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    Saint Mark

    New Delegate Announcement!

    Greetings to my fellow TWP citizens, our allies and friends and the regions and nations of NS. I am honored that Neenee has chosen me to succeed her as Delegate of TWP. She, Badger and Davelands have been my mentors and best friends ever since I joined. I have always had their support and am grateful for their promise of continued support in my new role. While I am excited for this opportunity to lead my native region, I am also humbled by the thought of trying to build upon the accomplishments of the legendary Delegates that have preceded me. If Neenee hadn’t been couped by rl, her tenure in TWP would have been magnificent. While not completely without experience, I know that I am an infant compared to many of my peers here. The Holy Principality of Saint Mark was “born” in TWP a mere two and a half years ago. TWP has been my primary region, my home, ever since. During this time, I have represented TWP as an ambassador to several of our allies and was the principle author of The Etiquette of The Hall of Nations while I served as the first Speaker of The Hall. I was Minister of Foreign Affairs and am currently a Guardian and Minister for Recruiting and Citizenship. Maybe because of my early focus as an ambassador, I have been a bit of a cosmopolitan. Even though this may have competed with my TWP duties at times (sorry Badger ), it allowed me to make many friends throughout NS. I serve or have served as a Priest of Osiris, an Arbiter of TEP, Pyo Sage of Karma, a regional officer of The Sasquatch Republic and Archbishop of Albion. TWP is a friendly, active, snarky GCR that believes in the supremacy of the Delegate and awards merit. Neenee is our glittery goddess, all of our chocolate belongs to Dark and a pirate shanty stirs our blood. I have always found TWP to be a good fit for me. I consider myself friendly and imaginative … my snark could use work. NS is a game and games are meant to be entertainment. It is most important then that TWP be fun! I pledge to do my best to always make it so. I also pledge to do my best to make TWP a safe place to play. There are many minors among us and it is our responsibility to protect them. Even adults, though, deserve to be treated with respect. Bullying and intolerance will never be acceptable in TWP. Toxicity is why I rarely hang out in GP (although I guess I’ll be around a lot more now … maybe I can help set a gentler tone? ). I see no point in digging up old grudges or launching the same old personal attacks. I will always try to conduct myself with civility and kindness, and will expect the same behavior from the people of TWP. Finally, it is my opinion that, as a feeder, TWP should strive to educate the new players about the world they have entered. To that end, I will also try to improve the educational opportunities in our region. I have a lot of ideas that will help us achieve these goals, but TWP isn’t just the Delegate. A very strong central government, be it an absolute delegacy or an oligarchy, can lead to stagnation. That is why it is crucial to award innovation and hard work. The region will flourish only if it enjoys the creativity, support and efforts of its residents. TWP has terrific people. I am honored to have been chosen to serve as its Delegate and look forward to working with my fellow citizens to realize our region’s full potential. Long Live Neenee! Long Live The West Pacific!
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    New Delegate Announcement!

    I’m going to keep my statement fairly short… Being Delegate of The West Pacific is an honor and a privilege. When Dave came to me to be Delegate, I was thrilled. I was looking forward to being able to do all the things and work toward keeping the region amazing. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to live up to my own expectations. The region deserves someone who can be consistently active and around. Due to RL things, I have not been able to give The West Pacific the time or energy it deserves to have from its delegate. I tried and kept telling myself that as soon as this thing or the other sorted out, that it’d be fine, but that hasn’t happened, and I can’t in good faith continue. I’ll be able to be around still, I’m not retiring or anything, just taking a step back. Thankfully, The West Pacific is full of wonderful people. So, even though I must step away from the Delegacy, there is someone else ready, willing, and more than able to take on the role. It is my great pleasure to announce that @Saint Mark will be the next delegate of The West Pacific. I am confident that he will do an amazing job. His passion for The West Pacific shows in everything he does, and his natural energy will give the region the boost it has been needing. Please, join me in welcoming and congratulating Halo! <3
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    New Delegate Announcement!

    Thanks for everything, Neenee! And welcome to the hot seat, Halo!
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    TWP Nation Changes

    As noted in discord, I have switched my TWP nation from Lady Anastasia to Dalimbar. Hail TWP!
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    New Delegate Announcement!

    We are so sorry to lose you Neenee but, like many others who have risen to position of trying to make NS and TWP a better place to become involved in, RL often takes its toll. We thank you for your tremendous service during your delegacy... it has been wonderful to have an 'old hand' at the helm and you have done much in your short time in office. Hail the Glitter Queen Neenee! I have known Halo since the start of his NS 'career' and it has been great to see him go from strength to strength in his player development and, like you, have full faith in his ability to do the region justice. Hail Halo!
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    I have an idea!

    My main issue with the 1 post per month thing is that as I got older, I really only reply to things that are relevant. I'm active in the discord, and people know I'm around, but there isn't always a "topic of interest" to post on here. I looked at the book thread, but it's only a couple posts long with the last response being in August. We do a lot of stuff on the Regional board, but it might be worth bringing some of those topics here at the same time.
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    If not, do we want one? I'd like to think I can help run one... but I would like to know where we are at now. I've been sort of disconnected and away for a while...
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    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Zevsterland is added. I was unable to find a member named Monza Isles or The Monza Isles. I will check again at work tomorrow. My laptop died and I could just be overlooking him on my phone. Edit: Found him under that other name. Both are now registered as members of the Hall of Nations.
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    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Oh yeah! That should be a thing. I blame my lapse on the zombies and Elton. Done.
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    The Lord of Dawn

    Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    NS Name: Vollakia Discord: Sorrowmaker#3900 Timezone: Australian West (UTC+8) Regions: The West Pacific only Diplomatic Experience: Not in NationStates.
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    The Lord of Dawn

    Hey West Pacific!

    First post on this forum that isn’t an application for something. Anyways, I’m Ryuu. I run the nation of Vollakia. I’m currently part of TWPAF and am a resident of TWP. My goals in life are to not have goals in life. Anyways, hello everyone! Darkesia, before you ask, I do have chocolate to spare from nearly burning down my nation making chocolate cupakes.
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    [in Queue] Condemn Chan Island

    It should be noted that our Delegate Neenee has thrown her hat in the ring and Approved the Proposal . This, together with my past involvement in some of the more interesting occupations, leaves me with a definite inclination to vote "FOR". Therefore, I shall do exactly that!
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    Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    NationStates Nation Name: Arkadia Universalis Discord User Name: @Ark#3495 Your Local Timezone: EST Regions You Have Active Nations In: Just TWP Any Diplomatic Experience: About 2 years total of time spent in any given FA department. Mostly in GCRs, including this one.
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    Hey TWP I love you!

    Hey you guys! Sending some love out today! <3 I was talking to someone earlier today about a silly tag that we did with TWPAF back when Kawaii was Commander and I was just a First Commander in revenge on The Bee Movie! It brought back a lot of fun memories in TWP, so I wanted to share some of my favorite TWP times with you guys. The Spanish Inquisition - I've been on a ton of raids during my time on NS, but the most fun that I ever had with one was when Khanter helped us plan a big raid on Spanish-speaking regions. Like, ALL of the Spanish-speaking regions! We had just kicked off our pirate theme, so we needed to do something big and fun to really cement that direction, and between my Pirate Code, Ban's excellent Graphics, and Khanter's excitement to help with that raid, this put us in the perfect position to really sell it! I spent days hyping everyone up about a secret raid that we'd have coming up and screaming "¡SOMOS PIRATAS!" to anyone who would listen, Khanter made us a WFE all in Spanish for the raid, and Bran made us this cool image as a teaser: It ended up being a ton of fun and the beginning to my favorite military theme on NS! Punday Monday! - Listen, you guys, I am not in favor of puns, I'm honestly not, but thanks to Badger and Roavin have had to take on the title of Ocassional Punstress. Badger used to poke at me EVERY MONDAY to get my pun on with everyone on the RMB, and EVERY MONDAY I would grumble at him for it. But secretly, I gathered puns throughout the week and was always excited to post them and make all my friends groan! I don't think I ever ended up getting most likes for the best pun, but I'm pretty sure I came fairly close. Badgerbot - Idk how many of you know this, but when I first met Badger, I legitimately thought that he was a really, really well programmed chatbot. Something about his avatar, I don't know, seemed very botish to me! When I finally figured out that he was an actual person, I was really embarrassed, but had to tell him about it, and for the long day time after that I called him Badgerbot when I saw him! Eventually he created an actual BadgerBot to rule over TWP's Discord server and I was tickled pink! Now we have BadgerBot2.0 and it continues to be a weird, inside joke legacy that always makes me smile! Glitter Apprenticeship - Before I got really involved in TWPAF, I got really involved in TWP in the form of RMB shenanigans. This is where I met some of the old greats in TWP and learned to respect them! I was a wee noob, but I got friendly with BBD, YY, Medio, and a lot of the other Guardians at the time while I was there. I'm still upset that Medio didn't get unlocked until after I was done with TWPAF! I always wanted to raid with him. :c But my crowing achievement was one day convincing NeeNee to let me be her Glitter Apprentice. I spent like a week after that glittering everyone on the RMB and learning her ways. It was a great time. Bugging Forum Mods - I'm sorry to finally be admitting this, but I got... really into recruitment when I was running TWPAF and almost my entire motivation behind big numbers (besides pilers) was making tons and tons of posts in the mask request thread for the forum mods to have to do. :3 I just liked peeping in every day like "FIVE MORE MASKS FOR YOU, THANK YOU GUYS!" It was my own private little game. But every time I see someone join TWPAF now I get a little shot of glee that the mods will have to mask someone. xD Sorry. <3 Anyway, just sending out some love from me and Osiris! Hope everyone is doing well! What about you guys, do you have any really special memories with TWP that make you happy? What do y'all have going on!
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    "Don't Forget. You're Here Forever."

    Greetings, fellow West Pacificans. I've decided to take an extended break from NationStates. (I will make this post as short but informative as I can due to the Inverse Law of Retirement Posts.) As most of you know, I am a student (my grades are doing well this time around so far ) and that takes up a lot of my time, with homework and extracurriculars. The rest of my free time for a long time was put into NationStates. It's been an honor to serve among you all in government, in Discord conversation, and in TWPAF. There are a few reasons why I decided to leave. One and obviously the most important is my time. As goes the old saying, "RL >>>>>>>>>>> NS." Furthermore, my interest in NS has been steadily decaying for a while. It certainly doesn't help with all the toxicity that is to be expected from an online community masquerading as a political simulator (though perhaps the toxicity was always there). If you want more details, feel free to DM me (although I will not respond as quickly as I used to). I hope the TWPAF pirates will sail on to new seas! It's been a pleasure with you all.
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    I have an idea!

    Once upon a time in a region somewhere in NS......we required all regional officials to post on the forum at least every other day (preferably daily). And an official was also expected to reply to every thread in his/her jurisdiction frequently. Activity begets Activity. The interior official should be posting in interior threads, starting new threads, regularly. Same for Defense, Foreign Affairs, et al. There should be new material in every category frequently. There should never be a category that hasn't had activity in a month or more. Get rid of those categories if you're not using them. In other words, streamline your customer's experience and provide them value. Part of an official's duties is keeping up activity in their area of responsibility. And maintaining the pinned threads, make sure they are up to date and relevant. When officials post regularly, it gives non-officials something of interest to read and maybe respond to. That creates activity. It's really simple. If they cannot do that for a time (keep up this activity level), they should post an absence notice. If they fail to post in a certain time span (one week?), or fail to post a notice of absence, or fail to appoint a deputy in their absence, they need to be replaced quickly. Otherwise the gears of activity slow and stop, and the entire region suffers. One official that's slowed down or inactive will encourage the same in other officials. It becomes a snowball of inactivity if it's not addressed. Today you have Discord, and no one pays attention to the forums because of it. The work needed on the forum doesn't' get done. (Key disclosure here though - I loath Discord, so I'm very biased. I'm a forum rat, not a chatroomer) Some questions: - Is not Customer Service part of your job as a regional official? - Why should people come to the forum when they are constantly encouraged to go to Discord on the RMB? - What value does it provide to your customers that they should sign up for yet another offsite venue? Or should I say.... - Why should players, already being asked to go offsite from the game they joined, be expected to visit multiple offsite venues in order to participate in the game? Or rather said... - The more venues, the more you complicate your customer's experience. Doesn't this obviously drive away potential customers (potential active players)? - Why do you, as a regional administration, require this of your 'citizens'? Join a forum, join Discord, sign an oath...and finally we accept you into the fold as a customer/player. You're demanding too many hoops for your customers (players) to jump through in order to be recognized as 'one of us with the right to have a say'. The game doesn't require this. Player administrations do, and create stagnant oligarchies over the long term. Like IRC, Discord is good for instant interaction, and is more accessible for that purpose than the RMB. Unlike IRC or the RMB, it provides you the ability to create multiple rooms/channels....like forum threads...to organize the conversation. Unlike forums, it does not provide the ability to readily organize and provide easy access to information that hasn't just been posted. Forums provide a better long term organizational and informational situation than Discord. Information can be pinned for presentation, turned into announcements, archived, reorganized, etc etc. Forums are like a book, it has chapters (catagories) sub-chapters (threads). Discord is like a student's notebook. Lots of scattered disorganized notes and information that only the OP can discern and know it's organization, but of much less use to others and newcomers. And yet, the forums aren't being used in their natural capacity. I just noticed yesterday, there are many pinned informational threads here and there around the forum that remain from my Delegacy. Those should have been updated/replaced several Delegacies (years) ago. This is slack housekeeping by successive administrations. I'm not even a TWP citizen (sidetrack: I loath NS citizenship oaths. I'm already in the region, I'm already participating, I'm already contributing....don't make me sign an oath to anything just for being here in order for the 'region' to acknowledge my contributions - it's simply bullshit to act as a gatekeeper to who gets to be part of the 'IN' crowd/oligarchy. End citizenship oaths! One does not need an oath to be held to the standards of the region. That's false reasoning.) Okay.....I gotta run.....
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    Do you like Da Bearsss?