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  1. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Here So you see how there is something called a "Sub-Forum"? Can I get like three more of those? We got the events one, but can we get one for "RPGs", "Polls", and "Community Outreach"?
  2. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Oh top of what he is asking, since I am in charge of Interior, I need to be able to put folders and sort them, inside that section of the forum. Please, thank you.
  3. [PASSED] Responsibility in Transferring Arms

    That's like trying to make deals with the Nazis or Stalin, only way way worse, because we are talking about Slavers. However, you are right, as a lot of arms dealers are pulling out of the WA if they were ever in it, so overall we might end in a position where all serious arms dealers aren't in the WA. Which makes the ruling pointless.
  4. [PASSED] Responsibility in Transferring Arms

    All conflicts against slavers are offensive, this law doesn't allow you to sell weapons to nations in an offensive conflict.
  5. [PASSED] Responsibility in Transferring Arms

    This is horrible, but I guess the arms dealers can just keep themselves out of the WA and keep the good fight up against slavery.
  6. [PASSED] Responsibility in Transferring Arms

    Vote no! Vote no over and over and over again! I asked the people who wrote the document and they specifically said the treaty does indeed prevent you "8. Prohibits the international transfer of armaments if: there is reasonable evidence to suggest they will be used to initiate, or aid the party conducting, a war of conquest and; " This treaty is going to prohibit nations from selling arms to me, because I am at war with slavers.
  7. Well, Hello there!!

    *Rubs chin and plans to make the best use of this "Huge Nerd" who "Likes RP".
  8. You heard me right! Beef stew for everyone! You get beef stew, you get beef stew, everyone gets beef stew! Hello, I am Prole Confederation, most commonly known as Vadia, Doppio Giudici, and Pentaga Giudici. Yay name chances due to political reforms! Yay having to explain to people all four nations are the same people! #IAlsoHaveAKickassArmsDealership #SuperGoodAtRPAndCanTeachOthers #DepressedButPoweringThrough #IHateMyMom Man, the hashtag addiction is real! Oh yeah....Um...Hi? Hello? New here? I once worked with the TWP this one time against GGR, but that was like four years ago.
  9. This boat just got more crowded, greetings

    Please be a RPer, please be a Rper, please be a RPer.