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Trade Agreement between Larxia and Min-Su

By: Marcus Kerrigan

New Larxia- An envoy of Larxian delegates were sent by His Royal Highness, King Maddy IV, to Qiye City to hold talks with the friendly nation of Min-Su. 

The idea behind holding the talks was to negotiate a trade deal with an old friend of Larxia, which would lead to an age of prosperity in both the nations.

The relations between these two nations have proven to be the epitome of international cooperation as the negotiations took less than a day and the treaty was signed by both the Monarchs immediately.

It has pleased the populace of Larxia as we ventured out to see the public opinion of these deal.

"It's great to see His Highness' working towards global partnership and working towards gaining an important place in International Politics. It will be a give a great economic boost to an already strong economy" said an Economic Specialist. 

We talked to a spokesperson of Falcon Industries, the largest Arms Manufacturing company in Larxia and one of the top in the world, a semi-state ownership company. He said,"This deal is really great for us. This deal has opened up a market for us that will bring millions of dollars to Larxia and also increase the manufacturing. We will also be launching a new missile (not literally) in the next expo, so countries, keep your eyes on the exhibit."

We also talked to a Government official. Although he didn't have the time to give a complete, he gave a brief statement in which he said that His Highness', King Maddy IV has been sending Diplomats and Delegates to countries around the World in order to draft deals that would benefit the economic standing of Larxia in the World.

In short the Lar-Min Economic Corridor has had a positive reply from the populace and Economic Moguls have predicted a prosperous time ahead.





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Business Expo Min-Su 1420

By:Jake Bausch

New Larxia- The Ministry of Trade of Min-Su recently announced an Expo with various Business opportunities in their nation. Larxia is proud that this measure came after the signing of the Lar-Min Economic Corridor.

The Government of Larxia has confirmed that corporate giants worth billions, like NLH, Faltech, LNGC, LXS Aviation and Falcon Industries have shown interest in investing in the industries of Min-Su.

As a trade partner of Min-Su, Larxia would like to invite the nations of the World to attend the Expo as it could translate to stronger economies.

The complete list of companies visiting Min-Su is not yet confirmed but we can be assured that it will result in the further enrichment of our nation.


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NLH continues its Green Crusade


By:Jake Bausch

New Larxia- In latest news, NLH has made a series of investments in Fhaengshian startup iGerator, acquiring 40% stake in the company at the company valuation of $40M.

Further they made investments worth $150M in Aiarn Chemicals and acquired 20% stake in the company, following which, they received some flak in Fhaengshia. This was because they invested in a company that was responsible for  fish deaths in the Trhein Bay.

As the New Larxia Stock Exchange and Fhaendhaw Stock Exchange went in a frenzy, NLH CEO Neal Hardy made a statement to clear the air. He stated NLH's position as "to reduce the effects of industries on the environment" and their desire to "have a powerful position in the country to implement changes". 

Of course it's nothing new to us Larxians. NLH has always been working in accordance to His Royal Highness, King Maddy IV's vision of a strong economy alongside a thriving nature.

NLH has held a diversified portfolio in Larxia and they have started working on going international and making an impact internationally.

We are really lucky to have a leader with a vision to progress economy, but not at the dear cost of our environment.

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The Royal Affair

By: Maxwell Walker

New Larxia- It is speculated that King Maddy IV has been courting actress and activist, Mackenzie Becker for the past two years.

We have reports that His Highness proposed to the actress on his private yacht when they were out on the sea with some friends. Who knew our King had a knack for being a romantic guy.

It is said that it was the most picture perfect proposal. With champagne at hand, a giant diamond, a family heirloom, and ofcourse the picturesque sunset. 

While all of the closest people to King were present there, we couldn't help but notice that Prince Dominic was not present when his brother proposed to the love of his life. Are tensions high in the Royal Family? Well we can't tell for now but we'll keep digging.

But back to the topic on point, King Maddy IV will marry our future queen very soon in an extravagant ceremony fit for a royal. It will be one of the largest events in all of TWP as we, as a nation will come together to celebrate our King and Queen.

It is suspected that the dignitaries from across the World will be attending the wedding. This will further strengthen the personal relationships of the leaders.

It would be great to see one of the most extravagant weddings of the century. It'll surely be the talk of the town for years to come or until they give us a Royal heir. Then we'll be head over heels for the heir.



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 The Royal Charity

By:Jacob Smith

New Larxia- King Maddy IV, on Thursday, announced the establishment of a charitable mission, Hope Spades Organisation.

The main mission of this organisation is to help patients who cannot afford the healthcare services of Larxia. Though the healthcare services are not so expensive, there are always people in need of help.

The King stated that this will be a non-profit organisation, so that it can focus only on helping patients, and not on turning a profit.

The Organisation will collaborate with many of Larxia's top hospitals with the state-of-the-art technologies and the cost of treatment that comes along with it.

How will they collaborate?

There will be a branch of the organisation in every partner hospital, with the organisation having direct access to the patients, so no money is lost in all the bureaucracy.

The organisation will of course be open to donations from the people who can afford to and choose to make any kind of contribution to this mission.

 The King will be investing his personal wealth in this venture, and nothing will be taken from the government coffers until the Parliament decides to support the organisation.

Ms. Mackenzie Becker will lead this organisation to a future full of helpfulness. Considering her influence in Larxia before her engagement to the King was announced and the fact that she would be our future queen, choosing her to head this organisation was a good choice.

How can you help?

You can volunteer for the organisation in Social Media Management, On-field Assessment, and many more ways.

Just visit the website, www.hopespades.org, and you will be able to see what they are doing, and if you like, you can donate to the cause, or also volunteer for the organisation.

Another announcement that King Maddy IV made was that the organisation will try to expand to other countries as well in the near future because they have been receiving donations from some other counties in TWP as well and it would only be fair to work with their hospitals too, because as much as we strive for the betterment of Larxia, we also strive for the betterment of the World as a whole. 

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Football Frenzy

By:Alexei Faulkner

New Larxia- King Maddy IV, on Tuesday announced government plans to costruct a new football stadium to go over and above for hosting a Football World Cup.

While the Larxian team will be participating in this edition of the World Cup, FFL Chief, Florentino Levante refused to put in a bid to host this edition of the World Cup in the Larxian lands. 

In an interview, he said," While it is true that hosting the world cup is a very prestigious opportunity, the FFL is currently invested in finding the next generation of world-class footballers. That said, it is my pleasure to announce the opening of government funded football academies around Larxia, with the operation headquarters in in the very same place where the new stadium is being built."

This new venture, called 'Football For All', started by FFL with support of the government will train the future of Larxian football for a very nominal fee.

Back to the main topic of the article, the new stadium will be built in Nexilia, the technological hub of Larxia.

The proposed plan for the stadium:



The new stadium will be one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the world. According to the reports, the construction had already started a few months back and it will take a few more months to be completely ready.

Another stadium is being proposed to the government, which will most probably agree to it.

The other stadium that will be possibly built in the outskirts of New Larxia, will also be made with the technological vision in mind.

The other proposed stadium will look like:


These two new stadiums will change the way people experience football matches for the better, and Larxia will be completely equipped to host the next World Cup. Till then all we can do is support our Footballing Heroes who will be led into the World Cup by none other than the G.O.A.T. Leonardo Messy. 

King Maddy IV was rather excited at the prospect of participating in the World Cup, he is confident that the Larxian team is equipped to go all the way, and he should be too, considering that Larxia has been one of the biggest investors and a patron of the sports.

In an interview with the captain himself, he said confidently," Taking into account the extensive investment in the sports infrastructure and the personal involvement of His Highness, we are possibly one of the strongest football playing nations in the world," he further added," The team is really confident and we have been training to win and nothing else. You can be assured that each game will be entertaining for the fans, and we're counting on the Larxian people to travel to the World Cup and support us from the stands. Pray for the cup, and you shall have the cup." 

I'll soon be travelling with the team and will report under the FFL banner for the duration of the World Cup.

Maybe I'll also get a chance to meet His Highness, King Maddy IV and thank him for the interest he has taken in promoting the sports in Larxia. It can very well be seen in the low obesity rates in Larxia that people are taking up physical activities in one form or another.


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So close yet so far

By: Alexei Faulkner

New Larxia- Larxia performed really well in the First World Cup, that took place in the United Adaikes, all the way in Polaris. The World Cup concluded on 2nd March, 1421. Larxia had a dream run in the Football World Cup as we reached the Finals of the the tournament. We beat many powerhouse nations in our run in this World Cup. King Maddy IV has persuaded the Government to invest more in sports infrastructure in the past and this kind of performance is only a vote of confidence in the King and his policies regarding sports. The full fixture list can be seen below.

Larxian National Team fixtures
Fixture Score Stage
Larxia v/s Dalimbar 3-4 Group
Libterraria v/s Larxia 1-1
Larxia v/s Giovanniland 3-1
Pallandole v/s Larxia 1-2
Larxia v/s Fhaengshia 5-0
Larxia v/s Hertfordshire & Jammbo 1-0 Round of 16
Larxia v/s Fujai 2-1 Quarter Finals
Larxia v/s Tara & Cambray 3-2 Semi Finals
Nieubasria v/s Larxia 1-0



Larxia lost the final to a footballing powerhouse, Nieubasria, who had previously won the Gold medal in the Olympics in Football. While Larxia may have lost in the finals, and failed to win the Golden trophy, Larxia did establish itself as a powerhouse nation and a force to be reckoned with in the future. 











A press conference was conducted by the FFL in United Adaikes itself on 3rd March, 1421. On the table were the chief of FFL, Florentino Levante, the national coach, Ronald Guardiola, and the team captain, Leo Messy. Messy sat in the middle, and Levante and Guardiola sat on either side. The Golden Boot and the Silver Trophy were kept on the table in front of them. The interview went as follows:

Q: This question is mainly for Messy. How do you feel about reaching this far in the competition? Did you expect this?

Messy: I feel great about reaching this far. There is no doubt about that. I enjoyed playing with my team-mates, so much so that we consider ourselves brothers for life. The coach put in a lot of effort in preparing us for the matches and needless to say, it all paid off. For your other question. I was definitely not expecting it. Hell, I didn't know what to expect at the start of the tournament, but as we got into a groove and we got better, hoping to win was a quite realistic target. It was especially fun playing here in the United Adaikes. The United Adaikes government was very hospitable. All the teams were treated amazingly and the opening ceremony was an amazing experience. I won a lot of those beautiful match balls, and I will definitely cherish each one of them. Props to United Adaikes for hosting the World Cup in such a grand way. I wouldn't mind coming here to play again, tournament or friendly.


Q: How does it feel to have come this far but just falling short?

Messy: It sucks. I'm gonna be honest with ya. But what we need to focus on is that we came 2nd out of 24 trophy hungry nations. No doubt Nieubasria bested us in the last moment, but reaching the finals is also no easy feat. We beat Cambria, Hertfordia and many other strong nations. It is a matter of pride for us to have represented Larxia on the biggest stage in the World, and making something out of this opportunity given to us. It was definitely a bittersweet feeling, you know. You feel good to have made it to the finals and mount a serious title challenge, but it feels bad to have lost at the last moment.

Guardiola: I wouldn't say we fell short. We were one of the superior teams in the World Cup. The world was not exactly expecting Larxia to qualify, but we not only qualified, we made it all the way to the finals. We might have lost in the finals but we proved that Larxia is a strong nation and that is something to be proud of.


At this point King Maddy IV entered the conference room. Everyone stood up immediately to greet the King. The King asked everyone to be seated and asked for a chair to be pulled up for him as well on the table. The conference continued.


Q: This question is mainly for Messy and also Ronald. You won the Golden Boot. How do you feel about your own performance?

Messy: I feel good. Scoring goals is always a good feeling, but scoring the most goals in a tournament where there are probably 50 strikers other than myself playing is an amazing feeling. I was in the right place at the right times is all I can say about it. The players supported each other really well and as a result I won the Golden Boot.

Guardiola: He performed really well. He made Larxians proud and I'm sure the kids back in Larxia will be worshipping the players that took Larxia to this level, especially Leo here, he was the one who guided the team to this 2nd place finish. He definitely deserves to be appreciated and worshipped for his achievements.


Q: Your Highness, how do you feel about the Larxian teams performance in the World Cup?

King Maddy IV: I feel really proud of the team. I take pride in saying that these players represented Larxia in the World Cup. We may not have won the World Cup, but that is just another reason to train and try harder. I just want to tell everyone listening, You learn more from failures than you can ever learn from success. This does not mean that I believe that this campaign was a failure, in fact this campaign was extremely successful. Losing the finals may feel bad right now, but in the long run, it won't make us complacent. It taught us to take every opposition equally seriously as you would your toughest competitor. Needless to say, I'm sure each and every citizen of Larxia is very proud of what the team has achieved here in United Adaikes and will continue to support them till the ends of the world.


Q: So this tournament is over. What is next for Larxian football and FFL?

Levante: This has been a great run for Larxia in the World Cup. We will capitalise on this success and we'll keep our search for the next footballing superstars at the top of our priority list. The new and state of the art facilities that we have been able to build for our players, thanks to the Government and His Royal Highness, will be extremely helpful in training the next generation of Larxian footballers and improve the current players. The construction of the stadium in Nexilia and New Larxia will be completed by April and June respectively. The one being built in New Larxia is not merely a stadium. It will be the headquarters and one of the National Football Centers. There are National Sport Centers in all the states of Larxia, but this will be exclusively for Football, like there is one for Rugby in New Hertha. The FFL will be furthering investments in the Larxian Pro League and will try to attract sponsors and players from all around the world to give the Larxian players some healthy competition and give them an experience of playing with players of the other nations.

King Maddy IV: The government will keep investing, not only in Football, but in improving and creating new state-of-the-art sports infrastructure. While we might have a formidable military force, we believe in peace, and what better way to maintain peace than by sports. We have seen many countries come together to play in these events, forgetting their differences and playing like one. 


Q: Will Larxia bid to host the next World Cup?

Levante: We are definitely discussing about hosting the Second Football World Cup. We'll see what happens and we'll let you know on a later date.

King Maddy IV: Sure, we'll see. We can't decide right now if we want to host the World Cup. Hosting is very expensive, and we have our taxpayers to answer to. We will definitely try to host the World Cup. It is definitely very prestigious and will give a boost to the Tourism Industry. We will hold dialogue with the FFL's top officials and of course the President, the Sports Minister. We might also give some thought to co-hosting with a nation, but that is something we can't talk about right now. We will definitely get in contact with the Federation of International Football Associations to indicate our interest in submitting a bid to host the next World Cup in some time. Till then we will be focusing on preparing another generation of amazing footballers who will make their way to the main squads.

That concludes the press conference


Larxia is now ranked #2 in World Football Rankings just behind Nieubasria, who won the World Cup and are #1in the rankings. The complete rankings can be seen below:



This concludes the report on the Larxian run in the World Cup. We hope to get back with news on sports events very soon. We will now revert to our normal news reports related to the politics, economics and diplomacy.

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A Civil War of our own? Let's hope not.

By: James Matthews

New Larxia- The Government of the Democratic Republic of Larxia will be organising a referendum in all the 7 States and 3 Union Territories in the next week, to determine whether the Parliament of the nation should be dissolved and complete power be given to King Maddy IV. This referendum comes after the sharp reduction in the confidence of the populace in President Jules McEnroe's policies and his lack of involvement with the people of Larxia.

In normal circumstances, the population would have asked for a re-do of elections, but populace has, to say in the words of majority of the people, lost their faith in the politicians. They have noted that even though the King is a permanent entity, he is still more involved with the common populace, while these politicians have to be re-elected to office, but still show no interest whatsoever after being elected.

The major economists have also noted that the growth of economy under an Absolute Monarchy was much higher than under a Democratic Republic.The growth of the economy has slowed a lot in the recent years and many a people have been losing their money because of this.

The people of Larxia have lost all their confidence in the Democratic Republic. The populace is so desperate to abolish the Government that they are willing to turn to Absolute Monarchy even though it means sacrificing some civil rights. The people have been demonstrating against the Democratic Republic for 3 days now, and the announcement of this refrendum comes as a small victory to the demonstrators, but getting here was not easy. The Democratic government was not feeling very Democratic. They ordered the police to tear-gas the demonstrators while they were in the peaceful phase of the movement.The tear-gassing of fellow Larxians was the last straw. The protests soon became a lot violent, with many injuries to both the protestors and the police force. Things turned ugly pretty quickly as the protests took the capital by storm. The Governments move to disperse the people in such a way came to bite them back.   

We did manage to get a statement from the King. He expressed his deep displeasure at the state of the nation he loves so much. He also requested the protestors to stop being violent and try to go through with this peacefully. The King asked the Government to hold a dialogue with who the protestors identify as their chief. He requested the Government to do so before it turns even more ugly and takes the face of a Civil War. 

The Government was forced to hold a dialogue with the people in the fear of a Civil War. The person rallying the people to protest, Hal Jones, sat with major politician in a round table conference. He asked the Government to hold referenda in all the states to determine the fate of the Democracy. 

The referendum will be exactly where the Presidential Elections are held in your states. Be sure to vote to make sure your voices are also heard in this historic decision as Larxia looms on the edge of a Civil War. I'm sure that everyone would like to solve this issue without a Civil War. It will just be a waste of resources and we have seen what happened in Zoran, the destruction, the fighting, the deaths. I sure hope we can avoid all that. 

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Larxia successfully tests the new Falk-one missile!

The Future is now as Larxia develops GCBs!

 By: Lionel Sabadell

New Larxia- Larxia successfully tested the latest generation of ICBMs (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile). This newest system of ICBMs, called the Falk-one missile system, is a self-guided weapons system that follows a ballistic trajectory. Ballistics missiles can carry conventional explosive and can also Biological, Chemical and Nuclear war-heads. The average range of an ICBM is around 5500 kilometres, but the latest Falk-one missile is better in that aspect, with a range of 7250 kilometres.

The Falk-one missile system has been developed by Falcon Industries in collaboration with the Larxian Army. Building this missile was not an easy task for anyone as the designs kept changing with every new input from the experienced officials. This missile was to be made as close to perfection as possible and that is why it took some time to be completely ready for testing and later for use by the army.



See the source image

The Falk-one missile being transferred to the launch site


Another great feature about this Falk-one missile system is that it can also function as a Cluster Missile, should the need arise. Normally the extent of damage done by a cluster missile cannot be controlled and it can also hit civilian areas, creating humanitarian disasters, but the Larxian engineers have managed to find a solution for that. The clusters usually cannot be controlled, but the Larxian engineers have developed Cluster bombs fitted with GPS, which can be controlled from a control room 5700 kilometres away. Basically Larxia has managed to develop Guided Cluster Bombs. We do not have access to the schematics. They are kept under strict lock and key, and nobody knows where it is. 

King Maddy IV and the Government authorised Falcon Industries to sell the Falk-one missile systems to other countries in the world. King Maddy IV wants Falcon Industries to actually sell them to Larxia's allies in Andolia and the rest of the world.



 See the source image

Successful testing of the Falk-one missile system


In a joint press-conference, with the CEO of Falcon Industries, Hugo Farias, and the general of the Larxian Army, Oriol Hernandez, Farias was reported as saying," I'm really happy that we were able to complete building the Falk-one Missile System just before the Larxian National Day. We were definitely a little behind schedule in this project. We were supposed to unveil this system a few months back, but our experts and engineers were constantly trying to improve the design of the missile to make it as efficient as possible, and I'm glad to say that we were able to do just that." General Hernandez had nothing much to add except that he was very proud of this joint effort and even prouder at the outcome of this effort. He said that it is safe to say that the new Falk-one Missile System is one of the most advanced and powerful missile systems in the world right now.

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The people of Larxia have spoken, or rather voted

By: Daniel Mac

New Larxia- The 'Movement of Monarchy' referendum, that was supposed to be organised in the 3rd week of March 1421 was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. We believe the unforeseen circumstances were actually the last attempt at holding power in Larxia by the Democratic Government.

King James, previously known as King Maddy IV released a statement saying that he did not want the Democratic Government to be dissolved, because his Grandfather had devoted his life in order to establish a system that would be good for the citizens of Larxia (North Larxia at the time). He said that while he did not completely endorse this movement, he highlighted that his main loyalty lies with the citizens of Larxia, and if the citizens would vote for a Complete Monarchy, he would step up and do his best to be a Great King for the populace.

Following the release of this statement, there was some resentment among the members of the Parliament towards the King. The President issued a statement slamming the King's statement and said that the King should be supporting the government instead of supporting the people of Larxia, they don't understand the politics. Choosing monarchy will not bring greater freedom to the land, and each and every citizen should realize that

While the President has a point, he made a mistake in his statement in which he implied that the citizens of Larxia were not capable of making a good choice for themselves and for Larxia. Apparently he was true, the Larxians did elect the current government.

The referendum was then held on 5th May 1421, 5 days before the beginning of the T20 World Cup happening in Larxia. Out of 25,426,293 citizens, and 16,634,534 eligible voters, 15,834,752 voters came to make their voice heard. The voter turn-out was great, at 95.19% of eligible voters. Out of which 15,834,543 votes cast were valid while 209 votes were invalid.

Results of the Referendum:

Should The Democratic Republic of Larxia become a Complete Monachy and all power be transferred to the King?
Options Votes % Votes
Yes 15,397,510 97.24%
No 437,033 2.76%


The results of the referendum came out the day after the opening ceremony of the T20 World Cup. The final announcements were made on the morning of May 10th 1421. This historical referendum will be seen as a pivotal moment in all of Larxian political history. Post the election, the King left the name, King Maddy IV, and will now be called, His Royal Highness, King James. The government is in the process of being dissolved as you read this article and all the powers are being officially transferred to King James. 

King James has organised a banquet with previous members of the Government who are still loyal to the King, and the Generals of all the Branches of Military. The King wishes to ensure that he has the support of the Generals and to confirm that he is not at a risk of a possible coup attempt. The Military Generals have sworn their loyalty to the King. The King appoints some exceptionally talented, cunning and smart, and most importantly, loyal politicians into various advisory roles.

In an official statement released on May 10th 1421; 12 PM IAT, from the office of the King, said that the King openly accepts the citizens' demand of establishing a complete monarchy in Larxia. The statement also carried the most significant announcement of all, "The Democratic Republic of Larxia is no more, what it is now is a nation born from its past, but still looking towards the future. This newly born country is called The Kingdom of Larxia." The statement also had an underlined promise to the Larxians. It said that the King will make The Great Empire of Larxia of 1421 very similar to the ancient Empire that we have only seen in History Books. It said that the King will be looking to expand the territories to realise the full might of the Empire, he pledged to make Larxia one of the most economically powerful nations in the world.

That ends our special feature on the Movement of Monarchy. The Larxian citizens were not happy, and they made sure the right people heard it. There will still be some Larxians who were against this, but to them, all we can say is, give the King a chance to prove himself. He has already become a prominent figure in International Politics, having an amazing rapport with most of the Heads of State and Major International Leaders.

Also we apologise for not covering the Opening Ceremony of the T20 World Cup, there were matters of more national importance at hand. 

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Storm Valeria the most destructive storm experienced in Larxia in the last 75 years 

By: Haley Garcia

New Larxia- Larxia, on 23rd May, witnessed one of the most devastating storms in the last 75 years. Many people had to evacuate their homes, and go inland to get away from the path of destruction. Luckily, the T20 World Cup Final, taking place in New Larxia, did not have to be delayed, because the stadium was in the northern areas of the city, while the storm passed over the southern parts. We would also like to commend the players and coaches, who pledged thousands of dollars to the Valeria Relief Fund.



The path of the Storm Valeria (charted by LMD on 19th May, 1421)


The Larxian Meteorological Department should be commended for their vigilant nature in identifying, and quickly alerting the authorities about the destructive storm. The LMD was also very accurate in their predictions about the path of the Storm, and the wind-speeds. 

Total loss was estimated to be somewhere around Σ24 billion- Σ12 billion in losses to households, Σ5 billion in losses to commercial businesses, and Σ7 billion in losses to the public sector. Almost 2.4 million people were displaced due to the storm. Total number of confirmed deaths were around 21 thousand, and around 92 thousand people are still missing. The Valeria Relief Fund, with the help of you, the average citizens of Larxia, was able to raise around Σ10 billion, and many people also contributed by letting the displaced people stay at their homes for a few days, feeding the unfortunate masses, and all in all, just demonstrating the humanitarian side of Larxia. The Windlar Castle also saw some damages, which will be fixed.

The Larxian Military has been working day and night to search for the missing people. At the beginning of the Military operations, around 180 thousand people were missing, but in the 12 days of constant searching and saving, the Larxian military managed to rescue almost 90 thousand people, and around 12 thousand animals. The Army is working tirelessly on their search ops, since the past 12 days. The Air Force has been patrolling the skies, with the helicopters, looking for any signs of life on the ground below, while the Navy has been working to reducing the flooding of the storm-hit regions.

The King, in a statement, said, "Dear citizens of Larxia, while it brings me great sorrow that the people have suffered so much, I am proud to announce that our military, working tirelessly since the past few days, have done a remarkable job in their rescue operations. They have managed to rescue almost 90 thousand people, who are being reunited with their families as I give this statement. We have incurred massive losses due to the storm, and this might set back our economy for some time. While we do have a Disaster Fund, this Storm has overshot our Fund by almost Σ8 billion, but the citizens of Larxia raised almost Σ10 billion, and I am proud, that the people of Larxia stood up for each other. While we did manage to cover the Σ8 billion, we still need to rebuild our cities and towns, so our economy might suffer for some time, but I have been assured by the Economic Advisors that the slump will be very short, and we will be back very soon, even stronger than before. We will focus on rebuilding, and re-establishment of the infrastructure, but we will be aiming to rebuild it better than before, with the newest technologies, and the greenest form of energy. I, King James of Larxia, will also be furnishing the Relief Fund with an extra Σ5 billion from my personal wealth. Also, as you may know, the Windlar Castle has endured some damages. Let me assure you, that only the renovations required for basic security reasons will be done to the Castle for now. The people of Larxia will be given the first priority, and the focus will be completely on the repopulating of the storm-hit areas. That is all I have to say for now. Take care of yourselves, and help the affected people in any way you can."

Never thought we would see a King who prioritises the rebuilding of the general populace's home, even before his own home. The Kingdom of Larxia is definitely very lucky to have a monarch like King James. Other notable contributions were from the Larxian National Sports Teams, some of the richest men of Larxia, Elon Dusk, Steve Task, etc.

Larxia is expected to fully heal by this time next year, with major infrastructure contracts being handed out to major players of the market. Economists reckon that after this rebuilding, Larxia will be even more economically sound that before, as they forecast great weather in the NLSE and LSE in the years to come.

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Medical Research reaches new heights

By: Joshua Davis

New Larxia- History was made on 25th July 1421, as a team at one of the most premier hospitals and medical institutes in Larxia, The Brookes Memorial Hospital, in partnership with the bio-technology firm, Aoxes Biotech, as they successfully transplanted a 3D printed organ in a patient, without any complications. 

The Brookes Memorial Hospital and Medical University, founded in 1271, was previously called the Exodus Hospital. It was renamed in 1309, named after Dr. Maria Brookes, 7 years after her demise. Dr. Maria Brookes was the first female surgeon of Larxia, who had practised her entire life in the Exodus Hospital. That was why the Hospital was renamed to pay a tribute to her.

Aoxes Biotech was founded in 1392 by Antoni Kruschev. Kruschev founded the company because he was passionate about advancing the medical stature of Larxia, and humans as a whole. Though Kruschev is still the CEO of the company, he sold majority shares of the firm to billionaire Elon Dusk in 1405. Since then Aoxes Biotech has been majorly owned by Elon Dusk, while Kruschev retained some shares for himself. After the company was acquired by Dusk, he worked to make sure this company not only made it to the biggest league, but the company would be one of the leading global medical research firms.

After extensive research, with almost Σ1 Billion spent to perfect the formulas, and make sure that the 3D printed organs won't have any adverse effects when they eventually moved to transplantation, on the 25th of July, 1421, a successful transplantation of the pancreas took place in the Brookes Memorial Hospital. The patient was also kept under observation for a week, after he which he was discharged from the hospital, completely fit, and healthy.

What is the Pancreas, and why is it so important?

Pancreas is an organ located in the abdomen region of your body. It is right below the stomach and plays an essential role in the digestion of foods. There are two types of gland, exocrine gland, which secretes hormones into the bloodstream through a duct, and the endocrine gland, which secretes hormones to the bloodstream directly, without the presence of connecting ducts. Now normally a gland is either exocrine or endocrine, but the Pancreas is both, and endocrine and an exocrine gland (or mixed gland). Now the Pancreas is very important as it secretes Insulin and Glucagon, which are very important for the body. A lack of Insulin or Glucagon can result in different forms of Diabetes depending on which hormone is deficient. This is the reason why Pancreas is so important, and also why this advancement in medical research is so significant.

Why is it so significant?

It is very significant. If you look at the financial aspects, the cost of transplanting a real Kidney in a patient is more than Σ165,000, while the 3D bioprinter, the printer used to create the 3D printed organs, can cost as little as Σ6,000. This is expected to drop even further as technology evolves over the coming years. This will be very feasible for the hospitals, and subsequently cheaper for the patient, and the wait-list to get an organ will also be somewhat reduced, which is sure to shake up the Healthcare sector.
How will it affect the Healthcare Industry?

3D printers have successfully recreated complex body parts such as blood vessels, which just proves that this technology has a lot of untapped potential. 3D printing has ushered in a new era of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the Medical Industry. This technology has led the path toward the development of a sustainable framework for tackling poorly functioning organs, and with the latest developments, it has just proved what experts of the field have been predicting for the uses of 3D printing in Healthcare. Other areas where we have seen reduction in costs are the 3D printed prosthetics, which provide the same functionality as the conventional models, but at as little as half the cost of the conventional models. At the end of the day, we believe that the 3D printing technology, and the recent developments of a successful organ transplant will only launch the field of Medicine and Healthcare to the next level.

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Quantum Stealth is the way Forward

By: Angela Rodrigo

New Larxia- A sub-division of the Defense Research and Development Agency(DRDA), in association with Military Industry Giants, Falcon Industries, have successfully created a new material that the lead scientists behind this project have named 'Quantum Stealth'. 

DRDA, the agency responsible for the military research was established in 1327, when the then King of Larxia, along with the President and the Parliament, decided that Larxia needed to make its own mark and spearhead the military research internationally. Since then, the DRDA has been one of the front-running agencies in terms of military research, collaborating mainly with the Larxian Military Industry, with Falcon Industries being one of the most common partners in research. Only the very few trusted officials know where the DRDA is situated.

The DRDA and the Falcon Industries have been working on this project for about fifteen years. This project was initiated by the previous King during the last few years of his reign, hoping to make a final mark on the history of Larxia. Unfortunately he is not able to see the success of this project that was so very important to his heart.

'Quantum Stealth', as named by the lead scientists and engineers, is a lab-created material that can make a human or entire buildings completely invisible to the observer by using the laws of Optical Physics. When you place it in front of what you want to hide, it makes it completely invisible by bending light waves around the object that is to be hidden. This material is also called the 'Invisibilty Cloak'.

While the material itself is still in prototyping stage, initial tests have shown positive results, with the Cloak being able to hide things from a bike helmet, to a full grown man. Further testing is set to begin by the end of September, wherein it will be tested for the larger military equipments like Tanks, APCs and Jets. The team from Falcon Industries and DRDA is very close to acquiring an international patent for the material, following which it will be mass produced for the Larxian military and the other militaries.

The Quantum Stealth Material is also said to be able to steer mechanical wave energy around the objects behind the cloak, protecting them from blasts, shockwaves, earthquakes or any other kind of vibrations. The team that developed the material will now be attempting to make suits that can be worn by the soldiers in a field of war.  

We were only able to report a small article on this very interesting subject because we are not aware of the schematics or the more secret information pertaining to the project. The information we have is strictly Civilian-level information, and the important stuff is kept under strict supervision to make sure nothing of note is leaked to the enemies of state.

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Future of Power Generation?

 By: Angelo Martinez

Nexillia- A young start-up, called Wattstep Inc., founded in 1420, by the then 19 year-old engineering student, Jay Adhikari, recently secured their Series C funding, receiving Σ75 million ($141.5 million) for 18.5% stake in his company, at a valuation of roughly Σ405.405 million ($764.915 million), from the biggest Venture Capitalist company in Larxia, New Larxia Holdings. At this valuation, Wattstep Inc. saw one of the highest ever Series C funding rounds in the recent years.

Why was this company valued so highly in just 2 years?

Well, the answer is simple. Adhikari created a solution for alternative production of energy in a bid to reduce Larxia's, and eventually the world's dependence on coal and nuclear power plants. As the world moves towards Electric Vehicles, our dependence on electricity will be even more amplified. While there are good alternative sources like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, etc., but the Solar or Wind farms occupy a lot of space that not many countries can spare, forcing them to depend on conventional methods of energy production like coal and nuclear plants. Adhikari found a solution for that. He developed a technology which goes under the roads, and generates electricity from the friction between the vehicles and the roads, or the the friction caused due to a person walking.

Why this valuation?

Until now, Adhikari had only supplied this technology in small, private projects, awarded to him by private corporations to make their office campuses as eco-friendly and self-sustainable as possible. Following his success in these private contracts, the company, Wattstep Inc. came into the periphery of King James, who has been trying to create an ecologically sound Larxia. He immediately talked with the executives of NLH in the next board meeting and convinced them to invest in this promising company. Wattstep Inc. was also awarded a Σ3 billion contract of revamping the power structuring of the Nexillia Metro in accordance with the Nexillia Metropolitan Region Development Authority (NMRDA). This power generating technology will be fitted in the walkways and staircases of the Nexillia Metro, hoping to make the Nexilia Metro network self-sustaining. Further contracts are expected to be awarded to the company based on the success of the Nexillia Metro Eco-Fitting Project.

Needless to say, both Wattstep Inc. and Jay Adhikari have a bright green future ahead of themselves, as visionary entrepreneur Elon Dusk, the owner of Teslar, the biggest Electric Vehicle manufacturer in the whole world, has shown interest in working with Wattstep Inc., and Adhikari.

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Formula 1 in Larxia?


 By: Matthew Cash

New Larxia- As the talks between the Motorsport Associations of Esferos have intensified over the possible inauguration of motor races spread across the year in a season format. There are debates as to what to call this magnificent event, but the name 'Formula 1' has seen the most support yet.

Every participating member association will come together to form an International Association for regulating and laying down the base rules of the event. The Asociación Automovilismo de Larxia (Larxian Motorsport Association) has started preparations to revamp the La Marina circuit before placing an official bid to have the circuit included in this sporting event and be known as the Marina GP.



La Marina Circuit

The planned revamp of the circuit includes bigger pits, a larger beside the Straight between the Starting Line and Turn 1. The 50,000 seater Grand Stand's capacity will be increased to 69,000. Another Grand Stand will be built for the Straight between Turns 7 and 8. The most major revamp that the circuit will see is the relaying of the circuit with involvement from Wattstep Inc. The company will work alongside the AAL in laying their technology beneath the circuit. This will generate a lot of electricity from the races held here and will supply electricity to the event and the surrounding areas. Larxia continues to remain serious in its pledge for a greener and cleaner Esferos, and will do exactly that by making the Marina GP as self-sustainable as possible.

Several high profile people and motor companies are also thought to be interested in submitting an official bid to have a team based in Larxia participating in the races. Major Larxian tire manufacturer Virelli is also preparing a major bid to be named as the official tire of the Formula 1. Further details of the individual bids will be revealed as we move further towards the dates of the bidding.

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The Wait is Almost Over!!


By: Matthijs de Jong

New Larxia- As the almost 2 month long break comes to an end, the Liga de Larxia is all set to start in a few days time, and the supporters are not the only ones happy. The players are also very excited to begin yet another year in a League, which many consider one of the best leagues in the Esferos.

There is a keen sense of intrigue within the supporters as well, after their favourite teams strengthened their squads with new players, some developed in the Youth Systems, and some signed new in the Transfer Window.

Though the closing of the transfer window is a whole month away, the teams have not been shy of being active in the market, with quite a few cash-rich teams picking up highly rated international talents in this windows, while the slightly cash-strapped teams turned to the local talent that they can garner into world class players. Both strategies are great, and its not like the Rich teams don't look within Larxia, but every League needs that little foreign influence that is vital and adds the character to the beautiful game of Football.

There were also many rumours of potential legends leaving their clubs. Yes, I am talking about Leo Messy. The NL Falcons supporters went through a whole roller coaster of emotions in that transfer-saga, with League rivals Nexilia CF also in the fight to secure his signature. Though the NL Falcons supporters must be heaving a sigh of relief as only yesterday Leo Messy extended his contract with NLFC, and agreed to defer his wages to accommodate the club's financial requirements. 

The First match of the Season will see last year's winners New Larxia Falcons go up against Nexilia CF in a bid to win the first trophy of the season, The Larxian Super Cup. A few days after which the Liga de Larxia will kick off in all its might. Hope to see you all in the Stands!!

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Groundbreaking Scientific Achievement in Defense Technology

By:  Alexandria Keyes


New Larxia- In a remarkable feat of scientific prowess, Larxia, known for its unwavering commitment to technological advancement, has marked a historic milestone in defense innovation. The nation celebrated a breakthrough achievement today, unveiling cutting-edge advancements in defense technology designed to propel the Larxian Armed Forces into a new era of strategic superiority.

At a grand ceremony attended by top government officials, military leaders, and distinguished scientists, Larxian monarch, King James Galitia unveiled the latest advancements achieved by the nation's top research and development teams. The breakthrough, named Project Sentinel, represents a fusion of artificial intelligence, cybernetics, and advanced weaponry aimed at bolstering national security and defense capabilities.

The King, in the address to the nation, lauded the collective efforts of the Larxian scientists and engineers. "Today, we mark a momentous leap forward in our commitment to safeguarding our nation. Project Sentinel embodies our dedication to innovation, providing our brave men and women in uniform with state-of-the-art technology to defend our country."

Details of Project Sentinel remain classified, but insider reports suggest it encompasses sophisticated autonomous systems, advanced surveillance capabilities, and next-generation weaponry. These developments are poised to redefine the landscape of modern warfare, enhancing Larxia's defensive capabilities while adhering to ethical and humanitarian principles. Conservatively speaking, such a project could easily range from hundreds of millions to several billion Larxian Dollars, depending on the scope, duration, and complexity of the research and development involved.

However, due to the secretive nature of defense budgets and the classified status of the project, an accurate estimation of the actual cost would require access to confidential government records and detailed breakdowns of expenses, which are not publicly disclosed.

The unveiling of Project Sentinel underscores Larxia's unwavering dedication to scientific progress and its commitment to maintaining a robust defense infrastructure. The nation's investment in research and development, coupled with a highly skilled workforce, has positioned Larxia at the forefront of technological innovation in the defense sector.

International analysts have expressed keen interest in the implications of Larxia's technological strides, acknowledging the potential transformative impact on global defense strategies. The unveiling of Project Sentinel further solidifies Larxia's reputation as a trailblazer in scientific advancement and defense technology.

As the nation celebrates this historic achievement, discussions continue regarding the responsible deployment and ethical considerations associated with such advanced defense systems. Amidst the celebrations, the King emphasized the importance of using technology responsibly and in alignment with international laws and norms.

The unveiling of Project Sentinel marks a defining moment in Larxia's commitment to scientific excellence and reinforces its status as a global leader in innovation. The nation stands poised to harness the transformative power of technology for the betterment of its defense capabilities and the preservation of peace and stability both within its borders and across the international community.


The Ultimate Objective of the Project (expected completion about March 1425), as revealed in the Press Release

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