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Ambassador Roll Call

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Could all current ambassador's post in this thread the regions they are ambassador to and if they are still interested in carrying out this vital function.


Thanks, IH.


I'm expecting the following:

The Pacific: Charax
The East Pacific: Westwind
The North Pacific: Bhang Bhang Duc
The Rejected Realms: Intelligent Holograms
Lazarus: Bhang Bhang Duc
Balder: Bhang Bhang Duc
Osiris: Simple Country
Equilism: Westwind
Mordor: Intelligent Holograms
One Big Island: Intelligent Holograms
Europeia: Charax
UnknownSimple Country
Albion:  Archsium


​If any of this information is incorrect, could you please let me know.

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Updated with WW's information
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Arch had been removed from TP at TP's request.  PD took the post instead.  And Arch took on Albion in Silentium's absence.  Which means Unknown needs to be reassigned too.


Eli was assigned to Osiris.


I have not kept up with Europeia, that should be reassigned.I have been posting in all the GCR Embassies lately, but that shouldn't change those assignments.

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I've been a very bad ambassador to my regions, but I'm still interested and will endeavour to mend my ways.


Excellent. Welcome back to the fold, Brother BBD.


As this appears to be all the ambassadors that are going to reclaim their posts, I will reassign all of the now unclaimed embassy roles. As such, Osiris and Unknown are now up for grabs. Post below if you want to take on the task.

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