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    Last week I dismissed four Guardians from their posts. The action itself is not what caused issue, but rather the manner in which I handled the dismissals. Each Guardian has served TWP with honor and distinction and I failed to treat them with the respect and dignity their service demanded. Their devotion to TWP is unquestionable and their professional character is beyond reproach. Failure to recognize that - however temporary - constitutes a gross misjudgment on my part. I want to personally apologize to Elegarth, Yy4u, Wickedly Evil People, and Bhang Bhang Duc. Furthermore, I would like to apologize to the rest of the region for the undue stress and anxiety caused by this situation. Going forward, I pledge to earn back the trust in me that has been shaken, and to continue to serve the region and her interests to the best of my abilities.
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    Important Announcement from the Office of the Delegate Ladies, gentlemen, wild animals and creatures of all types, Today is my 200th day as the Delegate of The West Pacific! We are now the 3rd largest region in the game! I want to thank you all for the privilege of serving the region in this role. I appreciate each of you for your confidence in me! Throughout my 200 days, I have worked hard to place TWP in the spotlight deserving of a region of this quality for all of the NSverse to look at and envy! I have always said that the number one resource of The West Pacific is great creative, snarky, and hardworking people of the region. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by the best group of people a no0b Delegate could hope for. I would like to thank the guardians for their assistance and guidance in assisting me in developing and establishing plans for the betterment of the region. The seven of you have provided me with so much and without you TWP, nor I, could not be successful. I would like to thank the members of my NS family, House Rahl for their support, mentorship and guidance! Contrary to the belief of some, they never have imposed or dictated business here, moreover respect and collegiality of this group as well as their experience is what makes their brilliance! Rather they have empowered me with the knowledge and confidence to be a Delegate and lead the region. Without the people around me, whether it be the former Delegates and Guardians of TWP or House Rahl this job would not be nearly as much fun nor would TWP be the shining star and leader in the NSverse! On a personal note, I would like to welcome my NS bride-to-be to the region @bellahtrix! She goes by the name Rigel on our forum and discord server. She has been a member of KGB and Exodus before joining us here in TWP. We will be married on 4/28. There will be more details in the forum. I hope that you will all welcome her to the region! When I first became Delegate I said that activity was going to be my first and foremost priority. I am proud to say that our regional forum, discord server and RMB are brimming with activity. Our foreign affairs, internal affairs, and military were three aspects I was going to focus on to help build activity. Today each of these areas is having immense success. Through a stroke of luck or genius, I was able to procure four of the best, hardest working NS’ers in the game to takeover these endeavors (@yuno_owl, @davelands, @doppio_giudici and @theparis) and I am forever indebted to you for making me look good as the region swells with activity in all of her platforms. Each of these ministers have worked their tails off for you the citizens of The West Pacific! Our foreign affairs have become one of the largest webs of information and outreach in the NSverse under the guidance of @Davelands. I am proud to say we have opened up new relationships and treaties with a number of regions including the relationship I am proudest of The Kingdom of Great Britain. Meanwhile we have expanded relations and activities with old friends in regions like The Pacific and Osiris. Furthermore, we have worked to diligently to provide stability and leadership in several organizations we belong in the GCR Sovereignty Accords and CAIN. Our military has been bustling with activity ever since @yuno_owl came on board to provide her leadership. Our numbers of soldiers are at an all-time high. We are operating on nearly every update leading operations and providing support for our friends and allies. The work she has done in recruiting and keep active this force is to be commended! I am so proud of TWPAF, their capabilities and knowledge. We will flex our muscle to set foreign affairs policy, protect our allies, or smite those who attempt to harm TWP! Internal affairs is the ministry that I see the most work in because of the hustle and creativity of the co-ministers: @doppio_giudici and @theparis. We have always joked that TWP was the place for RP to die. These two have done a tremendous job in changing that fact and developing opportunities for RP in discord and the forum. They recruited players from other regions to help and play. The newspaper continues to thrive and our newly developed TWP radio is expanding. Our internal affairs went from one of the most forgotten about aspects of TWP to a healthy thriving and contributing member. All of these things have made a mark in the greater NSverse for TWP! We are gaining experienced members of NS from a multitude of regions that are coming here to be a part of our activity! We are now 3rd most in the world in population! I am excited about the work done here in the last 200 days. However, I am more excited about our future. Looking forward to our next 200 days I am anxious to see our activity continue across the board as we build a better and stronger standing for TWP becoming the type of region that others look to for inspiration, leadership, and action! I am looking forward to the work of The Hall of Nations as we work together to forge the future of The West Pacific! As I have said in the past, young nations I challenge you to make a difference in your region. Join the Hall of Nations! Join one of the ministries! Veteran nations I challenge you to find a place where you can assist to make TWP the greatest, most powerful region in the game! We have many exciting opportunities for nations looking to get involved in any aspect of the region. Please TG the respective ministers to find out what you can do to help TWP achieve. Together we can be Brilliant! tl:dr
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    *wipes the dripping sarcasm off his shirt* There was a time when the only thing you had was the RMB and TGs. Then regions started using forums. Then they got into IRC and Skype. Now Discord has supplanted (only) IRC and Skype. If you don't accept and embrace new ways of doing things (especially when everyone else is using those tools) you risk being left behind in the dustbin of history. Better?
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    Look at those cars! My horse is quiet and reliable. Airplanes! Bah. If man were meant to fly he would have wings. Television! Who needs another box in the house when I can listen to music and the news just fine on my radio. Computers! All I need is a pad of paper, a pencil, and a good mailman. Discord! Skype is fine on occasion but nothing important should be done outside of Telegrams, the RMB, and the Forums.
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    frankly the Guardian forum only died with the latest regime. Previously it was where the team worked out the plan for the team. That is over unfortunately with the obvious discordant results. Couldn't help the word choice, too funny
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    I have gone through and done some much needed reorganization to the Hall of Nations, including updating all maskings. If you can't see something that you should or are not masked properly, please let me know!
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    That is the problem, Dark. There was no discussion or opinions sought on how things were to develop in the region regarding guardianship, as far as I can tell. Certainly not with me but I had a foot in both camps being brought online as an adjunct to the Old Guard and moving along with changes being introduced by the New Guard.
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    Hello all, Must have been a year+ since I was forum active, (ok not strictly true, but properly active on main TWP forum), I'm trying to change that again, lets see how many days it lasts this time! Great to see old and new faces active
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    Hi everyone, I have been hanging on for some weeks now and I have finally found my way to this side of the "game" as well. Congrats on the nice comunity. If the issues doesnt make sense then theres always a karaoke Friday or a punny Monday to look forward to
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    I'm going to respectfully disagree. IRC was essentially the same as Discord, but without the bells and whistles (Skype is terrible, though). That being said, I used IRC, AIM, and MSN for years to communicate with others, across a wide variety of time zones, including the UK and Australia, and the eastern US for that matter. Being on the West Coast doesn't always make the timing right for me to have conversations with people in this country, but I managed on IRC, and now on Discord. The point, though, the chat systems are functional, and they can work. I do agree that the forums have helped in the past, I always advocated for forums. But, I disagree that Discord has killed forums, or anything like that. Forum usage had been down for a while. That's part of why I never came home to stay before. There wasn't consistent activity on the forum that I could see that would be easy to start participating in, maybe just some spam games, I was still logged into IRC but it was mostly not used, Skype was sort of used, and the RMB was difficult to break into, even for me, and sometimes what I saw was not what I remembered this region to be. But, anyways, I do think the forum and Discord can coexist, just the same way forum and IRC did for so long.
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    I had told yuno I'd check WPAF masks when I got back from the desert, it seems that has been done. I've had a rather long travel day (up at 3am for a 5am flight, two time zones, blah blah blah) So I'll check more often,
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    There is a genuine problem of using Discord for some of our daily regional control. What Discord has done is to effectively is to split the region into two factions with some discusssions being carried out in both discord and our off-site forum. Whilst it is agreed that we have encouraged a new way for business to be discussed and carried out, and as a result we have new players becoming involved. The downside is that we now have no clear direction for procedures for the region. I would suggest be that we need to have just a SINGLE place to discuss the various topics i.e., either in the forum OR on Discord NOT both.
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    Pardon my second really long post in a row. If you look at Lamb's thread http://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/topic/2358-forum-reorganization/ He has some good ideas about reorganizing the Hall of Nations area. We discussed it for a couple of hours and came up with this outline for adding new sections and cleaning up the rights in the section. I understand it is a lot of work but hopefully this can be done. Hall Of Nations Forum "Information about the Hall of Nations and areas for Hall business." Anyone can access it. Nobody other than admins can create new threads. Anyone can post in unlocked threads (like Citizenship Applications). Create the following Sub-forums Voting "Make your voice heard in elections!" Anyone can access it. Only Speaker and admins can create new threads. Only Citizens can post in the unlocked voting threads. Move the Speaker Election thread in here AFTER the election is closed. Campaigning "If you are running for office, post your position papers here." Anyone can access it. Only Speaker, Citizens, and admins can create and post in threads. Move the 2 Campaign threads currently in HoN into here. Legislation "Proposals made to the floor of the Hall of Nations are submitted and discussed here." Anyone can access it. Only Speaker and admins can create new threads. Only Speaker, Citizens, and admins can post in threads. Move the archived legislation threads into this area. Private Chambers "Hall of Nations business and other general discussions." Anyone can access it. Only Speaker, Citizens, and admins can create and post in threads. Library of the Hall "The official residence of the Manners and Laws." Anyone can access it. Only Speaker and admins can create and post in threads. The existing Sub-forums Sacred Archives of The Hall of Nations Anyone can access it. Nobody other than admins can create new threads. No posting. Judiciary Anyone can access it. Nobody other than Speaker and admins can create new threads. Only Speaker, Citizens, and admins can post in unlocked threads. Order should be: Hall Of Nations Forum Voting Campaigning Legislation Judiciary General Discussion Library of the Hall Sacred Archives of The Hall of Nations
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    Union with the other Pacifics, through any means necessary.
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    Apologies if I'm stepping on any toes here, but as this proposal is now at vote, it seemed prudent to create a thread.
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    Gazes at Altino

    Gazes at Altino
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    Now now Wrek. PG language on here.
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    I wish I could be in the TWPAF :/
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    Well, Willania, the political situation in Euro is toxic as all getout right now. I left because of that. Also, TBH gave me military training, but I left because I feel more at home lending my help to whoever needs it,
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    I'm sure that Davelands will be with you shortly to discuss this issue. Thank you for being so diplomatic about it
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    Thanks for your input, much appreciation.
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    This has just come to vote. Author didn't have the courtesy to post a draft on the forums, so one strike against. Although reasonably well written I do not think we should give a Condemnation to a nation that's basically a one trick pony when it comes to roleplay. Firmly against and recommend that the Delegate stomps soon and in the same manner. (Apologies to Drach for putting my nose into his territory.)
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    Some call it submission, others call it allyship through might
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    Milograd... thats a name I haven't wanted to hear in a while... (and to keep relevant, I voted AGAINST)
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    If I could get Speaker of the Hall masking, that'd be greatly appreciated.
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    And 4 more added as citizens: Remdor / Republic of Remdor Impedric / The Rogue Nation of Impedric Lucifer / Venus the Morning Star Aftenlandet / Aftenlandet
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    Hello! Im originally from TNP but now spreading out to more Pacifics and other regions.
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    Incorrect. There have been quite a number of SC proposals passed based on the quality of the nation's roleplay; Condemn Milograd, Commend Todd McCloud, Commend Separatist Peoples, just to name a few.
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    Greetings! You'll love it here!
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    Nice to see you around!
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    Hello to everybody! I'm a newbie player in NatiosStates (2 days ago)... my knowlegde of english languaje is very poor... i don't know anything about the game but i'm still learning https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=212735 A Basic Guide To NationStates 2017. I think it is so useful. I'll try to say you (as well as i can) that i like very much the Western Pacific Region and i hope soon i can to help you when it be needed. Currenly i'm a bit bored managing a lot of issues. Yesterday NationStates brands Basaltica like 'Inoffensive Democracy', after 'fascists' and just now 'comunists' (i'm really flip out) About me: My name is Pol, i born in Barcelona (Spain, by now), I love philosophy, politician, chess, cooking, vintage music, the stamp albums and more hobbies... The Republik of Basaltica has this anthem (my esotheric code of motives) E.L.O - Mr.Bluesky See ya !
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    Here is a complete list of all the members of the Hall of Nations! (109 members and 4 pending) Can we check to make sure that everyone is properly masked? Forum Name / TWP Citizen Nation Big Bad Badger / Big Bad Badger Davelands / Davelands Willania Imperium / Willania Imperium Lamb / Sad Wolf Elegarth / Elegarth quietdad / QuietDad of TWP Saint Mark / The Holy Principality of Saint Mark Bran Astor / Bran Astor Neenee / Neenee Drall / The Imperial Grand Drall Aelitia / Oynyena Overthinkers / Overthinkers Casedia / Casedia Adytus / Sonotus Jeekwigges / Jeekwigges Iskapsia / Iskapsia tyty111 / Boejoe Ghurka / New Republic of Ghurka The Garfieldites / The Island Kingdom of the Garfieldites Poterrae / Poterrae Sygian / Sygmund MaxSuchar / MaxSuchar Afpakiranistan / Gorillapigs The 4th Reicheck / The 4th Reicheck Fujai / Fujai Fellos / Fellos Olgritch / Garvilken Yy4u / Yy4u Rylipphinesia / Rylipphinesia Granite Heights / Granite Heights Mediobogdum / Mediobogdum Tropical Isles / Tropical Isles TunApocalypse / Tunapocalypse Willinois / Willinois Arotania / Arotania Wampummariut / Wampummariut Derps / Cuddly Koalas Iron Harbinger the Fateless / Ambre-Lapin Imbergamostan / Imbergamostan Futh Lohan / Futh Lohan Tortaiga / Tortaiga Eli / Wickedly evil people States of Glory / States of Glory Pollandonia2 / Pollandonia2 Yuno / Yuno Owl Paris / TheParis Lyliarchy / Liliarchy FedoraDan-Skymoot / Skymoot Alistia / Order of Hospitallers Far Rivia Hilolak / Far Rivia Hilolak Malvacka / Saddox RCN/WA Crazy Nation / Random Crazy Nation Bhang Bhang Duc / Bhang Bhang Duc laururana / Laururana MAA / Mutual Advancement Agreement Powerboat_Racer / Offshore Racing Colonge / Colonge Triestine / Triestine Small Huts / Small Huts Ark / Arkadian Infantry Division 1 Serrus / Serrus West Aton Sicand / West Aton Sicand Frourraw Gregund / Frourraw Gregund Rigel / Bellahtrix Alsatian Island / Alsatian Island Kade W. Vasentius / The Treaty Arthur Draig Kirkland Vasentius / Saint Draig George Rahl-Voldun-Mountbatten / George Mountbatten VI Bertaeyn / Bertaeyn Nordic Arbor / Scodarat Drestynite Valteris / Falchinora Drachmaland / Drachmaland Moneyness / The Moneyness Cheetah Nyx Romefeller-Lancaster / Nyx Romefeller-Lancaster Kawaii / Kawaii Schoolgirl Altino / Altincredible Darcania / Fellbull Shane / Ontland Katie / Rybeck V Prudentius / Prudentius Newgratia Republic / Newgratia Luminaros / Luminaros Jason Wiggin / Dernitve Satya Romefeller / indian malaysia Infernal Fires of Hell / Great Infernal Fires of Hell Byford / Byford Atlae / Middle Teala JRJR_SLAYER / Imperium of Josh Mondses / People's Democratic Mondsesian Republic Karenus / Karenus II WaRlorder / Niwhand Felers Islands Epittyus / Epittyus Strat / Paladinius Petree / Petree *** Application Pending *** Pagan Empress / Pagan Empress Chron / Kelnachron Marilyn Manson Freaks / The Spooky Kids The People's Premier / The People's Republic of Bronfland Infinitya / Infinitya Tyrannim / Tyrannim Numpties / Numpties Moreloth / The Dominion of Moreloth Royal Chaos / the royalist lowlands A3TH3R / Abcba Andre / Novyandrea slr303 / The Island of New Amsterdam The Stormtrooper Corps / The Stormtrooper Corps Leo Drakan / Pacific Roulette Talidania / Escuadron 201 GalacticKiss / Sweet Lolita *** Application Pending *** Remdor / Republic of Remdor *** Application Pending *** Impedric / The Rogue Nation of Impedric *** Application Pending *** Lucifer / Venus the Morning Star
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    I guess that means you don't hang out with Mary any more? think about it... ;-)
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    Military mask for @Strat por favor y gracious.
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    "Repeal "Reproductive Freedoms"" was defeated 12,637 votes to 2,643.