher Zombies being promised. But there were other cogent reasons why you, the nations of TWP, achieved so such more.


I do not wish to overly dwell on the results, outstanding thought they were. Z4 was a sentient example of what can be achieved when a group of like-minded nations, with a firm and common purpose, meld together and achieve what most thought was unattainable.


Much is owed to Darkesia who took up the Cure Coordinator planning mantle again and to autonomica and his wonderful tracking system which allowed us to spot infiltrators and possible threats before they became manifest. But,... but,... the main reason you did so tremendously well was because of all those nations who spent countless, sleepless hours sweating over their keyboards, nervously twitching at the Cauterizer missile launch buttons, or sipping cold coffee at 3 o'clock in the morning  :)


Every nation, large or small that did so, has the right to be proud of TWP's achievements, as I am of yours!


*puts microphone down and wipes away a few tears*


TWP – Castaway Island Discs

By Bhang Bhang Duc

This started off with a request from Big Bad Badger for an article on Friday Karaoke, a long standing tradition in the West Pacific. I thought about expanding that and suggested using the BBC’s radio programme “Desert Island Discs” as a template. On this programme guests are invited to choose the eight favourite recordings they would have with them if they were stranded on a desert island. They are also allowed one book and one luxury item.

Well as it was my idea BBB told me to write the article. However, instead of eight I’m only choosing five pieces of music so here goes and I’ve changed the name just in case the BBC ever reads this.

My first choice was easy as it was the first single I ever bought. Up until hearing this piece of music I wasn’t a great fan of pop and rock, but this one just clicked with me. Pure glam-rock, Roxy Music’s “Virginia Plain”.

My second choice was originally lent to me by a friend at school. He told me that this record was like nothing else he’d ever heard. I took it home that lunchtime and played all of side one. I was instantly hooked. Went and bought my own copy that following weekend. Even now more than forty years later it is still my favourite piece of music. I had a copy long before it became known through the film “The Exorcist”. It started Richard Branson on his path to global domination and Danny Boyle got its composer to play it live as part of the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games; it’s Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells”.

Third choice is Talking Heads and “Once in a Lifetime”. No other reason except I think it’s great. The video is superb as well.

I really got into British traditional folk and its electric/rock versions. I first heard of this group when a single they released was an unlikely Top Twenty hit – who’d have thought that a Christmas carol sung in Latin and acapella would make it into the charts. Saw them live three or four times in the 70s and they’re still going today. This album is a great mix of folk and rock and I just loved Maddy Prior’s voice. Choice number four is Steeleye Span’s “Parcel of Rogues”.

My last choice is classical and what else would an astronomer choose but Holst’s “The Planets”. Yes I know the inspiration for the music was astrological, not astronomical but it’s still a powerful suite of music. I’ve also chosen this because my wife and I used the middle section of “Jupiter” for our wedding march.

My luxury item would be my telescope (what else?) and the book I would take would be Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”. Not for reading mind you. I gather it has lots and lots of pages and so would be very useful for lighting a fire.

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