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  1. If you're reading this, know that you just read this.

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      Hmm... I can't say anything other than that I did indeed read it.

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  2. Hello. This is a test. 

  3. A discussion of random thoughts.
  4. In Novasamita we have Novasamitan as the national language, though there are many other recognized local versions and indigenous languages as well. We use a mix of Latin and Nordic scripts, forming the Sahamite (Sahmeitte in Novasamitan) script. English is widely spoken as the lingua franca of daily life here, often used in media, diplomatic visits and others. One unique feature of the Sahamite script is that it has letters specifically for surnames only, Æ (i.e. Ærax, Ænavis, Æhaag, etc.) and Œ (Bœrslag, Œrne, etc.).
  5. Nation name: Novasamita Discord username: angrybalut898#0024 Interested in: Innovators Typically available: GMT+8, so around 3-10PM, though not available from 8AM-2PM, Mon-Fri.
  6. Hello from my nation, Novasamita! My nation is a pretty big one. As I post this, I have a population of about 1.107 billion people, and my capital is Metropolitan Ilirovia. I have 3 puppets, Chewab, New Ilirovia and Novasium. My people like baskets, phones and trout. I have the cacawi as my national animal, basically a smaler , brown African grey parrot. That's all, and I hope that I can be more active in other TWP activities the future.
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