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3E: Esferos Economic Expo 1424

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Companies, economic thinkers, and researchers all over Esferos come together in the city of Gué in Nouveauterra

to discuss economic matters, as well as show themselves to the world.



*Mycelium packaging, vegan leather, etc.



OOC: Rules

The event lasts from April 1 to April 5. (Haha yes April 1st)
You can post one company per category in the day’s itinerary.

(Ex. You can only post one transportation company, one vehicle manufacturer, one infrastructure company,

one construction company, and/or one logistics company on April 1st)

Here’s a format to make things standard:

[Company Logo]

[Name] [trade name or name used in advertising]

Industry: [insert industry here], [Country of Origin]


Description word count should be between 100 and 350 words (to reduce clutter). Add any pictures and logos you feel would show the company best. If the company was previously featured in an RP event, or a news event, feel free to link it in the post.

Community-wide posting rules apply.


Edited by Nouveau
Making writing demand more lenient
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Gué Metropolitan Canton


Gué is situated on the southern coast of the Commonwealth of Nouveauterra. As the capital of the state of Passage, with a population of 881,402 people, it is an important governmental and economic center.

The city contains a number of locally and nationally important institutions:


The Service de Transport de Gué operates buses and trolleys within the metropolitan area and to outlying localities, while also operating the Air Train for the local Aérodrome International Vincent Telerand.


Aérodrome International Vincent Telerand is a three terminal airport which handles many local and international travel routes. It’s also one of the few airports rated for heavy air transportation planes. (Aérodrome International Pierre Laurel in Agentum and Aérodrome International Boisclôture in Porta Fabianus are the other two)


Le Crieur Gué is a national newspaper which covers local, national, and global issues, from elections to food.


Université Gué is a multidisciplinary university in the heart of the city. Fields of study are as broad as social sciences and the humanities to chemistry and physics.


Loto Nouveau is the operator of the national lottery games of the Commonwealth of Nouveauterra. Its administrative headquarters is in Gué, with branch offices in every state of the Commonwealth to organize management and distribution of tickets.



The Venue Area: Quartier Économique de Vieille Ancre


On the southern side of the city of Gué is the QÉVA. It was formed in 1405 after the city reclaimed a number of abandoned piers and wharves. These structures were either reinforced, or replaced outright to form a number of different usable spaces. These include: a skate park, a soccer pitch, two wall-ball courts, an ocean viewing area, and a nature walk. The QÉVA’s total area of 404,686 sq meters, excluding the pier space. The QÉVA is serviced by the J Trolley, and the 411 Bus.

Contained within the district are a number of commercial buildings, residential buildings, and a residential complex.

The Esferos Economic Expo (3E) will be held on Pier 42, within the 39,483 sq meter event hall on the pier.



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You've got mail!

Folder: Spam

From: Zepheniah Bredov, Lzecov Bank representative <zef-oborzef@bank.lz>


Greetings, our potential customer! 3E is only two weeks away, and your nation is probably ready to present its five companies to the world. But do you know a way to add a sixth one?

The Boring Clyde: That's imposible, each may only post one company per each of the five days...

Shut up, Clyde! You're right, but Lzecov Bank can offer you to add one more nation if you want. The investment paradise of Lzecov Islands may present one company for you in one of the corresponding days! And if you don't have the time to, say, create a logo or a description for your company, our team of experts would gladly do it for you.

The Boring Clyde: But such wonderful and lucrative offers usually come with a horrible, horrible price...

Shut up, Clyde! You're right, there is a price, but it's so little that a normal person wouldn't even doubt taking our offer. And the price is that your company should be a Lzecov Islands tax resident.

Yes, our nation offers residency for the most malevolent, shameless and plain evil free and efficient companies that truly deserve a tax break. You basically get yet another great offer instead of a price! Of course, your company will be present in the collection list of Lzecov tax residents until you recall residency at any time you like

So, what are you waiting for? Send a DM to our representative @thaneofkovdor via Discord or this forum and ask for a vacant place! The number of places are limited:

Day 4: Reserved for the Lzecov Islands Central Bank

With best regards,
Zepheniah Bredov, Lzecov Bank representative




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Hello and welcome to the first day of the Esferos Economic Expo, 1424! My name is Alan Villers, Chair of the Committee of the Expositioners, and I’m glad all of you could join us. 

Day 1 of the exposition will feature transportation companies, vehicle manufacturers, infrastructure companies, construction companies, and logistics companies. Tonight will also feature a panel discussion on automation, and how it will affect the logistical networks of the world.

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(Common: Lavionda Airlines, Giovannese: Lavionda Linie Arie)

Industry: Transport (aerial)

Country of Origin: Giovanniland

Description: Lavionda, a portmanteau of lavanda (lavender) and avio (airplane), is an airline based on Giovanniland that operates flights to numerous destinations across Esferos. Originally a regional airline operating mainly in Lavandula, the region spanning the three Lavender Island countries' northern areas, it has since then positioned itself as one of the main airlines of Giovanniland, competing with the nation's flag carrier and other notable companies. Notably, it has maintained its primary hub in the Violet International Airport of Uryde, adding the Emperor Giovanni the Great International Airport of Giovannia, the nation's main airport, as a secondary hub.

Some of the airline's busiest destinations include Lavandulan cities such as Uryde, Quorivo, Dazano, Kyene, and Lampo; other major cities in Giovanniland such as Giovannia, Porto Violeto and Andoliavilla; and various international routes, especially Lavender Island destinations including Kopai, Forte Lavanda, Kharventhin (in Blue Bubble), Tanba and Shinano (in Minsu). Although previously not very known internationally, the airline rose in prominence after handling thousands of flights for the Quoriv-Kharventhin II Summer Esferiad.

The company was founded in 1378 by Vittoria Peskennio-Lodago and its current CEO since 1419 is Flavio Gigerano. Flavio's current tenure is establishing Lavionda as one of the leading innovators in the aviation industry, particularly in regards to Lavionda's commitment to sustainability. For example, the company is investing in electric airplane technologies and hopes to unveil its first commercial electric flight by the company's 50-year anniversary in 1428. This will greatly reduce fuel costs and maintenance, besides enabling quieter takeoffs and landings.

Lavionda is also notable for a commitment to digitalization of manual processes in both airports and flights, in order to improve the customer experience, and for its partnership with local film producers from the two regions of Lavanda Prima and Lavanda Sekunda, with the goal of promoting Lavandulan culture and offering more in-flight entertainment options for passengers.

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(Common: Kopja Rasko's Cars)


Country of Origin: Zanna (or, if you don't recognize it, Candelù.)

Sector: Vehicles (mainly Automobiles)

Description: Kopja is the most used car brand in Zanna. The name originates from it's founder, Rasko "Kurrizan" Kopja (1323-1404), who created the company in the year 1355. Originally focusing only on the construction of Motors for other car companies, it evolved into a big and thriving part of the candeluian ground vehicles sector. The company is based in Nicò, capital of the region of Zuni.

While it's main success is found in Zanna, the company has, especially in the latest years, started to send cars to foreign nations, especially in Doll Guldur. One important exception is Candelù itself, as the newly proclaimed nation of Zanna has (for now) ordered a block in the production of automobiles for their current enemies. 

As of 1424, the owner of the company is Illvy Kopja (born in 1385), Rasko's Grandson. He took the company's lead after the resignation of his father.
His view of automobiles is very "old-styled", as Kopja remains one of the few vehicle manufactors to not research and expand the electric sector.
Illvy himself once said: "For us, cars are more of a feeling than an object, and Electric cars, yeah, they don't give out that feeling."

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Doll Guldur Express

Country of Origin: Candelù.

Sector: Transportation

Description: The D.G.E. is an association which specializes in long, ground trips, through all the mainland of Doll Guldur. Being founded relatively recently, in 1387 (Originally being C.E., Candelù Express) . It has reached high success pretty fast throughout all of Candelù, and eventually turned into a continental company. The main hub for the transportation association is the Candeluian Central Station's Granzian side.

It operates on almost all of Doll Guldur, with the only exception of some islands, an issue that will be fixed in the upcoming years, with new cooperations between the D.G.E. and some naval or aerial companies. The company is the only official transportation that connects Zanna and Granzia in the current war times.

The current owner is Carmio Mariglio, a charming man that is trying his hardest to turn the D.G.E. in a more influential company, focusing on current issues, especially the creation of new, more sustainable ways of transport, minimizing the impact on the entire continent.



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Ivaxia Group


Industry: Construction

Country of Origin: Ryxtylopia



The Ivaxia Group, is the largest construction company in Ryxtylopia, based in Ivaxia, Ryxenia in the nation's capital, its known for mainly within Ryxtylopia however the company has started to make moves to expand internationally. It was founded in 1289 by Marco Disvelxa Indiravida, during Ryxtylopia's period of industrialization, the company played a large role in the urbanization of Ryxenia, and is still involved in several private and public construction iniciatives.


Currently under the management of CEO; Julio Virrandé Disquiverría the company is enjoying steady growth, mainly in part due to the cheap labor costs it enjoys from operating in Ryxtylopia, as well as this the company has cooperated in several construction iniciatives made by the Ryxtylopian government, and enjoys several tax cuts granted by the government (however its important to note that the motives for some of theese tax cuts have been unclear, and the company has ocationally been accused of taking part in bribes and corruption).


Its main operations are concentrated in Ryxtylopia's largest cities, mainly Ryxenia, Vynitiná, Tilipaca, etc. And the current vision of CEO; Julio Virrandé is to increase employee training and efficiency, whilst making efforts to retain the low cost of operations that has made the company successful in the first place, with the hopes that the cheap-operation costs will allow the company to keep expanding and making proffits.



[OOC Note]: Big thanks to @Thane of Kovdor for helping me with the logo for the company.

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Konstrukčio D.O.O. (družia a omeà odgovota)
(Common: Construction Ltd)

Country of Origin: Zanna (or if you don't recognize it, Candelù).

Sector: Construction

Description: Konstrukčio is one of the first modern construction companies created in Zanna, being created in the early 1300s. The company's main works are private, but some public constructions are still operated. 

Constructions from Konstrukčio have always been mainly in Zanna (especially in the present, as after their declaration of independence any projects in the granzian soil have been halted.), but some foreign jobs have been made. The cities where the company operates the most are Tiveronia, Gabria and Scorzà.

The current CEO is Nikija Kushem, and he's living in arguably the best moment for the company. As all of the Granzian competition is gone, Konstrukčio now dominates the sector. The newest project for the company is actually it's most important since it's creation, as Konstrukčio workers were commissioned to re-build the Tiverian town hall.



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Valaris-Heraclitus S.A. [Valaris-Heraclitus in Common]

Industry: Logistics,

Country: Commonwealth of Nouveauterra

VH, based in Porta Fabianus, operates shipping vessels worldwide, with a focus on long distance container transport. VH also performs littoral and river cargo transport. VH owns a small number of private port spaces in foreign countries, as well as specific areas on Nouveauterran ports. VH was formed in 1395 after a merger between two established shipping companies in Nouveauterra, and has stayed in this formation since then. Its current CEO Hugo Roux has served for 5 years, with his focus being integrating intelligent shipping tracking and vetting systems to counter trafficking operations, and aid law enforcement in policing operations in cooperative countries.

Commercial goods that VH transports via shipping include: food stuffs, consumer products, heavy manufacturing parts, industrial liquid and solid products, raw ores and unrefined materials, and waste products.


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Air Nouveauterre [Common codes: two-letter, NX ; three-letter, ANO ; callsign, AIRNOVO]

Industry: Transportation,

Country: Nouveauterra

Air Nouveauterre (AN) is a passenger and cargo airliner in Nouveauterra based in the capital of Pointe-d'Espoir, serving destinations in Doll Guldur, Aura, Polaris, and the northern countries of Nur. Formed in 1325, AN grew from a local airline to an international airline, and after acquiring Cargaison Lambert in 1377, grew to transport both people and cargo. AN operates large turbine aircraft, as well as a number of shorter distance prop planes for transport. AN also operates a blend of cargo planes for different cargo contract types.

Its current CEO is Conrad Devin, who has served for 6 years, and has lead its latest expansion in modernizing its fleet of planes to implement new propulsion and passenger technology.

AN performs cargo contracts for: Nouveauterra Mail Service, manufacturing corporations, and research institutions. AN carries passengers to most countries that’d accept them.

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老昆全国后勤和快递公司 (老昆后勤快递)

Lao Kun National Logistics and Delivery Company (Lao Kun Express)

Logistics, Peourouin

Since its founding in 1359, Lao Kun Express has been reliably managing the backbones of many industries and has made the delivery of millions of packages worldwide. Headquartered in Ihapol, Peourouin’s main port of entry, it has been the main provider of the infrastructural powerhouse that is required of the industries that operate out of Ihapol and have made it a prime contender for international expansion into other nations. In addition, as online ordering has created a need for delivery service, Lao Kun has not only been the company people trust with their post but has been consistently reliable and takes customers’ opinions to the board rooms. If you need ‘em delivered, choose Lao Kun. Trusted since 1359.

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Société d'Avions Agentum [SAAG in Common]

Industry: Vehicles

Country: Nouveauterra

SAAG is a major military manufacturer in Nouveauterra, based in the city of Agentum. Formed in 1335, SAAG began as a civilian and military aircraft manufacturer. SAAG gained expertise overtime, and eventually grew into a multifaceted organization, with export and joint production contracts with a few other companies around the world, as well as being the main source of aircraft for the Nouveauterran Air Force. Under the currently 2 year tenure of CEO Sylvestre Ala, SAAG has expanded into smart targeting and "hive mentality" integration of autonomous vehicles with manned crews.

SAAG constructs a number of products, including: military combat and support aircraft, civilian passenger aircraft, missiles, aerial guidance packages, and unmanned aerial systems. There are automobiles spanning from the 1360s to the 1410s which are still in circulation because of SAAG Auto, a short lived automobile company formed as a subdivision of SAAG.

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(Common: The (right) path)

Country of Origin: Candelù.

Sector: Infrastructure

Description:  is a company which built all the major streets in Candelù during the latest innovation period of the automobile sector. It is the major company when it comes to road infrastructure. It was created in 1276, year in which the main street of New Maserut was projected. It was the group of engineers who created the project that then formed the company we still know to this day.

After the declaration of independence of Zanna work was interrupted in the geografical region. Major cities that have streets built by A' Strada are almost all of the Candeluian cities (including zannese ones), with the exception of Fragoforti, which had it's streets built by a smaller internal company before unification with Candelù.

Under the owner Moljo Segato A' strada hasn't seen many big changes, though it's still the major company in the sector, the most projects that are made are some new roads in more rural areas or reparations for older roads.

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莱闵汽车集团 (莱闵)
Laimin Automotive Group (Laimin)

Vehicle Manufacturer, Peourouin

Marketing its first production automobile, the Laimin 598, in 1318, its success in mass producing a car built completely on Peourouna soil gained international notice. Closer to today, Laimin is and has always been innovating in the realms of new technologies in power and user experience, but also in safety. Even before regulated lap and shoulder fasteners (seatbelts) were mandatory in new vehicles sold, the Laimin Ensemble van was one of the first adopters that not only secured front occupants, but also its rear second and third row passengers. 1379 and 1424 are almost as far apart as cars can be in the modern age, but the DNA of Laimin’s engineers through multiple generations is still alive and more excited than ever with the next generation of vehicles as the company looks forward.

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Industry: deConstruction

Country: Lzecov Islands

Are you ready... for the FASTEST and CHEAPEST demolition in your life?

Since 1399, we at "BOMBA.NET Demolition Experts" Public Limited (formerly "Dhadha Bombardier Joint-Stock Company") never fool around with any boring and useless "decontstruction with preservation of re-usable parts". Have you ever used a used bricks or concrete panels? If you ever did, you'd probably never even need a demolition company as your building would "deconstruct" itself just fine.

We are coming in like a wrecking ball with DYNAMITE and SEASONAL DISCOUNTS making your lot empty as fast and cheap as you can even find on the market. We utilize the first-class equipment, lots of EXPLOSIVES and even a REVOLUTIONARY INNOVATIONAL AI-DEMOLITION PLANNER that calculates the most efficient* way to break any building apart.


* — compared to company engineers according to experimental tests

** — the slogan does not represent the actual process of demolition utilized by the company and only express an overall notion of leadership and boldness encouraged among its employees

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(Sekiya Trains)

Industry: Transportation/Construction

Country: Sekiya

Yongguo Huoche is a state-owned enterprise that constructs highspeed rail infrastructure in Sekiya. The company was founded in 1380 and originally dealt with freight rail projects, however, was chosen to specialise in pioneering Sekiyan Highspeed Rail in 1401. Since then, YGHC has grown exponentially, as the demand for quick and efficient public transport in Sekiya has grown.

YGHC primarily deals with the laying of rails, as well as the terraforming for such projects, including blasting canyons and digging tunnels. Recently, the YGHC has been involved in plans to construct highspeed rail in Sekiya's neighbours, however the project currently is still in the planning phase.

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Speaker Series Day 1
Automation and Logistics
Moderator: Alan Villers, Chair of the Committee of the Expositioners

Key Points
“The robots are here to stay,” said Alan Villers. He started the night listing many industries where semi-autonomous machines are already operating: “Vehicle manufacturing, food delivery, customer service, even some search and rescue. Industry leaders and entrepreneurs have found innovative ways to integrate autonomous machines into the business cycle. Now we have to contend with what automation will mean for the backbone of the economy, logistics.”

“Logistics can be broad, and that is what is making it such a touchstone for people,” said Carla Montecarlo, a researcher from Fuentana. “This means longshoremen unloading and loading cargo ships, people who drive and drop packages off at your doorstep, warehouse stockers. There are millions of jobs in this industry which may be massively affected by implementing autonomous machines.”

“There’s incredible opportunity for increased efficiency,” said Shigeru Mite, an entrepreneur from Min-su. “Some of the most dangerous logistical work can be handled by machines, who can be more easily repaired or replaced. And jobs that would seriously hurt workers overtime, like small item sorting causing tennis elbow, can be made safer with a semi-autonomous machine supervised by a human. Just from the number of truckers who lose their lives to tiredness while on the road should show what good we can do.”

“That does come with some drawbacks right?” said Bruce Hastings, a podcaster and labor author from Hertfordshire and Jammbo. “These are millions of people who might be pushed by industry to reach machine-like efficiency. Other people have tried that before with serious negative health consequences. If workers are replaced outright, that’s millions of workers whose economies will have to either absorb them, subsidize them in some way, or allow them to fall by the wayside.

“Although it’s hard to come to one concrete answer, I can say this,” said Alan Villers. “Many industries have had automation in some fashion or another, and for the most part they’ve been better for it, ever since the letter sorter machines of the 1330s. If mankind has been able to integrate machines with good overall results before, then there’s a chance lightning can hit the same place again.”

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Benaventura Corporation
(Giovannese: Korporatio Benaventura)

Industry: Infrastructure

Country of Origin: Giovanniland

Description: Benaventura Corporation is a company that grew out of a local family business to become one of the largest infrastructure companies in Giovanniland and beyond. In 1233, during the industrialization of Giovanniland, Porto Violeto businessman Terentio Benaventura founded the company that initially offered local construction and infrastructure services. Over time, his descendants would then improve the corporation's reach to a nationwide and soon international status, participating in large projects and even being hired for governmental projects. The current CEO is Erasmo Benaventura, who has continued the company's good fortunes and also successfully acted on his father Klaudio's desire to branch out to other areas of the economy, though infrastructure remains the corporation's flagship action.

Some of the company's largest national projects to date include a full-fledged renovation of Porto Violeto's Neurino International Airport, the building of several powerful hydroelectric dams in the large Irto River to improve energy generation in Giovandolia, the pivotal role in completing the 14th century state highway and railway projects to connect every settlement with more than 1,000 inhabitants, and most recently the construction of Porto Violeto's new tallest building, the Prosperita Abria tower. The company has also acted in other high-profile infrastructure projects in Aura, Andolia and other continents.


The Prosperita Abria tower (center) in Porto Violeto.

(OOC: The Benaventura Corporation has formerly appeared in the II Summer Esferiad roleplay thread, where it aided in building or revamping a few venues and also attained official sponsor status, and Erasmo is seen in a discussion with two other companies' CEOs).

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Industry: Vehicle (Automobile Manufacturing)

Country of Origin: Nalibia

    Senay Automotive is an automotive company, which designs, manufactures, markets and services a full line of cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles. Renown for its reliability and high class attention to detail. The Senay brand is Nalibia's leading car manufacture both domestically and exported outside of the empire.

Here is our 1424 lineup, This year we wish to highlight our reliable safety features. Whether your a cruising PTA parent making your kid the talk of their class, or an adrenaline junky trying to take tighter corners. Our vehicles new built-in AI (standard feature) will make your commute safer for you and everyone around.


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Welcome to Day Two of the Esferos Economic Expo, 1424. I’m Caroline Basseterre, Co-Chair of the Committee of the Expositioners. Welcome to returning and new visitors.

Day 2 of the exposition will feature chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as pioneers in new resource synthesis like mycelium and cruelty free leather. Tonight’s panel discussion will be on artificial limbs and organs, both mechanical and biological.

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Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Country: Lzecov Islands

The company was found only 3 years ago in Pescovka village by Dr. Yong, yet it already gained recognotion all over Andolia and beyond! Homeo Sapience is sometimes referred as the main reason tourists visit the Lzecov Islands: to buy some homeopathic medicine that is made with love, care and scientific wisdom.

Homeo Sapience medicaments are free from influence of Big Pharma and AI demon-driven technologies*. HS uses natural ingredients such as mushrooms, berries and penguin feathers, but they do it with care for nature and our patients.

Please take a look at our newest product:


* — said restriction does not apply to any outside contractors hired by Homeo Sapience

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Industry: Alternative Resources

Country of Origin: Giovanniland

Description: Ekoprodutti is one of the major producers of environmentally friendly products in Giovanniland. The company was founded in 1330 in the capital Giovannia, during an era in Giovannilandian political history where left-wing and green parties rose in prominence due to increasing concerns about the negative effects of industrialization, and how to overcome them while maintaining development. Due to extensive environmental legislation and subsidies when these parties have led the government, the nation became one of the leading powers in Esferos for environmentally friendly economic development, and still is today, with Ekoprodutti at the forefront.

Nowadays, scientifical advancement in Giovanniland and the world allows for a wider than ever range of opportunities to continue bringing together environmental protection and national development. The environmental policies of the 14th century have paid off, and green products are ubiquitous for Giovanniland's customers—so Ekoprodutti is looking forward to display a variety of them in the Esferos Economic Expo, with the goal of expanding its international markets. The company offers both its own green products, for example clothing, furniture and utensils, while also helping other companies adopt environmentally friendly practices, most notably packaging and waste reuse. In many cases, for example plant or fungi-based alternatives, Ekoprodutti works together with local organic farmers and producers so their waste can be used for a good purpose while healthy food is also produced.

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A.Q.X. Chemicals


Industry: Chemicals

Country of Origin: Ryxtylopia



AQX Chemicals is a ryxtylopian chemical manufacturer, based in Vynitiná, which mainly focuses on producing industrial-grade chemicals at low prices. The company was founded in the year 1348, during the ryxtylopian economic boom in the 50's and during the 50's, the 70's and more recently in the last and current decade saw periods of expansion and massive proffit margins.


Its recent success, like with many other cases in Ryxtylopia is mainly due to the low cost of labor in the country, and plenty of demand within Ryxtylopia, however the company also has its fair share of safetey violations which have mostly gone unnoticed by the government, and it has been previously accused of poor and unsanitary working conditions, as well as poor wages; another thing worth mentioning is that the company has been accused of violating enviromental accusations which has contributed to Vynitiná being called "Ryxtylopia's most polluted city".


Under current CEO; Marco Disvilexa the company is seeking to improve working conditions and like with many companies in Ryxtylopia, break out and into the international market, which it has the potential to do once it can push aside the controversies and safetey breaches that have gained this company a sort of infamous reputation within Ryxtylopia itself.


Pide diputada aplicar sanciones por contaminación del río Papaloapan

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