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  1. As a graphics / consistency enthusiast myself, I think this is awesome. It’s something real world organizations and businesses often do. The PRL (well, I) had such a thing too. EDIT: So did the Conglomerate, I believe. #BF0000 and #0000BF were the preferred hex codes of several early Fishmongers.
  2. He wants to be my apprentice. If all works out, he will be the one devouring souls. Congratulations on the delegacy, by the way.
  3. I might as well say hi as well while I'm on this little revisition tour (I met an NSer in class and have been showing him a few things).
  4. If by give up you mean refuse to engage a wannabe troll, yes. He didn't give her any more time or attention than she earned herself through the merit of her remarks or the honesty of her intentions. She went into the thread with the intent to troll using inane, poorly-thought-out, and provocative tangential commentary. It eventually devolved into outright baiting after Pierconium chose not to engage her intentional fallacies and digressions. The only thing that surprises me is that he was patient enough to grant her any time at all. Pierconium may disagree with me, but I think that he gave her the benefit of the doubt at first, which was quite generous.
  5. I had noticed that. Rachel's attempts to disguise shallow, intentional fallacies and wrong interpretations as intelligent criticisms, and her whining about Pierconium's responses were something less than what her inane comments deserved, made for a good laugh.
  6. Breaking News: Escade Requests Belschaft's Removal from TSP CSS Amidst Hileville Admin Debate Do the Allegations Hold Up? — "Character Assassination", "Political Maneuvering", and "Unethical Administrative Abuse" Sun, Mar 23 2014 || Pacific News Network The South Pacific — In response to Belschaft's region-wide announcement about a "coup" by Hileville in The South Pacific, and in response to what she has called a "character assassination" against Hileville, Delegate Escade has intensified her condemnation of Belschaft's condemnation of Hileville's administrative actions by proposing the removal of Belschaft from the Commitee for State Security, the group of endorsee and security officials in TSP. In her statement, she cites that acts of "administrative" abuse towards her, particularly in the form of telling her that "Big Brother [was watching her]", and states that it is her opinion that Belschaft's outrage is largely inspired by a desire for political gain. That statement, titled "Unethical Behavior and the Abuse of CSS Membership", may be found in this link. PNN speculates that Escade's allegations regarding administrative abuse will not hold much weight with the CSS — unfortunately, many other players have been cautious and watchful of her after she was alleged of being an Empire plant — by Belschaft come to light in wake of this or the group currently in agreement with Belschaft have a change of heart or get defensive. Notwithstanding that claim's consequences, Belschaft's ostensibly secure CSS membership may, in fact, have been put into jeopardy by his telegram. He signed it as a CSS member, which Escade argues as being an act that feigns the CSS' support of it, and she is of the opinion that the message's hyperbolic rhetoric and strong calls for action caused considerable disturbance in the region that other members had to quickly jump at to calm. The RMB was covered in almost ten page's worth of comments of both concern in the aftermath of the telegram's distribution. This large response elevated to the point where it became necessary for Escade alter the region's world factbook entry to clarify what had happened. Meanwhile, talks between those supporting Hileville and those opposing his continued board administration have hit a stalemate, as Hileville refuses to continue to work with the removed parties. He is no longer interested in hosting the community's website or paying for it, and is hoping to give the database to a new owner as soon as possible. The board is currently expected and planned to be transferred to Tsunamy's control unless developments are made either at the originally set deadline — tomorrow — or a proposed one that would occur in a week's time. Hileville has designated Tsunamy as the successor for control of #The_South_Pacific on irc.esper.net. ----- Written by Cerlon The Pacific Press – A Newspaper with Issues Proudly Part of PNN
  7. On a final note, regarding my delegacy in Lazarus having anything to do with the NPO's relationship with the UDL, many of the GCRs have militaries who are led or managed by players whose personal memberships elsewhere and preferences do not affect the direction of the military they manage. A member of the raider group Lone Wolves United was, until last week, leading the neutral military in TEP (it defended quite a bit despite his leadership). Similarly, Southern Bellz -- a known member of DEN -- has led the antifa military in TSP, and Gladio, who is a member of TBR and BoM, leads TNP's neutral military. Assuming that I was in charge of the PEF, it would be inconsistent with the norm for me to be denied the courtesy of separation that leaders of other GCR militaries have received, albeit, even then, Senator Aleisyr is responsible for managing the PEF, not me. He is by no means a defender and I don't believe he has an affinity for the UDL.
  8. The Gameplay forum, being what it always has been, offers an R/D-centered outlook on the world and is thus inclined to give everyone a label. Its population has handed out accusations as wild as calling TNP "raider" and calling TSP "raider". But are both of those things true? Obviously not. Hopefully TWP is looking through the same lens as we are in regards to those regions and the world at large. Naturally, the NPO is not nor has it ever been the sort of group to accommodate to the delusions of imbeciles. However, as seen here, we are willing to take the time to clarify things when more reputable groups such as TWP establish unfortunate perceptions based upon the misconceptions from the above mentioned game forum clique. I have not been on good terms with Unibot in a long while and, as WW knows, have been concerned that he might try something akin to his past exploitationist antics in The Pacific; however, he has not done anything in TP of that sort thus far, and his presence there is the only extent to which the NPO has a link to the UDL. Senator Pierconium clarified that that link is minimal and inconsequential at best as it pertains to our military alignment and foreign policy. Other senators and I are watchful of undesired influences and would likely be quick to act if any of the concerns about Unibot actually manifested themselves in the form of actual UDL pushes in The Pacific (which would be a most unwise move by the UDL). I also recall that the UDL sought a treaty with the NPO some months ago and that it too was shot down. Anything that would actually constitute an "alliance" between us and the UDL is entirely non-existent. On an operational level, putting aside the fact that the NPO has successfully raided a high-priority defender target (i.e. The Imperial League vs Spiritus, FRA, and UDL) since the PA underwent a management switch, the only instance the NPO has worked with the UDL recently was a liberation of Communist Beach from fascist occupation. The NPO does not regret cooperating with the UDL in that instance because we were willing to accept an extra updater to assist in dealing with something we see as a great disturbance (i.e. fascists). Of course, there was a period where the UDL engaged in several regular update operations with the NPO, but the party responsible for that was separated from the Pacific Senate. With some of these facts in mind, rather than whatever R/D-centered rhetorical nonsense the GP forum has chosen to propagate, I hope that the WP's perception on the NPO's relationship with the UDL is starting to become more accurate. We are certainly not allied with them.
  9. Controversy in The South Pacific, Bel Calls "Coup" Tensions Regarding Forum Administration Shoot their Breaking Point Fri, Mar 21 2014 Tsu, Southern Bellz, and HEM look on in resignation while discussing what to do next. The South Pacific — Following Root Administrator Hileville's decision tonight to remove Southern Bellz, HEM, Tsunamy, and Rebel-topia tonight, several citizens, including the removed admins, have fervidly disagreed with the shakeup and called for action against Hile. This is the third controversial instance of an admin being removed, with Todd McCloud and Belschaft being the two previous subjects of administrative switches. Belschaft, a current Committee for State Security member and, as mentioned, an administrator until two weeks ago, has notably distributed a telegram to the nations of TSP referring to Hile's actions as a "coup" (read it at the bottom of the page). Alongside these claims, Minister of the Army Southern Bellz call Hileville a "coward", assemblyman Cormac Stark is advocating for abandoning the current forum altogether, and other administrators are condemning Hile for being a dictatorial, even "rogue", root administrator. Meanwhile, Delegate Escade applauds the move, saying that she supports the replacement administrators, Kringalia and Glen-Rhodes, and so does assemblyman Unibot. Their statements mostly appreciate the fact that Hile removed the old administrator for what he alleged to be "inactivity" and, in the case of Southern Bellz, the lack of "real desire to complete the basic tasks of an admin". Impartial responses to this claim about SB have thus far found it to be true, and SB has known to be less active as an administrator ever since the change from Zetaboards to independent hosting. HEM has been removed as an administrator due to inactivity on two occasions, and, in contrast to this instance, his first removal was accepted without disagreement from the community. Kris and GR were chosen as the duo's replacement because they are active and respected in TSP, and because they expressed interest in serving as administrators. Hile acknowledges the unfair workload he has comparative to other administrators as a reason for the shakeup and says that he hopes the replacements will help him maintain the forum that he has tried to make the "most rewarding forum experience" in the GCRs. Throughout the years, his efforts to improve TSP's forum have been widely applauded, his dedication has been praised, and his leading presence in TSP has earned him a mix of both respect for his loyalty and contributions and dissent for being one of the controlling senior figures in the vocally democratic GCR. With that said, a key aspect of the criticisms towards Hile are derived from the recent removal of Belschaft from the administrative team, which may have been a trigger for the eruption of tensions. According to Belschaft, all of the administrators who were stripped of their access tonight opposed his demotion, and hence he questions whether or not Hile had an ulterior political motive. Belschaft also accuses Hileville of issuing a fiat prohibiting administrators from further discussing his demotion with anyone, including Bel himself, and that they were not allowed to vote on the matter. Evidence below supports the claim that a gag order was in fact issued. He suggests that the administrators were removed for not complying with this expectation. Link: Belschaft's submitted evidence of Hileville's gag order Otherwise, the primary points of dispute are whether or not Hile is entitled to remove the administrators without a vote and whether or not that action is justified. Historically, the TSP Administration Team has voted on membership additions and expulsions, albeit votes amongst administrators became less frequent at around the time when Hileville, Milograd, Belschaft, and Southern Bellz served as staff on the zetaboards board forum that were created due to invision server woes. This, however, was done mostly due to agreement that rendered voting superfluous and due to a lack of votes to be had, rather than due to an intentional abandonment of the old system. Hile cites the loss of Milograd from the administrative team as an event that gave him significantly more administrative tasks to perform and hence started the cycling of new administrators; in the aftermath of the SPSR, more administrative switches -- including the loss of mainstay Fudgetopia -- have occurred than at any other time in the region's long history. The practice of letting the root administrator handle staffing changes, rather than the team as a whole, appears to have started during this time. In his announcement, Hile prefaces with, "On the 12 of February I informed the admin team via a thread in our private discussion area that a possible shakeup was going to happen," before revealing the post, shown below. It is immediately clear from its texts that the voting system of old is not being used to determine whether or not "changes may be made". He adds that none of his fellow administrators responded to his post. Later in his announcement, he also invests a lot of emphasis on the extent of his dedication to the forum's maintenance and his strong disinterest in being an administrative "dictator". Regardless of knowing about the possibility of strong backlash, his statement indicates that he is willing to take that consequence, for better or worse. Southern Bellz and HEM condemn the removals in their immediate responses to the announcement itself. They both cite a lack of communication between the administrative team as a problem and insult Hile's capabilities as a manager; however, perhaps more notably, Southern Bellz offers evidence to suggest that some administrators were not as inactive as Hile has alleged. He offers onlookers this recent message that was exchanged between Tsunamy, who happens to be the old root administrator of TSP, to Hile in an administrative conference chat: Both sides in the dispute claim to have a justification for the controversial actions they have performed in causing or responding to this incident. All three are amongst the most influential players in the South, as Hileville, Belschaft, and Southern Bellz are the only players in TSP's post-Devonitians history that hold the distinction of being former delegates who are still citizens. This conflict between them, being the first ever public one of such a scale, will almost certainly impact the course of both TSP's history and internal stability, unless cooler heads quickly prevail. The nations of The South Pacific will awake tomorrow and will receive Belschaft's advisory about coup d'état to the region, and their responses to the event may serve as a contributing factor to the escalation of both the event's severity and the in-game region's confusion. His message encouraged nations to speak out against the "coup" on the RMB, and the day will tell whether or not they do so. PNN sends its regards to the nations of The South Pacific and will follow this story as it develops. ----- Written by Milograd The Pacific Press – A Newspaper with Issues Proudly Part of PNN
  10. To clarify, The Pacific does not have any alliance with the UDL nor is it a "member" of the UDL, which would not be possible even if The Pacific was sympathetic to the UDL inasmuch as the UDL is not a regional alliance. The Pacific has worked with the UDL in the past and Unibot is a citizen, but it is not allied to the UDL. It may be mindless, but that criticism would still be just as valid as that of most GPers.
  11. Agreed. I think he'll be fine in several years. Solm faired well at reinventing himself after being a leading member of Eagle Clan, for instance.
  12. BBD PM'd me in Lazarus requesting that I transfer the TEK stories to the WP. ************************************************************************************************ Breaking News Division of the Informational District You Did What? King Nephmir Makes a Blunder for the Ages, Reveals Stunning Lack of Trust Towards "Inferiors", and has Futile TEP and Balder Coup Plots Exposed The reaction of basically everyone in Lazarus. Command Center, The Eternal Knights -- Frustrated after consecutive failures this morning, King Nephmir, the founder and warlord of the Eternal Knights, was desperate for a change of the status quo. Something that would put The Eternal Knights on back on the winning side, or something that would fix whatever it was that kept the "rising power" of Gameplay down. That thing seemed to come when a nation by the name "Malagawi" telegrammed the ambitious founder. The nation of Malagawi prodded for Nephmir's opinion on the success of his organization and was told of the King's woes. To Nephmir's surprise, it then revealed that it knew of the nation's next invasion plans. Shocked, Nephmir asked how Malagawi -- a backwater, Africa-themed roleplaying nation stationed in Sapphire -- knew about these high priority plots. The answer? "Spies," said Malagawi. "You have a serious spy problem." Nephmir's jaw dropped to the floor. How could it be? Something had to be done, and this revelation surely explained the losses on the battlefield that The Eternal Knights had suffered. Nephmir expressed his desire for a solution, but not before asking who Malagawi was. Malagawi clarified that he was an international spy, also known as Leroy Von Amitabho III in some "intel-trading circles", who knew the names of the people behind the spies. He said, "Milograd, Milograd's brother, Karpathos, and Karpathos' sister were operating within The Eternal Knights as NPO spies". He just didn't know what nations they were. But when had uncertainty ever stopped the fearsome King of The Eternal Knights? When had the odds or logical dilemmas ever proven themselves insurmountable to his highness? Never! King Nephmir just had to remove the spies. Naturally, Malagawi was gracious enough to offer to compare both Milograd's IP and Karpathos' IP to those of the soldiers in The Eternal Knights to find out which nations were spies. In a shocking move, Nephmir then granted administrator powers to Leroy Von Amitabho III, despite having known him for roughly 25 mere minutes. You read that right: 25 minutes. Moderator Mala during security checks. "Thank you," Malagawi remarked. But then he blinked. "You do realize that just giving me the member title 'Admin' doesn't make me an admin though, right?" "Oops, my bad," replied Nephmir, clearly confused as to how administrate a forum. "Try now." Leroy's masking worked properly the second time, and he was able to sift through The Eternal Knight's administrative control panel in search of spies. Meanwhile, over private message, Nephmir ranted about "how you can't trust any of [his soldiers]", calling them his "inferiors", and expressed his desire to have an entire army of players "just like [Nephmir]". While Malagawi was looking for a match to Karpathos' and Milograd's IP Addresses, Nephmir also verified his plans to infiltrate the legitimate government of The East Pacific for a coup coup d'etat and to endorsement-swap to Balder's delegacy. The horror! Malagawi then declared the identities -- The Sapienta, Unified Protectors, Arkanir in Space, and Valrifell -- of the four spies to Nephmir, who then issued a bold, fury-filled ultimatum on The Eternal Knight's Regional Message Board. He just can't catch a break, can he? And that's where the fun ended, really, because Nephy started asking questions after that. It was only then that he asked Malagawi to "prove that Unified Protectors is Milograd." Somehow, Nephmir waited until after giving Malagawi an administrative masking to start questioning whether or not he was honest. What a guy, right? The truth was that there was more to Lord Leroy Von Amitabho III than met the eyes; named after the greatest NationStates player he ever knew, Milograd constructed him as an alias. Comrade Milograd was Malagawi. And the spies? Well, only two of them were actually high-ranking spies. At this time, the Lazarene Gazette is not permitted to reveal which ones they are. Within the span of an hour, 9:00am- 10:00am EST, Nephmir had compromised the operational security of The Eternal Knights by providing a LLA operative -- a total stranger at that -- administrative masking on The Eternal Knight's forum, gave Milo access to every IP on their board, insulted his own region-mates and displayed an incredible distrust for them in front of this LG reporter, confirmed the suspicions about TEK's plans to infiltrate The East Pacific to an East Pacifican citizen, revealed a plan to invade Balder, and flipped out on his own RMB over something that, really, is the fault of his own n00bishness. The Lazarene Gazette wonders how residents of The Eternal Knights will be able to trust their absolute leader after this exemplary display of incompetence. The "rising power" of Gameplay is beginning to seem more like a bad joke that's jumped the shark. Stay tuned for more fun and fury. ************************************************ Breaking News: Purges, Exodus in The Eternal Knights The Hilarity Continues: Paranoid, Unreliable Founder Drives Long-Time Residents Away; TEK Declares War on the PRL Mar 9 2014 Public Square, The Eternal Knights -- Things are only getting sillier and more desperate in The Eternal Knights roughly eight hours after word first broke of Milograd's surprise promotion to administrative status in the struggling raider group. Yes, that's possible. Somehow. Nephmir has declared both a state of emergency and a new war against the People's Republic of Lazarus over this morning's incident, and has demonstrated both his extreme paranoia and impulsiveness by passwording The Eternal Knights, purging nations, and driving his old soldiers to leave the region. Festavo has expressed over telegram his desire to leave The Eternal Knights, but his fear that his competing group, The Lone Rangers, won't draw a crowd that will make it worthwhile to openly turn against TEK's failing monarch. Meanwhile, Knight and regular updater The Sapienta was also banned. The shiny new password on The Eternal Knights. Someone is paranoid. Furthermore, after mere hours, four long-term residents are no longer residing in The Eternal Knights and Nephmir notes on the Regional Message Board that he may be purging more nations despite his indecisive hesitance to do so. The reasons for The Sapienta's ban are unconfirmed, although the nation was one of the four spies implicated in Milograd's report to the paranoid King. Nephmir's plan to save his failing region have shown minimal success. Meanwhile, Nephmir has declared war against the People's Republic of Lazarus and has informed Chairman Kazmr that Milograd's actions have sealed Lazarus' fate. The PRL's response to the incident is pending, but what is perhaps more amusing is some of the responses to certain members of the Lazarene State Council from the seasoned veterans in The Eternal Knights. Internal responses to the incident in Lazarus have been largely that of laughter. Lazarene citizens and Party members alike have expressed their complete lack of fear forThe Eternal Knight's declaration of war, especially given the revelation that most of the residents loyal to Nephmir are, in fact, foreign spies. The loss of contributing members has left the region with a population that largely consists of spies, plants, and blindly loyal n00bs. When the Lazarene Gazette issued its update to the war-torn peoples of the sinking region, a good eight responses confirmed the shocking extent of Nephmir's spy problem. Sadly, there isn't an NS++ tool for operational security. Perhaps Nephmir can make his region secure if he continues to diminish its population. As the Lazarene Gazette continues to observe the situation, it becomes more and more evident that The Eternal Knights may not be so "eternal" after all. Stay tuned with the Lazarene Gazette for more fun and fury. ************************************************ Breaking News: TEK "Pained" to "Join Raider Unity" Nephmir's solution to his problems is to sell his region and his supposed mission statement out to invaders. Struggle City, The Eternal Knights - Well, rock bottom has been smashed. The Eternal Knights, a region standing for the destruction of Gameplay as we know it, has aligned itself under the banner of "joining raider unity" in a desperate attempt to rebuild itself following the incidents that occurred yesterday morning. In need of foreign resources and help to stand on its feet, the brave King Nephmir has surrendered all his values and aspirations in the face of his latest obstacle, with the sole hope of keeping power over a region that has all but fallen into total chaos. Nephmir continues to try to cure the disease of incompetence with more incompetence, but this won't save him from the consequences of his own foolishness. The King's statement, by admitting that the turn to raiderism is a temporary maneuver to garner foreign resources for their own sake, reveals that Nephmir, in fact, does not stand by his mission statement. When the going got tough, the man who sought to "change Gameplay" sold his organization out, banned his soldiers, and tried to write himself into a script that he's sought to abolish. "To make matters worse, it is highly unlikely that any serious raider organization will help these posers out," remarked one raider, anonymously, before adding, "Raider unity isn't the act that Nephmir thinks it is. He's going to be disappointed when he's laughed at even harder." With this rejection in mind, the PRL wonders how long it'll take for Nephmir to put the neutral tag back on and come running to defenders. The future of The Eternal Knights has been sold out to foreign invader groups, who are now faced with the choice of perpetuating Nephmir's melancholy or putting him, his region, and the lie of The Eternal Knights out of its own misery. Stay tuned for more fun and fury. ************************************************ Update: Nephmir Backtracks, No More Invader Unity Mar 11 2014 19 minutes ago: The Kingdom of Nephmir removed the tag "Invader". 19 minutes ago: The Kingdom of Nephmir tagged the region "Neutral". 20 minutes ago: The Kingdom of Nephmir removed regional password protection. 20 minutes ago: The Kingdom of Nephmir removed The Militant Dictatorship of United Nationals from the regional ban list. That was faster than even we expected.
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