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Introducing the new Leader of Blue Bubble [April 1421]

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A Magazine lays in a doctor's waiting room, all shiny and new. You have a weird back rash that needed to be looked at, and this magazine looked at you as you sat there in the waiting room, in pain.


You pick it up, recognising the lady as the leader, Mpitarika Kassakira Petrovikan. Turning to her interview, you raise an eyebrow. It is only one page, but then again she has already been called the woman of little words, so maybe it is not that surprising as you originally thought.


You have a quick skim, then hear your name. You put the magazine on the side and head in.


[Interview Transcript:

She led us to her small apartment balcony to host the interview, with the busy but seemingly distant street below us. I can understand why she doesn't want to move out for the Trano Vao. Her decision for the interview place strikes me with surprise - for someone who is not online, she is very open about what she is doing. Anyone could show up and take photos, or call out to her, but they don't. Her trust in our nation seems perfectly placed.

It is almost impressive how radiant she looks, as she sighs about her long day at work. It is mid-afternoon, I point out, and she smiles. "Time is dependent on the person, not the clock, my namako" she replies.

First, how are you feeling about winning the election?

Honestly, I am amazed, I was not expecting to win at all. I am new to politics, and with only being 29, I am now the youngest Mpitarika in history. I am glad my hard work has got me this far, and I am hoping that it furthers our country now.

I am sure the nation are in agreement. What first steps have you taken to kickstart your leadership?

I have already reformed the current assembly and have put some Pahefana in roles which suit them and what they care about. I think the biggest thing is the turnround of outside influence, introducing new ways for us to be involved. I know we mainly just stuck to trade deals in the past, but with boarders open for tourism, and more effort to join international events, I think we can really start to become something in the world.

They do say it is in your blood, tell me about your Glendon heritage.

It is very southern, which we know are not linked to the Lavandulan people as much as those who migrated north. I am very proud of my culture, and like most Glenpavians, I celebrate my ancestral holidays and follow the Fivavahana religion. Our heritage is unique, and I am hoping that strongly influences our turn into International relations.

Obviously, our nation is close to Giovanniland, and also the nation of Zoran. For our new international readers, would you like to comment on what is happening over there?

It is terrible, and I hope the nation can find peace soon. When the dust settles for them, I am happy to help them repair their country in any way needed. My heart goes out to those who are lost in the conflict, and I have already started a refugee scheme for those who appear on our shores.

Thank you for your time, Mpitarika

Thank you for yours, Tatitra

/End of transcript]

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