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  1. So You Want to Become a Raider: A Guide to Joining the West Pacific Armed Forces By V. K. Wintony So you want to become a raider, huh? Not sure where to start? Well lucky for you, this book guide will give you all the steps needed to begin your career, straight off! Let's waste no time, here are the instructions! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Getting Started 1. Sign up for an account on the TWP forums and then fill out a citizen application and then an enlistment form 2. Make at least five (5) new nations (which in raiding are referred to as puppets) 3. Move your puppets to Nihon 4. Apply your puppets to join the World Assembly (WA) You can only have ONE (1) puppet in the WA at any one time. Joining the WA with more than one nation will result in you being BANNED from joining the WA and from NationStates completely if such activities continue Apply does not mean Join: Apply means to click the "Apply to join" button on the WA page. 5. Either download discord here or use the Browser version of Discord here. 6. Join the following servers and post your main nation: Home Server and Military Server 7. Be online on Discord during either of the two updates: Major Update: 12:00 AM EST[/font] Minor Update: 12:00 PM EST _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you have any further questions I, or someone else, may assist you. I'm looking forward to your participation in the battlefield. o7 -Cdr. Victoria K. Wintony
  2. It's almost Friday in The West Pacific!

  3. My reference to 80's Japan is mainly to point out the culture and environment of Japan that was present at its time. The main point I was making was to give TWP the same kind of feeling which new people see as being fun, bright, and promising. Also, sorry, westwind, but Japan's 80's was the most happening place in the world! Regardless, my focus is more of creating a bright and fun atmosphere, and the promise of a fulfilling NS career that outputs ten-fold given one's hard work and dedication. Design-wise, it probably really doesn't matter too much, but I'd like to try and go for a retro look, that's what's "in" these days as I mentioned. The designing itself wouldn't seek to outright replace any aspect of TWP, but would try to put a tasteful spin on it. As for the color scheme, I had used the same colors as the traditional flag but up'd the vibrance to make it bloom. If it's too much, I can tune them down a bit. That's not a bad idea, either! I could make a stamp graphic like that too, and using them for the FA would be a wonderful touch! Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Let me state for the record that TWP will never become anything even close to TEP. Let me also say that the idea that if TWP adopts a Japanese theme, that does not and should not ever be seen as a bad thing that will lead to an influx of memers, disrespectful types of any kind, or any kind of individual that we wouldn't normally banject on the reg. I think too many people have let the bad "weeaboo" kids ruin the image and idea of a Japanese theme, but it's important to remember that there's more to Japan than Anime and J-Pop, just as China isn't all about kung fu and Mauism. :^) I had an idea to adopt a fun and promising environment that reflected Japan's Bubble Economy of the 80's, complete with the aesthetics as you can see by my flag. (And I'm aware that's not exactly "imperial Japan but it's what I was feeling so I went with it lol.) To give some background on the general culture of the Bubble Era, it was a time in Japan when its economy was at its peak and commercial success was high for many people. There are a certain feel and mood that's strongly present in many media depicting 80's Japan, that paints a picture of the good old days. It wasn't too far off from what the 80's was like here in the US. I wanted to try and take the key aspects that made Bubble Era special and incorporate them into a theme, allowing us to leave a good first impression with those who come to our region. I wouldn't have sold them short either. I would do anything to give them something reminiscent of the high spirits and energy that was everpresent in 80's Japan. This coupled with a nice retro look would pull in many people. Especially as it relates to Japan. A lot more people now than ever are falling in love with Late 20th Century Japanese culture, it's been growing in popularity for over the last decade, and doesn't show any sign of stopping; nostalgia is very easy to market. Now with all that being said, TWP wouldn't be "80's Japan," it would be TWP but with the characteristics and overall environment present in 80's Japan. I agree with keeping our coastal beach idea, but adding in a more fun, active, and promising vibe to it along with retro imagery. Anyway, that's my two-cents as it relates to my theme. I know the other two are quite different. But now I've spilled my beans and explained my thought process with my theme a bit, hopefully, it may be to more people's liking.
  5. I'll be glad to lend a hand where I can. Welcome aboard!
  6. My thoughts exactly, OT.
  7. A lot of hard work was put forth by OT and Ark, and they've really blew me away. I feel like I won't be able to compete with them haha! Nevertheless, I'm glad to have had a chance to pitch in. It's really nice to be able to change it up a bit. You run with the same thing for too long, it loses its luster with too many people. I have full faith that this will help garner more activity and get us more citizen applications.
  8. I think it worked! Thanks, Dark! *leaves an offering of Darkesian Chocolate*
  9. Hello! May our commander, @Chervil be given the proper masking to view the officer subs in our military forum, please? Thank you in advance! <3
  10. Yeah, the work on the proposal itself was really something. I still didn't think it was right to give it to a nazi nation, was surprised it got passed too. I'd encourage the author to write more for worthy nations and regions though.
  11. Hard against. I don't see the value of giving a badge to a nazi, RP or not.
  12. This is the one exception of TWP voting PRO-GA; if any citizen writes a GA bill it should be considered for a regional vote, bonus points if the bill is kind of trolly/funny.
  13. Accepted, Please message me through Telegram or DM. Telegram: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=kawaii_schoolgirl DM: Kawaii#2401
  14. Please post your nation in TWP here if it is different from the one you stated in your citizenship application.
  15. Good evening, TWP! Coming up to vote in the Security Council is a proposal to condemn Chan Island. This player has been a well-known and respected soldier of some of the most notorious and successful raider orgs including, but not limited to, DEN, The Black Riders, The Brotherhood of Malice, and the early iteration of The Invaders (before their reputation went down the drain around early 2017.) It should be noted that while Chan was in DEN and The Black Riders, they were not involved in the predator scandal. As a former comrade, having had served alongside Chan in The Invaders back in 2016, I can attest to their skill and character, and as such they have my full endorsement for their badge of honor. As your WA ministry, I highly encourage you to vote FOR this condemnation. Note to those unaware: Condemnations are viewed as badges of honor among the raider community. To get one is one of the highest honors one can receive. You can read the proposal in full here:
  16. ^_^ Good afternoon!

  17. Due to being a repeal and for being written by our friend from Osiris, Lord Dominator, I am recommending a vote FOR this resolution. Click to read in full:
  18. Recommended Vote is for AGAINST. Please feel free to discuss below click to read in full:
  19. After consideration, I am now recommending a vote AGAINST the current SC resolution as the negatives would outweigh the benefits. In the future if the founder has Ceased to Exist and this resolution is re-submitted, the stance will change. However, as it stands, I am herby changing my recommendation to AGAINST. click to see the resolution:
  20. Hail o/ Hope you'll come back and visit sometime Take care <3 .
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