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  1. You know the rules and so do I.

  2. Thank you, TWP!

  3. Mere hours remain to sign up for TWP's Secret Santa! https://bit.ly/34RWNJd

  4. But really, happy birthday, Sensor!

  5. Want a taste of how the RMB used to be? Here ya go! If someone posted an offensive comment, the region would rally and spam it off the board.

  6. Happy birthday, Sensorland!

  7. https://fantasy.mlssoccer.com/

    The US version of Fantasy Premiere League.

    1. Port Solent

      Port Solent

      Thanks, I quite enjoy watching MLS now & then - I might give it a go. The site I was asking about in the thread is a fan site that gives all info on fantasy football players & discussion about best picks, strategy etc. Probably the definitive place to go for fantasy premier league games. Hopefully a good "101" too. I only ask because google reasonabley gives me fantasy soccer sites when I search for fantasy football...

    2. Bran Astor

      Bran Astor

      ESPN has quite a few cheat sheets and power rankings available. If you have any questions, hit me up here or on Discord.

    3. Big Bad Badger

      Big Bad Badger

      I am in a Premier League fantasy game through the Premier League site.  I've played for a few years now.  It's pretty fun!

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