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  1. Ark

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    Welcome to the Corps! I’ll mask you on Discord, and find you an assignment as soon as I am able.
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    He’s @Halo Rahl#7513 on Discord
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    NationStates Nation Name: Arkadia Universalis (AKA United Arkadia, but the nation is soon to be retired as my main) Discord User Name: Ark#3495 Your Local Timezone: EST Regions You Have Active Nations In: The West Pacific, the Union of Democratic States Any Diplomatic Experience: I created the FA department of the UDS as it exists now. I was also the head of the Diplomatic Corps in the Pacific, a position where I took on responsibilities normally reserved for Pierconium, the FA senator at the time. During my time as Dept Head, the Department was reinvigorated and the Pacific saw new, trained ambassadors visiting all GCRs as well as major UCRs.