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Thread view counter issue

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Greetings Admins! I've noticed an issue with thread views that seems to have started late December, so around a month ago, that first I thought would be temporary but seems like it's consistent with any new thread created.

Basically, the views counter for every thread created since then remains at zero, I also believe older threads' counters are also frozen and don't account for new views since the date mentioned. 

Posting here in the hopes that you may know a solution to the issue, even if the problem is a minor one that doesn't really affect user experience. Thanks in advance for your time! 

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It's been a while, but I suspect the CRON job was not functioning correctly before.  Since the incident that forced me to do a fresh install of the server last week, I've noticed view counts going up and after further investigation discovered that topic views only get updated once every 5 minutes as part of the CRON tasks.  So they are not 'real time' but in a 5 minute cache.  They do seem to be working now though.

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