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Welcome to Greiya’s Today!




Main sources and loved by everyone, Greiya's Today! will bring you the latest and amazing news from the land of Greiya.

We’ll provide you with the latest political sensations, national or international achievements, current event and more!




Glory to Greiya!


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Who’s in for the Head of Government?




Mitake Port: Last week, Minato Yukina, the Queen of Greiya, announced the dissolution of the 13th Parliament of Greiya. The race for the new head of state is now on with what seems to be a fight between two leading national parties.


After the sudden dissolution of the Reiwa Nationalist Coalition a few months ago, the leading party, the Pan-Bukwas Party, is back. Their president, Ahmad Zarif, will contest for the Wheat Hill parliamentary seat. According to him, “The coalition is gone, and that’s a shame, but that doesn’t mean that our fight has ended. We wanted Greiya to give us a second chance to lead the country."


On the other side, a newly formed United Greiya Front sent out a strong message that they’re not going to let the Prime Minister title fall into another hand. The United Greiya Front has achieved a lot; they even won 10 seats last year, which is the first year they were formed. Their president, Abdul Razak, stated, “Greiya is a land for all people, and to do that, unity needs to be achieved. What makes a strong country is the sense of unity among all the citizens, no matter what their race is.” Abdul Razak will be contesting for his hometown parliamentary seat, Sun Tiger Island.


According to expert political analyst Major E.E.C. Subraningham, many Greiyans thought that what the country needs right now the most is to make a path for a better understanding between people. “We’ve been on independence for such a long time now, but even we can misunderstand what other people really wanted. There wasn’t any unity among the people, so does UGF have a high ground.” However, he added that many people don’t need any change as the current country's situation is fine.


The 1423 Greiya General Elections will have the most seats ever contested in history, as 10 new seats were added, thus making it 150 seats in the house. The parliamentary seat of Mitake Port will be contested by Lee Yang Tin, Ahmad Uzayr, and Mitake Ran, who’s the only granddaughter of the Greiya founder, Mitake Jiro. The most heated is probably the parliamentary seat of the Kurani River, which will be contested by the President of the National Democratic Organisation, Imai Lisa, and the former Prime Minister of Greiya, Geral Howard.


Author - Wan D

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The new era start tomorrow!



After a long political crisis, Greiya is up for the general election tomorrow. A huge clash between the United Greiya Front (UGF) and the Pan-Bukwas Party (PBP) will be marked in history as probably the biggest fight the country has yet to be seen. 


For the past weeks, the National Democratic Organisation (NDO) and Labour Union Party (LUP) have stated their support for the United Greiya Front and their interest in forming the government. The president of NDO, Imai Lisa, stated that “If you want to win the nation's heart, then you have to fine the correct man to do so.” Meanwhile, the President of LUP, Sheldon Bruce, also released a statement regarding that party support on the government lead by Abdul Razak.


On the other hand, the Socialist Greiya Movement (GS) and the Conservative Greiya Party (PCOG) both voiced their support for the Pan-Bukwas Party. Lee Yang Tin, the secretary of GS, expressed the party's support for the government lead by Ahmad Zarif. Unexpectedly, PCOG decided to join the PBP coalition as they think that UGF have betrayed them in the previous election.


A few of the focused seats for tomorrow's election are surely the race for the capital city, Mitake Port, which will be a 3-sided battle between Lee Yang Tin (GS), Ahmad Uzayr (Independent) and Mitake Ran (NDO). The seats for the Kurani River will be contested by Imai Lisa (NDO) and Geral Howard (PBP). Not only that, the attention is also focusing on Sun Tiger Island, which will see a battle between Abdul Razak (UGF) and Hiromu Minami (PCOG). Lastly, there is the fight for seats in Wheat Hill between Ahmad Zarif (PBP) and Kumaran Ramasamy (UGF).


The High Election Commission of Greiya (HEC) has released a notice to everyone to cast their vote for their desirable parties. Xu Weng Ni, the spokesperson of HEC targets stated that HEC targets for an increase of 30% increase in the population going out and casting their vote. This is due to the decrease in the number of people who voted for the previous election.

Author - Wan D


We in Greiya’s Today will keep you updated with the results of the 13th Greiya General Election!

So stay tuned!


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Greiya's Blue Tsunami


Mitake Port - Last Night, we at Greiya’s Today and many other media outlets gather here at the HEC Headquarters to observe the results of the election. With the first results being Wheat Hill and no doubt that Ahmad Zarif won 59% of the votes. 

However, starting at 12.00 a.m midnight the result, the blue waves start pouring at the screen with the United Greiya Front winning seats after seats with the president Abdul Razak, winning the Sun Tiger Island seats with the comfortable 93% vote. Lee Suew Kiew won the Kuro Cape seat with 89% vote while Chandry Ramasamy won the Old Navy City with 74% vote.

The blue waves also came along with the victorious team of the National Democratic Organisation and Union Labour Party as they too won a lot of those in this election. Imai Lisa, the president of NDO, won the Kurani River seat with 85% votes, defeating the former prime minister, Geral Howard, and his 15 years reign on the city. NDO also marked a major victory at the Mitake Port as we saw the most heated battle yet as Mitake Ran won the seat with 78% votes.

The Union Labour Party marked its first victory with Abdul Halim, winning the Mat Kayu Hill seat with 67% votes, and starting from there, the Union Labour Party started to get victory after victory with the highest number, 71% votes, won by Sheldon Bruce in the New Littleton run.

The Pan-Bukwas Party, started to see their downfall as they lost of 40 seats to 98 seats last year. They did, however, win a significant majority in the Minato Streets with an 89% vote win over Tatsumori Kijimoto. Other than that, the PBP marked their first major loss since 1403. Meanwhile, the Conservative Greiya Party were able to make their debut in the parliament with them winning their first seat in Shino City with 59% votes.


Socialist Greiya Movement won the Nirvana Town seats with 51% votes, thus making their debut in the parliament. This year also marks the most independent candidate win as we saw 5 independent candidates win their run. The highlight of the show highlights Shinomori Tatsuya winning the Kawi Island seats with 67% votes and Sakuramachi Nanami as she won the Bandar Dayang seat with 56% votes.

The last seats to be registered on the HEC are the Ichigaya Islands seats at 2.49 am with Hikari Midoriya from United Greiya Front winning the seats with 89% votes, thus closing the 13th Greiya General Election. With that, the coalition of United Greiya Front, National Democratic Party and Union Labour won this year's election by winning 57% of the seats. The press conference regarding the nation's leader will be held tonight and the full list of the new ministers will be released in a few days.


Author - Wan D

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The new cabinet announced, 5 new portfolios added


Mitake Port - The Prime Minister, His Excellent Honour Muhammad Abdul Razak has announced the line of cabinet for the new government through a press conference made yesterday. The line-up introduces 5 new portfolios which include the Ministry of Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economy and the merge between Ministry of Labour and Human Resources. The Deputy Prime Minister, Her Excellent Honour Imai Lisa made history to become the first woman to become a deputy prime minister and the first woman to hold more than one portfolio in a single terms. A few of the highlights that have become a hot topic among the citizens of Greiya includes, the new Minister of Defence who is famous for his leadership as a Commander of Greiya Peacekeeping Force and the new Minister or Trade, Investment and Cost of Living who is the granddaughter of “Jirou-sensei”. Many people have a hope that His Excellent Honour Lee Suew Kiew could help bringing back the Royal Greiyan Army back to his glory. Many people however thought that Her Excellent Honour Mitake Ran looks so scary that no one gonna invest in this country. Greiya’s Today will hold a poll to observe how satisfied are the people with the new cabinet announced. Listed below is the full list of the ministers appointed :-


Prime Minister : 

Muhammad Abdul Razak (UGF)


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Woman and Family : 

Imai Lisa (NDO)


Minister of Finance:

Sheldon Bruce (ULP)


Minister of Defense : 

Lee Suew Kiew (UGF)


Minister of Education : 

Trisha Selvaramy (NDO)


Minister of Home Affairs : 

Su Ling Ying (UGF)


Minister of Rural, and Regional Development : 

Ahmad Vermanshah (ULP)


Minister of Technology and Innovation : 

Aimoto Karen (ULP)


Minister of Plantation and Commodities : 

Toyama Takeru (I)


Minister of Agriculture : 

Mohammad Amzar Mustapha (UGF)


Minister of Law and Institutional Reform : 

Chandry Ramasamy (UGF)


Minister of Transport : 

Harold D. Jackson (ULP)


Minister of Natural Resources, Nature and Environment: 

Nagaratnam Anbuselvan (I)


Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture : 

Sarah Maimunah Kasim (NDO)


Minister of Digital and Communications : 

Sarah Lebowsky (ULP)


Minister of Trade, Investment and Cost of Living : 

Mitake Ran (NDO)


Minister of Foreign Affairs : 

Muhammad Hazman Shah (UGF)


Minister of Youth and Sports : 

Lee Huang Zhang (UGF)


Minister of Economy : 

Muhammad Yazid Mustafa (UGF)


Minister of Labour and Human Resources : 

Chandran Muthurani (ULP)


Minister of Green Energy and Energy Sustainability :

Momoyo Kurata (NDO)

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