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Arifiyyah Professional League

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Welcome to the Arifiyyah Professional Football League News Center. We will be uploading the latest status of the major domestic leagues in Arifiyyah which will start soon. Keep up with the Arifiyyah football league wherever you are.



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Medina Arif FC about to sign Import player from Larxia


Medina Arif-One of the biggest clubs in Arifiyyah, Medina Arif FC is rumored to be signing an import player who was once with the Larxia national squad at the last World Cup.


According to the team manager, the player has signed a 2 -year contract with Medina Arif and will arrive here soon. This player will also strengthen Medina Arif FC with the experience available even though he is only a substitute for the Larxia national squad. The player's information is still kept secret but it is rumored that the player is playing in the attacking position.


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Arifiyyah Football League Opening Ceremony


Medina Arif-Yesterday was the opening ceremony for all football leagues in Arifiyyah. The ceremony was officiated by the Honorable Minister of Youth & Sports, Dr Haji Isma Danial accompanied by the chief executive officer of AFA at the Arifiyyah Football Association headquarters. The following is a list of contested leagues:

1. Arifiyyah Professional League(12 teams)

2. Arifiyyah Major League(10 teams)

3. A3 League(10 teams)

4. A4 League(8 teams)

5. A5 League(8 teams)

6. People's Football League(8 teams)

7. Amateur League of States(depending on the respective state football association)


“I hope all the teams will give a great rivalry in the league they are competing in”, Dr Isma said in his inaugural speech. A total of 12 teams have completed their registration to compete in the Arifiyyah Professional League. Surely all the fans can’t wait to watch this prestigious competition. Yesterday it was officially announced that all football leagues will start on 30 May. 


PicsArt_05-26-08_49_20.thumb.jpg.22a930c33cf86f4ddf6452d88aac8697.jpgThe official ball handover ceremony of the Arifiyyah Professional League



Arifiyyah Professional League official ball



Arifiyyah Professional League Table

Promoted from Major League:

1. T-Team FC

2. Sultani Darul Halim FC

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More Trust In the Locals


KOTA TARKOL- Tarkol United manager Zubair Ahmad said they were more confident in the talents of existing local players than signing imported players. "We don't need the help of imported players to give a great competition, because our players are also great enough. I am confident in the quality and talent of our players," said Zubair Ahmad in an interview yesterday. Apart from this team, there are 3 other squads that use 100% local players, namely Permata Pantai FC, Youth Tiger FC and Sultani Darul Halim FC.

They also received praise from the AFA. "This is a good step in the national football development project. We can look at talent and potential in more depth." Said the AFA secretary general.

Good luck to the teams that will be competing!

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Preparation for New Challenges


Our correspondent went to Sultani to interview the Manager of Sultani Darul Halim FC (SDH FC). We asked about preparations to face new competitors after being promoted from the Major League. "The players including me are very excited to compete in the Professional League as this is the first time our team has been promoted to this league. Although the training facilities are less sophisticated like other teams, we are confident of giving an excellent performance in the tournament later.


After meeting the team, we continued our journey to Medina Fikr to interview last year’s major league champions,T-Team FC about the preparations made before the new season began. The team captain said, "this is not the first time we have played in the PL, so of course we already know and are ready to face the upcoming competition. With the help of new import players, I am confident we can provide a solid rivalry and get a place to stay in the league this.


Reported from Jalill Hillman

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Focus match in the first round between Medina Arif FC vs Tarkol United FC will be aired on TV1 and ARFSPORT



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Greetings everyone! Just one more day left before the Professional League starts! and fans have already started buying tickets at the stadium. Some even bought their favorite team jerseys as a sign of support. We have interviewed several football fans around town, "I can't wait and am excited to see SDHFC play in the Professional league for the first time! I've already bought tickets and jerseys to watch the match live tomorrow. Do your best, Sultani!" "Come on, Medina Arif, come on! I can't wait to bring the kids to the stadium to watch this first match. Hopefully we can retain the league championship this season."


We also interviewed the players who will be in action tomorrow. "I am very excited and excited to play tomorrow. New jerseys, new teammates add to our growing spirit. We will do our best for our fans!" Said Medina Arif FC team captain Yang-dipertuan Muda Tengku Muhammad Nazhim. We from the media would like to wish good luck to all the teams that will play tomorrow. Do the best for your club and fans.


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Bandar Bandar city beat Permata Pantai 3-1 while Orangutan Ranger FC closed win against SDH FC



Arifian United lost 2-1 against Athletic United. Their winning goal was due to a simple mistake by goalkeeper Arifian United. While Medina Arif won 2-0 against Tarkol United. 



T-team also get closed win against Youth Tiger FC.  UAFC celebrated goals after got 3 winning goals against Royal Police FC 



Here is the Professional League top six


And here bottom six. Look like Arifiyyah Royal Police fc and Tarkol United need to be careful. But it's too early to judge them.


Here are the next round schedule 




For this round all eyes will be focusing on Arifian United FC VS Banda Baharu city FC that will be hold in Stadium Utama Banda Baharu.


Congratulations to all teams and do your best in the next round 

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Medina Arif FC draw against ARPFC and UAFC also got tied against T-team FC 


Tarkol United got closed win against Orangutan Ranger FC meanwhile Youth Tiger FC draw against Athletic United 


Permata Pantai FC collect three points in the match and also Arifian United FC celebrates their winning against Banda Baharu city FC 


Here are Professional League standing


UAFC still on top of the league meanwhile Banda Baharu city dropped to 5th place.


ARPFC still on a dangerous place. They need to improve their performance on the pitch. 


Congratulations to all clubs and good luck on the next round. 



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Permata Pantai FC draw against Arifian United FC while Tarkol United celebrates 4 goals winning against SDH FC 



Banda Baharu city got a closed win against Youth Tiger FC also with Orangutan Ranger FC collect 3 points in this round. 



UAFC defeated to Athletic United meanwhile Medina Arif FC collect three points.


Here the latest Professional League Standing.20210608_135538.jpg.4c8ff130fbb057aceb3807ed457551d6.jpg


Looks like Medina Arif FC is on top and UAFC dropped to 6th places. ARPFC and SDH FC need to be careful since they're on the bottom two.


That's all the report for this round. Goodluck to all clubs on the next round!


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Tarkol United share 1 point with Permata Pantai FC meanwhile Arifian United FC got a closed win against Youth Tiger FC 


ARPFC won 3-2 against SDH FC and UAFC succeed collect three points against Banda Baharu city FC 


Orangutan Ranger FC celebrated 3 goals against T-Team fc and also Medina Arif had a big won against Athletic United.


Here are the latest Professional League standings 


On the top league we still have Medina Arif FC. Follow up by Orangutan Ranger with one point behind them. University of Arifiyyah FC takeover the third places after winning againt Banda Baharu city FC. 


We can see Youth Tiger and SDH FC are on the relegation zone. 

For the next round,there will be the KING OF ARIF match between Medina Arif FC and Banda Baharu City FC. Who will be the King of Arif? 20210611_081947.jpg.8338dbfe2d7025a285a62abb5f972906.jpg


That's all for today. Congratulations to all the clubs and good luck for the next round.





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