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  1. I tried it on Firefox 54.0.1 and I could not recreate it either...I have access to Chromebooks at work, so I can take a looksee when I'm back in the office on Monday. I'd be really surprised if something as simple as hiding/unhiding a DOM object would slow down the browser though...
  2. Checking . . . Checking . . . Checking . . . I'm going to refer you to Davelands for he has talked to me about this already.
  3. Created. Let me know what you want the description to say and I'll update that. Right now it's blank.
  4. Done and ... NOM NOM NOM
  5. Please join me in welcoming Big Bad Badger to the Admin team here at the West Pacific Forums!
  6. Done Done and...done I think? Yuno has a number of group memberships...the only 'military' one I saw that seemed to be missing was the Minister of TWP Armed Forces...hope that's what you wanted. Unfortunately yes there is a bottle-neck. I haven't heard from Westie in a while and have no idea on his status. I'm hoping all is ok.
  7. Done Done, He's still Speaker of the Hall of Nations as well via Secondary Group. Fixed.
  8. Appears to be completely unmasked already...just a regular member with no secondary groups.
  9. Ok, everyone in the top should be marked for Military now (I used the secondary groups so they likely won't show as Military...if they should I can update it but regardless they should see the forum now.) The second request...I think I got it...there was a group for "Foreign Military" and I made them all a member of that (secondary to their existing primary group) except Stratarin as I couldn't find a member with that username...
  10. Ok, think I've got that right now...let me know if it doesn't work. Done x 11 Offshore Racing? Is that Powerboat_Racer? He appears to already be Director of Intel in the Admin Panel.
  11. Done Paris has been removed from the MIA masking, and Prole has been updated. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by folders...if you mean Forums, it's not happening as I'm not giving you admin access. Fixed. Also done... Think that's everything.
  12. Sorry...seems the other admins that usually deal with this have all gone AWOL...I'll see what I can do but the masking is usually Westie's domain, so I might not get it correct.