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  1. Hello again folks, just popping by for a little visit.
  2. Too many good NS players have retired 'ages' ago. Nice to see we all pop on once and a while though
  3. I've always wondered this so please help clear up the confusion I have here: Does violet work for max barry as the lead software admin for the game or is she the server admin? I've always wondered who violet was...I always wondered if it was his aussie wife while he wrote his books....
  4. I remember Fearless Leader with the chinese/japanese avatar was it not?
  5. Being away for some time and returning after the new delegate in place I presumed like all oldies they would retire some activity to spending it outside of the game. Thats how all other times have played out with members. But I am glad he is still around.
  6. 22 degrees in this climate is particularly warm. Scotland gets a more penetrating glare from the sun. I feel in comparison to the states at similar temperatures I can get a headache here in that heat than there. We are glad to have any heat and warm weather as nearly 90% of the time its cloudy, damp and cold. >_> Thats good West, glad to see your still around.
  7. *Perhaps only a few days digging because of the 'view new content' I missed for so many months away but hey ho* I've been to the Canadian Rockies, parents were married at Banff, Lake Louise. Stayed at a motel next to the three sisters on our travels around Vancouver and Calgary. Seen quite a lot of moose up there as well. A lot different to the Scottish deer we nearly crash into every time one decides to run across our path. Wouldn't want to run into a moose but, the snot would be everywhere
  8. Yes, very well indeed. Hopefully a good savings plan with more money can now be put away for the future and the kid. Weather is getting gradually better here and is on near par with last years weather without the wind. 22 degrees is perfect without the cold breeze this year. Hope all is well in TWP.
  9. Decided I should pop by and see how things were going - as I always do every now and again. Nice to see TAO back in the region after being ejected As to my Business degree I have decided to leave that for a few years to attain a job bringing in more money than the student loan. I have recently moved to a bigger and better house which requires more. So I have got a start with a company also in America. You may know it as Centrica or direct energy. Here in the UK it is British Gas. This is the company I am now working for and is brilliant. My dad also is working for this company as a Commercial Manager. So how is everyone?
  10. *Comes out of the shadows* Nice to see we're still going strong and a little coup can spark a new life into the bloodstream of an oldie *Returns to the shadows*
  11. Now now lads, the time for this was once in the ring of fire. *Starts the jukebox to play Johnny Cash Ring of Fire* Congrats BBD, splendid choice West. True power is not given, it's earned and that certainly is this day!
  12. In the wise words of TAO: Banject RL! Working towards a Business degree sure does take the time out of being online
  13. Sorry real life caught up again. Will have these periods if I am online. Least I got a life huh? haha! Its nice to see you guys
  14. Just popping by to say hello. Seen a few topics, posted in some and decided to post a new thread for some chatter. Hope all is well with everyone.
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