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  • 4 weeks later...


Recent news involving the signatory by Asir founder and vice-president William Peisson, of a resolution to make standerdised Nuran numberplates, has been going around, and the automobile industry is scrambling to know what reprecussions this will have for the booming car economy of the UNK.

The Willsen Hessen administration has, after a long period of discussion, decided to set a deadline of March 1st for the final liscence plate design of each region. After this, car manufactures will have a period of 2 months to set up production of the new liscence plates. NCC liscence plates are mandatory by July of 1423. Additionally, a tax of 2% of the total car cost after external taxes will be introduced following this period. To change your previous liscence plate, to that of the all-new NCC ones, you will have to pay a flat fee of 5.000 kkr to the goverment. Additional fees may apply depending on the approved manufactorer handling your plate. Approved manufacturers confirmed are currently Asir, Hemlaf and Ordin. Additional manufacturers may be announced in the near future.

While a general design for the all-new Kalmachian numberplate has been drafted, regional variations, and minor changes will be previlant in the next couple of months. This design features the same-old Kalmachian standard layout for letters and numbers, but with the left side of the liscence plate being covered in a red square, featuring the Kalmachian 3 letter code, together with the letters "NUR".

(The image below will be edited in the future to match the latest design of the Kalmach liscence plate. Regional variations are exclusive to the Kalmach info sheet.)


You might be wondering when these changes will take place?

The effective change of these numberplates will happen july of 1423. Additionally, after a interim period of 5 years, a red-tagged plate shall be required for foreign travel. Perks of this change include free auto travel between NCC member countries, so no longer will you have to pull up your UNK passport to go to your weekend vacation in Fauther!

While more information is still being drafted, this is believed to be a massive development in the foreign relations of Nur.


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  • 2 months later...

Kalmach now officially a participant of the 1423 United Adaikes Badminton Invitational. How does the predictions look, and who will be representing Kalmach?

After recent news of the Kalmachian participation in the UABI, the best of the best kalmachian badminton players from the UKBL have announced their willingness to go head first into the competition. From the deserts of Arnssted, all the way to Norddihaven, thousands have competed in the qualification matches, with rising stars showing up left and right. So who exactly will be competing for Kalmach in this international sports event? We'll be discussing that, and revealing it at the end of the article, so make sure to stick around!

Badminton - Equipment

The potential players of the UABI have a lot of competition within the UKBL, with former KBC winners such as the best Kalmachian female player in history, Krista Poulsson of Easthaven, and the three-time champion of Sefto Poisson also competing this year. Promising rising stars within the UKBL, who just reached the top 10 include Karlssen Rhiness, Utoniv Hikaras and Utonscht Persikschti. All of them competing for the chance to represent Kalmach in this important international badminton event. Although, popular names such as Utoniv Hikaras and Kinschten Teftsson have puplically announced their unwillingness to participate in the event due to the recent scandal involving the ICP president, Phaschishti Paschtasche. The excitement is real, as the results just came in from the UKBL administration. 

Badminton racket: Everything you need to know

So who will be representing Kalmach?

The final 5 comes down to the following players:

  • Willsen Gesner Henessaflag.png.a31cf08fa8e2e5233b05e6ef94282a6c.png
  • Pirkschta Femte Norddistatenflag.png.6868a9c0fcee64014d64021c10f26445.png
  • Sefto Poisson Norddistatenflag.png.6868a9c0fcee64014d64021c10f26445.png
  • Lars Kenssi Norddistatenflag.png.6868a9c0fcee64014d64021c10f26445.png
  • Poul Traghsten Easthavenflag.png.124955945e32a538d1c2217d0647590e.png Hallessekratamiaflag.png.e09d7a898601f757b99eac5c787daf52.png

After a long fought battle between the contestants, on the 21 of Febuary, the final victors were declared. The following 3 players will be travelling abroad and representing Kalmach in the UABI:

  • Poul Traghsten Easthavenflag.png.124955945e32a538d1c2217d0647590e.png Hallessekratamiaflag.png.e09d7a898601f757b99eac5c787daf52.png
  • Sefto Poisson Norddistatenflag.png.6868a9c0fcee64014d64021c10f26445.png
  • Lars Kenssi Norddistatenflag.png.6868a9c0fcee64014d64021c10f26445.png

Big congratulations to the players for winning the tournament. The three victors will very soon travel out to the United Adaikes to compete against 20 other countries for highest badminton honor internationally. 

Abbreviations in this article:

ICP: Imperial Conservative Front

UKBL: United Kalmachian Badminton League

KBC: Kalmachian Badminton Championship

UABI: United Adaikes Badminton Invitational


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