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  1. KhanterWinters

    Long Term Inactivity

    It has been a while since I made my last jump, or triggering. To be honest, I do like R/D, but since December I stop doing R/D, first because I felt mad with stuff of the past inside NS, then other serious stuff about my RL. For some good reason I am unable to jump or pile anymore, I am WA lock at least till August. And I can not trigger, since I am waking up earlier to check up some RL stuff and sleeping late working, so I can not schedule any raid. It is hard to me, because TWPAF was my refugee, and even when I hate the pink, it remembers me my favorite gals (friends/sisters), Yuno, Altino, Rigel... However, this is not a goodbye, I will not leave the server because still my family, but I do herby resign as a crewmate. Maybe in a future I will sign again. But by the moment I do need, to stop feeling bad when I see a ping, and I just mark as read, or ignore the ping. Because is awful being unable to help my friends, even if is a game, I still feel bad. I hope and when I get back work hard to gain promotions, but by the moment this is it: Cordially: Khanter W. Molchaniye Boatswain - TWPAF.
  2. KhanterWinters

    Hello from the South

    Hola! Well I can only say that erm... if need help with english, you can always poke me... my english is worst but between Hispanic talkers we need to support one each other
  3. KhanterWinters

    Goodbye, NS (hopefully temporary)

    NO U! ALtae!!! T_T you are the only ATL how I am suppouse to bother you with ALT if you go wait.. that went wrong. RL is first, anyways, you have your back covered here, we will miss you
  4. KhanterWinters

    Do You Do Flags?

    I mean, I've been Procastinating to Team Badger..... since sigh Real life have been harming me sooooo much. But I can give a second try, Yesterday I showed him (Badger) one... buuuut I will give me myself a second try tomorrow.
  5. KhanterWinters

    Treachery From The Kingdom of Great Britain

    Its sad that this happend. I still have no words.... People like this, cant just ask for loyals if they are not loyal to their "Friends". Sad, we can say that this is a game, but being a text-rp game, they showed off how their daily happends and how they think. "Oups I screw it, oh doesnt matter, NEXT" is not the Idea how I work. In the world that I live, this is the main reason why my location is into corruption. Now I am FOR REAL Disappointed... and touched... and mad. Very Mad....