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Final Address from the Dilber Delegacy


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Here today, we usher in a new reign.  It’s a bittersweet moment for me, as I have supremely enjoyed my time as Delegate. When I entered the chair, I knew that I had big shoes to try to fill.  I came in with detailed plans, but my only goal was this: When I was done, would the region be even better?  I’d like to think we’ve hit that goal.  We’ve accomplished so much over the past 14 months, from FA changes to launching a radio station to public high minds and cyberbullying a man named Jimmy so much we now own a shawarma shack. 

We’ve become a force in the Security Council, with multiple passing resolutions even with attempts to stomp them. Our newspaper is the premier newspaper in NS, putting out quality content on-time for multiple years.  Our FA position is incredibly strong, with new friendships that have sprung up while old friendships remained solid.  Our military is strong and active, and is on an upwards trend.    We’ve come together to do so much:  We’ve raised hundreds of dollars for charity, won N-Day in the most convincing fashion ever, exterminated all the dang zombies, and have continued to be the strongest community in Nationstates. People in the past have referred to us as a retirement home, but when I look out at the newer players all I see is the future.  We have the best young bench of talent in Nationstates, and I don’t see that changing.

The last 14 months have been an interesting time for all of us, but I want to thank all of you for growing alongside me.  In the last 14 months, I’ve changed jobs, dealt with personal issues, and most importantly sold a child to other regions for Pope Hope cards.  While I have not completed my personal goal of owning every single pope hope card, I want to say that I appreciate our community always being there for each other, whether it be voice chats, game streams, or yelling at me about crabs.

And now, my time as delegate is over.  I slip back into the shadows of the mere Prime Minister-in-Exile-in-Residence, once again a poster child for democracy.  Gio is going to do an amazing job, and I hope he does so well people go “who was Dilber?” (but actually not that good because boy would I feel bad about that question).  Most importantly, this community will remain strong.  We’ve all been here for varying amounts of time, but gosh dangit we’re family.  Thank you all for making this a wonderful delegacy for me, and for supporting Gio in whatever the future holds.

There are too many of you for me to thank individually, so I’d just like to say this: You all are what made us great.  I could not have achieved everything we’ve done on my own.  You’ve filled in my weaknesses, and made us brilliant.  Keep it up, because it’s what we all deserve as a region. 


Have no fear, I’m not going anywhere. I’m not even sure I can get off my couch right now anyways


P.S. The real reason I stepped down is so Vara can message OTHER people at 3 AM.  (He can still message me I guess though, he’s cool)


(Edited because ALON and Tera noticed the spelling error I put in to see who was reading it closely and they got the dilber's choice award for it)

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To say your delegacy was wonderful would be an understatement, I will save the sappy wymwall for DMs but thank you so much for everything you've done for this region Dilber. Additionally, I am so glad you encouraged me to join, it's been one of, if not the, best decision I've made in my NS career.

I can't wait to see how amazingly Gio does!

Hail Dilber! Hail Gio! Hail The West Pacific!

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