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  1. Sadly, my dear friend we can not demand nations to provide shelter to those who do not have one. It is most difficult. Our nation strives to provide protection for all our citizens, however we fail everyday. All we are able to do is our best. I to must decline and vote againts this.
  2. OCC: Humm seems to be a very interseting idea. Not sure how we would game it. But open for discussion. Sorry Elegarth did not mean to steal your thread. Thought this was the place to say hello. Would be happy to work with you upon any future endevors.
  3. Greetings - From The Celestis Union. Always a difficult subject. Our delagates have been in council for many days in discussion on this topic. There is no easy, moral choice and even our scientists are divided. We have come to a decision to pass on to our representatvies. Human life should be valued, and the choice to destory a life,is no easy matter. Can this momentous choice be left to only one person ? We support education, legal representation of the family. Dr. Warren of the 1st Clinic suggests that we need to identify, at what point, we move from a group of cells to a human being. He believes the argument, It is their body and their choice is in error, as his associated scientists have created many methods to continue to grow life in test tubes. Do not look down upon the Celestis Union, for our advanced technology to allow cloning. We value human life in many forms. We support the choice to end pregnancies resulting from rape and incest or in cases were it places the mother's life in jepordy. Determination: The question as to when a human being begins is strictly a scientific question, and should be answered by human embryologists. The human embryonic organism formed at fertilization is a whole human being, and therefore it is not just a "blob" or a "bunch of cells." This new human individual also has a mixture of both mother's and the father's chromosomes, and therefore it is not just a "piece of the mother's tissues". According to many scientis they have decidedly proven that a new, human life begins at conception (i.e. fertilization. AKA the moment sperm and ovum meet and form an entirely new, self-directing living organism of the human species with its own individual DNA distinct from both mother and father.). 1. The child has rights, and would highly support a provision to help reduce the health care cost, so long as the child is given up for adoption. However, should the mother wish to keep the child, 60% those charges would be required to be paid back. 2. We also support the Family Union Initiative, where the entire family, including the father: except in cases mentioned above, are invovled in couseling sessions to allow for a better support network for the mother. We will continue to encourage our delagates to ask questions and push for better treatment of clones and children. Good Luck.
  4. I'd be interested in taking part. Wanting to be an active member of West Pacific. Just tell me what you need.
  5. With grand Greetings, Would be interested to listen to the honorable delegate and join the The Regional Opposition. cheers
  6. Greetings, Govnor Hrosskell here. New to the game and new to the region. Open for RPG and talkin always.
  7. Greetings new to the West Pacific and looking to meeting people and growing my nation and our region

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