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    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Done, done, done. New Citizens is good news to me!
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    [DRAFT] Condemn Queen Yuno

    "WA locked" means that, for whatever reason (e.g. being the elected Delegate), a player must keep their WA membership restricted to a specific nation. Thus, they cannot use WA puppets, which are necessary for raiding.
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    [PASSED] Commend Tsunamy

    Partially personal and partially logical reasons. Based on the way I and others in TWP have been treated by TSP leadership, it would be extremely difficult for me to vote in favor of this. Plus, from a GP standpoint, while Tsunamy has done a lot for the region, IMO commendations should be given for more than just working in one region. Membership in a TSP Hall Of Fame definitely, not a gamewide commendation.
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    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    ok I'll do that, give me a bit after a few false starts I got this right I do belive.
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    Bran Astor

    Daily News Researchers

    This week marked the launch of TWP's daily news service. This is an important project that seeks to bring the various aspects of the region's community closer together. I am excited to be part of this and I hope you all are enjoying it. I also hope a couple of you would like to join the team. I'm in need of one or two research assistants to help me parse the RMB, Discord, our forum, and NSGP for tidbits to be featured in the daily publications. Applicants are preferred to be mature players with a sense of NSGP history and proficient in conversational snark. Contact me on Discord or telegram Coffee of the Day to apply.
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    How about the fact that Dave was Minister of Foreign Affairs (i.e. the guy whose job it is to keep track of TWP's relations with other regions)? Is that a good enough reason for you? For a less snarky answer: TSP supported the illegitimate, userite defenderist regime in Lazarus known as the 'Celestial Union', while TWP supported and continues to support the native and legitimate regime in the region under the rule of Funkadelia. It is worth noting that TSP meddled in the internal affairs of Lazarus, a fellow GCR, by sending in its troops to overthrow its rightful government, while TWP, despite (or rather, because of) its pro-Funkadelia stance, recognised Lazarus' self-determination and thus refused to interfere in the matter. If I remember correctly, it was for this reason that our embassy was withdrawn. That is not all, however. TRR was also quite vocally supportive of the Celestial Union, yet their embassy remains. Our disagreements with TSP, from my understanding, date back to long before you, Dave or even myself were around. I'm not aware of the exact details as I admittedly don't pay close attention to our foreign affairs, but thankfully for both of us, Badger has provided a very good summary of the appalling behaviour orchestrated by TSP's leadership: https://www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=28749299 I also don't remember the exact threads as there were so many of them, but during the whole Lazarus scandal, several individuals pointed out admissions from key leaders in TSP that they had plans to infiltrate every GCR and impose a defenderist ideology. Such plots are unacceptable and fly in the face of regional sovereignty. That good enough for you?
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    [DRAFT] Condemn Queen Yuno

    Without a doubt the most abhorrent and condemn-worthy behavior displayed by this personified public menace! As far as I understand it (from my admittedly very limited point of view), Yuno is taking a pause from raiding at the moment. Do you want to submit this if/when Yuno continues raiding actively? Or could this be redrafted a bit along the lines of 'Yuno may look like taking a pause, but surely they are carrying out nefarious plans in the background and will emerge an even greater raider and threat to the security of us all! Be warned, it's a trap!!' Overall very nicely written. I like the lighthearted tone.
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    HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! https://media1.giphy.com/media/P5vjklHg5MqqY/giphy.gif
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    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Done, done and done.
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    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I can do that, you know of course I copy and pasted your proposed titles (other than the Archives)
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    Greetings from Chesaynnes

    Hello hello. My friend suggested I check out NationStates and here I am. Salutations bois. can I say this emoji is just excellent
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    Thanks, but I can't take credit for it: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=33126660#p33126660 I can take credit for Clause Three, though, if that helps: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=33131512#p33131512
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    I never heard of hookers not being allowed to go for Higher Education. Hell, every stripper that I knew told me that they were only doing it to pay for College.
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    Big Bad Badger

    Daily News

    Yours! If you would like to find an underling or two to fill in, feel free.
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    [DRAFT] Condemn Queen Yuno

    Hi guys, I'm supposed to be on LOA right now, but with school wrapping up for the year, I think I can squeeze just a tiny bit of time for this pet project. I don't foresee myself doing anything NS-related besides this, although I am excited for it. This is meant to be somewhat satirical, but I do want it submitted. Constructive criticism is much appreciated. Without further ado, here it is! P.S.: Replies in IC or OOC are fine by me.
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    Big Bad Badger

    Greetings from TRR

    Glad to have you here! Welcome!
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    Greetings from TRR

    Greetings West Pacificans, My main WA nation is Glacikaldr in The Rejected Realms, and I have recently requested and been accepted as TWP's TRR Ambassador in TRR's forum. That being said, now that I'm here outside of the comfort of a region that I grown attached to, I'd love to make some more friends and build a bigger network around myself in the gameplay world! That's where you come into this: I'm pleading for friendships! You can find out more about me, as well as my contact details, here. I joined the discord server as Nequedum#1716 and will hopefully see a lot of you over there, but feel free to contact me wherever suits you best! I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible, but, for now, that's more than enough from me. Thank you very much for reading! Oh and, before we all start forgetting and get locked up ourselves, remember to lock up your grandparents and celebrate a hairy Rejectmas!
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    States of Glory

    [DRAFT] Condemn Queen Yuno

    As much as I'd love to contribute to any draft that gets posted here, my relative inexperience in Gameplay and in the SC means that I'm not well-suited to advise in such matters. That said, in the spirit of humour, I'd personally replace 'NOTING' with 'MILDLY ANNOYED', though the decision is entirely yours.
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    See the NSverse! Are you proud of The West (Best) Pacific? Are you a friendly person? Do you want to visit other regions? Then you should be an ambassador from TWP! Telegram me to inquire or apply. The Holy Principality of Saint Mark Minister of Foreign Affairs
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    Big Bad Badger


    This forum will have two purposes. It will give the editor of The West Pacifican an place to advertise positions needed and it will allow citizens and residents of TWP to express interest that they may have in working for the paper.