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The Holy Zoracon

Book of Weaving

Chapter 1

In the beginning, the universe was not in existence. There was only eternal darkness and the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit was new at this time, He did not yet know the full extent of His great power. One day, He decided to put His great power to the test with the creation of the universe. He created a Thread of Space and began to weave the universe into existence, creating the void beyond the skies which we now call space. It is believed that He continues to weave the ever expanding universe to this day. 4 As he wove the universe, He gazed upon His work and said,

"I can do more."

6 He then added embroideries onto what he has woven in the form of glowing pearls of different colors, sizes, and ages across it. These would be known to us as stars. To each star he added smaller beads that would move around their designated pearl, these would be known as planets and with the pearl would be known as solar systems. But he had one special pearl which he had a plan for. 7 The Great Spirit added this special pearl, known to us as the sun, and added beads around it as he had with other solar systems but he had one special bead which He plan to add life to; this planet He named Earth.

8 "This planet," said the Great Spirit, "shall bear my people, while they may not be perfect nor pure of spirit and heart, they shall be my creation and my children whom I shall test throughout their life to test their hearts, minds, and souls to see if they would be fit to join me in the Spirit Realm. But first I must prepare this world to bear life and must test the world with other creations before I put my people upon it."

9 He then put his plan into work and began to change the planet that would be out home for billions of years until the first life could be created. The Great Spirit then created the ocean where these first creatures would reside while He wove the land to prepare it for life. 10 He then added oxygen to the air along with the first plant life to the land to help support the creation of oxygen.

11 "The balance of nature should not be disrupted as without this balance this world will be thrown into chaos and the end times will follow." Said the Great Spirit,

12 Once plant life thrived upon the Earth, the creatures of the sea were willed to evolve by the Great Spirit and after many years the first life came to land and began to eat from the plants on the land. 13 From these creatures, different creatures began to be created to adapt to the conditions of the young Earth. Creatures that could fly were created and creatures of different diets were born. However, the Great Spirit looked upon the world and was not pleased.

14 "This planet is still too harsh for my people live. I must continue to cool the earth and new life must take root." said the Great Spirit. With a wave of His hand a great catastrophic event fell upon those creatures with very few surviving.

15 The Great Spirit then willed the surviving species to evolve into great reptilian and avian creatures which shall be known to us as dinosaurs. These create creatures came in various shapes and sizes, some could fly, some had horns, and some had feathers. 16 These creatures roamed the Earth in three different periods of time but they were on the Earth for millions of years. This time period was named by the Great Spirit to be the Age of Reptiles. 17 As the years went by, the planet changed too as sea levels rose and lowered and the climate changed with the beginning of seasonal change.

18 The Great Spirit looked upon the Earth once more and still shook His head,

"This land is almost perfect, but these creatures would destroy my people with ease. Their bodily functions are also too basic for what I have planned for my people. Also, there is so much empty space that is just covered by sea on this planet, the land must be parted to cover the Earth."

19 The Great Spirit clapped His might hands and the very Earth of the land began to shift and move and slowly the land began to drift apart. However, this would lead to the end of the dinosaurs as all the tectonic changes would lead to climate change as well as volcanoes erupted and tsunamis covered the land due to the changes. But the exact cause of the death of the dinosaurs is only known by me, the Spirit Chosen, and the Great Spirit alone and I was told to never reveal it. But I am allowed to say that the Great Spirit directed a large bead of rock known to us as a meteor and struck the Earth with it to end most life on the Earth.

20 However, from the demise of the dinosaurs would rise the Age of Mammals, where we would soon be made. When the land had stopped shifting as drastically as it did, the continents would be born, while many of you may not live to see the day where the people of Zoran shall meet those of the other continents, let it be known that we are not alone on this planet and that there are other people that live in distant lands. 22 New creatures with fur and that gave live birth were willed to evolve by the Great Spirit and one creature in particular was chosen to become human, that creature is a relative of an chimpanzee. 23 Man was soon created from the monkey and while we were not given the gift of free thought and free will at this point, the Great Spirit was pleased with what he had created.

Chapter 2

1 There was a group of the first humans that the Great Spirit took interest in. This group was a bit more advanced than other groups of humans, this group had begun to use stone tools and began to develop a basic form of language. The Great Spirit took pride in seeing this group progress and granted them the first gift of free will and free thought and guided them towards the sea. 2 The Great Spirit said to them,

"You are my chosen people, I am your creator. While you shall not remember this moment just realize this, but millions of years in the future, in the year 8400 BSM a Chosen Person of your people shall come and reveal my covenant and my teachings to you. But for now, you all shall sail on a ship to the holy land that I have saved for you. This land is called Zoran, and it is there where you shall be fruitful and multiply."

3 It was then that our ancestors were inspired with the first design for a ship and began to get to work. Years passed before they got enough materials to build the first ship to reach the holy land and had grown more advanced and more sentient. 4 The ship was large and a group of 80 people went on the boat and sailed West. When they set sail, the father of the future first Chief of the Platypus clan pointed out a glowing trail in the water and they all heard the voice of the Great Spirit,

"Follow the glowing trail of the ocean if it is the holy land you seek."

5 It took 6 years of sailing to reach what shall be known as Platypus Island. Many people on the boat died of disease but none died of hunger or thirst, for the Great Spirit provided food and fresh water to them each day. 6 Upon arrival on Platypus Island, the Great Spirit spoke to them once more,

"This is Zoran, the holy land I promised you. There are larger islands which you shall inhabit in time. But be warned, there is a beast on this island that will pose a threat to you and your people. But do not be afraid, for a strange creature on this island shall protect you at the time when the beast attacks your settlement and end the creature once and for all."

7 The people listened and immediately began to construct the first settlement. They worked day and night for a whole month, through rain and shine, for their settlement to be complete. 8 When they finally constructed their settlement, they all gathered and sang their praise up to the Great Spirit for granting them the strength to finish their work. 9 In response, He created flowers around them to show that He was pleased. 10 Three days past as they continued to live their lives when the creature that they were warned of arrived. 11 The beast was that of a large jaguar, larger than any jaguar that has ever roamed the face of the earth. Its fur glistened in the sun but its teeth were as sharp as an obsidian prismatic blade. 12 Its hide was stronger than steel and impervious to damage. 13 The Zoranian warriors tried to defeat the beast but fell victim to the beast's mighty fangs and claws. 14 The people trebled as the beast slowly approached them and they cried out to the Great Spirit for the creature that was said to save them.

15 But right as they were about to lose hope, they heard a low and odd growl and they saw a abnormally large Platypus, the size of a hippo, comes out of the river and charges the leopard. 16 The platypus pinned the jaguar to the ground and jabbed its venomous barb into the jaguar before it was knocked off. 17 The jaguar limped as it tried to charge at the platypus, but the venom began to take effect and the beast collapsed and the threat was over. 18 The Zoranian people cheered and went to gather around the platypus which growled at them to tell them to stay back as it crawled back into the river and headed inland into the jungle. 19 The people then thanked the Great Spirit for keeping His promise of protecting them and they declared the platypus the sacred animal of the people of Zoran and named the island after it, Platypus Island. The Great Spirit then said,

20 "As long as you and your posterity have faith in me and continue to stick to your traditional ways and preserve nature the best you can, you shall have my protection, my blessings, gifts, and my eternal mercy, forgiveness, and love. However, should you commit atrocities in my name and forsake your roots along with the nature of the world you shall suffer and be punished in a way where the world shall never hear of the people of Zoran!"

21 The people of Zoran nodded and began to construct the first temple to the Great Spirit in thanks for their salvation. This temple is known today as the Heart of the Spirit and is still the religious seat of Zonethos today.

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Chapter 3


1 While the Great Spirit was pleased with His creation, humanity would sadly not remain pure for long. 2 Fifty years after the defeat of the jaguar, dark spirits revealed to me to be called Urakti decided to get their revenge against the Great Spirit for their banishment from the Spirit Realm billions of years ago. 3 The Urakti known as Ulagohvsgi appeared in the settlement, disguised as a crab and spoke to a man named Atohi and said to him,

4 "Atohi, humanity has been given this world by the Great Spirit. The world is yours to control and to command, why should you have to listen to the Great Spirit if He isn't even here to enforce it. You can do what you want, live how you want, eat what you want."

5 Atohi listened to Ulagohvsgi and believed what he was saying. He knew that this world was his oyster and that he could do as he wished, but there was something inside him warning him that he shouldn't listen to the crab. That voice inside him is in all of us and it is the voice of the Great Spirit within us all, but he did not listen to it. 

6 "You're right, I don't have to listen to the Great Spirit, He hasn't spoken to any of us in fifty years. I am going to claim the river as my own, it's nice land and no one has even claimed any land for themself!" said Atohi.

7 The crab began to rave in triumph and entered back into the sea while Atohi went to the river and began to construct a fence around it. 8 When other Zoranians asked what he was doing, Atohi yelled at them to get off of his property. The people were confused at this concept of property as they believe that the land cannot be owned but that the land owns them. 9 Atohi called them fools and told them to go away. 10 When Atohi finished his fence, he refused to let people have water as he said to have owned the river, causing the people to resort to drinking sea water. 11 People began to die of kidney failure due to the salt water the next few days and a young woman named Woya, who lamented about the suffering of her fellow Zoranians, went into the Heart of the Spirit and cried out to the Great Spirit to help. 12 The Great Spirit, who was resting from the creation of the world, awoke after hearing the sobs of Woya and saw what had been allowed to have transpired and wept in agony as He saw His creations suffer due to the corrupting nature of the Urakti. 13 He then spoke to Woya and said,

"I am sorry my child that I have let you and your people suffer while I rested. My essence is in agony for the suffering your people have been enduring. I shall make things right and exact my wrath upon the one who was responsible for your sorrows. Your tears shall never be forgotten for your tears were the first of all humans, but I am sorry to say that they won't be the last. The corruption of the Urakti has tainted all human spirits and have introduced suffering into the world, but one day you shall all be free from suffering, that is the promise I make to your people."

14 Woya thanked the Great Spirit and returned back to the village. The Great Spirit then manipulated the Earth to build a statue of Woya in the center of the temple where tears constantly flow down the statues face and into a pool around her, which still produces water till this day in the temple. 15 As the Great Spirit had said, he went to avenge His people and lifted Ulagohvsgi out of the sea while he was still in the form of a crab,

15 "Ulagohvsgi, you and your kind have made a final offense towards me by corrupting my people. I hereby declare, with all my divine power, that at the end of days you and your kind shall be destroyed and suffering shall be lifted from all of humanity. 16 But you, Ulagohvsgi, shall remain in this form of a crab and are destined to crawl upon the ocean floor and eat the droppings of all sea creatures for eternity, you shall also lose your ability to speak for the lies you have spewed!"

17 The Great Spirit then launched Ulagohvsgi into the sea, never to be seen or heard from again. 18 He then turned his attention towards the first corrupted human, Atohi, and appeared before him in a blinding light,

19 "Atohi my child, why have you betrayed my kindness? Why did you turn against my command after I have gifted your fathers and forefathers this land? Why did you give into greed, pride, wrath, and envy, the creations of the Urakti. Why have you forced my people to suffer and drink from the sea?" asked the Great Spirit. 20 Atohi was blinded by the light of the Great Spirit and fell to his knees out of fear and guilt and answered,

"I am sorry Great Spirit! The words of the Urakti were so tempting and sounded true that I just wanted to have power and influence! So I claimed the river as mine so I could make some wealth and get some power for myself!"

21 The Great Spirit was enraged by that response and the sky grew dark as night,

"That is no excuse to cause your fellow men and women to suffer! How dare you claim to own something when I gifted the world to all mankind! The land is not owned by anyone as much as I do not own your spirit! To refuse someone a resource they need to survive is cruel and evil, just as evil as the Urakti! Because of your deeds mankind has been tainted with the corruption of the Urakti! Mankind shall suffer until the end of days because of your greed, envy, pride, and anger! 22 You had so much potential that you just rammed into the ground with your transgression and you shall be punished! I cast you into the Underworld, body and soul, where you shall suffer eternal torment along with future humans who lived evil and immoral lives!"

22 The ground opened up beneath Atohi and he fell into the Underworld where the Urakti were sent as punishment for their betrayal and he still suffers for his transgressions.

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Chapter 4

While I have spoken of the Urakti, I have never truly mentioned how they came to be besides the mention of a betrayal. While I can not reveal much to you about how exactly they were transformed I can tell you what I know humanity can comprehend for the Great Spirit has spared me, His Chosen, from the madness that my knowledge and wisdom could cause a normal person. The Urakti began as normal spirits, more specifically they were the Great Spirit's second most favorite creations known as the Voraltar.  The Voraltar were made of pure spirit, much like the Great Spirit and were made pure like we were originally, however; they couldn't interact with the material world like we could. They were intended to be our spiritual protectors and servants towards the Great Spirit who help look over us and the universe. They were granted basic powers over the world and the universe, many of which we cannot comprehend or imagine. But when the Great Spirit guided our ancestors to the land of Zoran, a group of the Voraltar felt we did not deserve this world and that they should be the favorite of the Great Spirit. One in particular whose true name I am forbidden to utter and who we know as the Corrupter, gathered their like minded Voraltar and went to ask for an important task from the Great Spirit, a task which I cannot speak unless you wish for your minds to be warped and broken. When they asked Him for a task, He answered in a way similar to this,

"The task you ask is great indeed, one might say it is ambitious for Voraltars. But I trust you all with this task for I must tend to my people."

9 But the Great Spirit knew of their deception and their intent, but He wished to give them a chance to turn their thoughts away from the betrayal in their minds. 10 The Voraltars that followed the Corrupter did complete the task, but when they did so they filled the result with their jealousy and pride along with other dark powers which I must spare you the details of. 11 Their betrayal hurt the Great Spirit and He was forced to punish them for their betrayal,

"You have hurt me and have put my people at great risk. Your tainted creations will end up harming my people and could cause them to suffer! While one of your many creations were microscopic, some living and some that aren't even considered alive, they shall cause my people to die! For your betrayal you shall be cast out of the Spirit Realm into a plane that I have made specifically for you to suffer! 12 On top of this, no matter what you do and what choices you make, your fate is sealed and shall end up leading to my triumph over you and your corruption!"

13 The Corrupter then spoke,

"While your power may be great, mine is greater! I am willing to give humanity what they truly desire and crave while you do nothing but observe and intervene when they are about to die out too soon! How can you claim to be a merciful being should you allow them to end up causing their own suffering!?"

14 The Great Spirit grew furious and exclaimed,

"Silence! I do so because I love my people, you do not understand my eternal wisdom and knowledge! You never shall and only see the world like they do, through a single pane of glass! I see the universe in ways you never can and I have power you hunger for! You wish to be a god but you do not know what it means to be a god!"

15 What happened next, I cannot say, I was forbidden to by the Great Spirit as it is too much for mortal minds and too...cursed and disturbing for humans. But I can say that this is when the Corrupter and their followers turned, physically and spiritually, into the Urakti. 16 They were then cast into the Underworld and the ritual of the Inferno Gate was given to the Zoranian people so that the people would have a basic way of keeping the Urakti out of the world, but it came at the price of blood. Alas the only thing that can satiate the Urakti is blood and the soul of mortals.  17 The way the soul is transferred and the inner machinations of the ritual still haunt me and my mind, but thankfully the Great Spirit grants me some peace of mind, 18 for without His aid I would be broken and mad for the Urakti are the embodiment of evil and madness and seek to perform things that go against the Great Spirit and the order of the universe. 19 They seek order and control over nature, they do not seek to coexist with it. Nature cannot be controlled, it goes towards entropy naturally and thus we must live beside it. 20 While we may manipulate it to some degree, we must be sure to not completely destroy and pollute it. The Urakti are lessons to us and examples of what we should not do, they live in fear and thrive in it, no man or woman should do the same as them.

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Chapter 5

1 With His people established but corrupted and the Urakti threatening His people, the Great Spirit sees the need to redeem the Zoranian people along with humanity across the world. 2 He then came up with an idea and said,

3 “Let it be known that the material world is just a test for the moral and spiritual character of humanity. While I am the god of the Zoranian people, whom I favor as my chosen people, I shall appear to chosen people across the world. 4 While different religions shall be created and some may fight against each other due to conflicting beliefs, this is to be a lesson to show that there are multiple ways to join me in the Spirit Realm. Let this be known through my Chosen Shaman when He arises, do not hate upon others due to their religious beliefs for even if they do not worship me as Zoranians know me they still worship me in a different form and in a different way. 5 There is no need to convert others into the Zoranian faith for their religious beliefs and practices is just a different way to worship me. However, those who practice the Zoranian faith must follow the laws and teachings I shall share through my Chosen Shaman for that is the path to the Spirit Realm that you have chosen. 6 But be wary of heretics and deceivers, for not all religions shall be created by me. Some shall be created by malicious and deceitful people who seek to worship the Corruptor, these faiths must be avoided at all costs. 7 While the Inferno Gate Ritual is used to keep the Urakti at bay, false faiths who follow false prophets of the Corruptor have rituals or practices that praise and venerate evil spirits and entities.”

8 The Great Spirit then appeared to people in other lands, creating different faiths in different lands. 9 He continues to do it to this day and shall do so for a while as nations rise and fall. 10 Some will have similar beliefs to our own, some shall have different beliefs. Others may be corrupted by mankind’s greed and hunger for power. 11 Some faiths may declare us their enemy, but do not be aggressive or hostile towards them as they are simply misguided. 12 Should other faiths persecute us, do not be afraid to defend yourself but only do so if they actively are trying to persecute or kill you. 13 Always remember that they are followers of the Great Spirit in a different form and are striving to reach the Spirit Realm through a different path than our own.

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Book of the Shaman

Chapter 1

1 Every human that ever existed and that will exist has been thought of and created by the Great Spirit, each with an intended path and task in life that we have the choice in following. 2 I am no exception to this as while I have been chosen by the Great Spirit to be His Divine Shaman, I am still a man like every one of you. 3 But before I was brought into this world and brought together the true teachings of our faith the shamans of Zoran had very different ideas and interpretations of worship. 4 Some believed that the Divine Spirit demanded blood sacrifice, some believed in the concept of reincarnation, and others believe that the chief is the human embodiment of the Great Spirit. 5 The Great Spirit knew that the beliefs of the faith would become divided as our people expanded across the islands of Zoran and he planned to have me unite the faith and to reveal His teachings. 

6 I was thirteen years of age when the Great Spirit appeared to me when I went into the Bro'vah Jungle to get some herbs for my teacher. 7 I was blinded by a bright flash of light and when I could see again, I saw a bear sized glowing white platypus standing in front of me. 8 The Great Spirit spoke to me and told me that He was the Great Spirit of the Universe, the creator of all things and King of the Spirit Realm and that I was to be His champion, His Chosen One. He said to me,

9 “You, my child and champion, are to reveal my Word to the people of Zoran. You shall unite my followers under one unified and codified faith. In order to complete this task, I shall grant you the gift of eternal knowledge, even knowledge of the mysteries of the universe that have not been made known to man yet and things that mankind will not know. 10 However, such knowledge comes at a price my champion, your sanity will be tested and shall teeter between sanity and madness. I shall help you keep your sanity but be aware of the curse that this gift I have given you brings.”

11 I was then filled with knowledge of the universe and of the worlds beyond our own. Knowledge that mankind in my time was not ready for. 12 The madness ensued quickly due to how quickly I received this knowledge but thankfully the Great Spirit soothed my mind so I could stay sane.

13 “My champion, be wise when you share this knowledge with humanity, some things you must not share with them lest you wish to see them descend into madness without the protection I give you. Some of these things they shall discover on their own as time goes on but much of which you know they will never know. This is a lot of responsibility that I have put onto you, so be wise with what you know. Now go and reveal the truth to the people.”

14 This is when my ministry began, while troubled with the burden of being the only person with the knowledge I bear I knew I had to start my mission. 15 I never gathered the herbs for my teacher as I had intended so when I arrived at my teacher’s door they said to me,

16 “Child! Where are the herbs I have asked you for? You children truly are useless when given a task! This is why the older and wiser men rule our society and why they are shamans.”

17 I sighed and shook my head, for with my gift of knowledge came the gift of wisdom as well and I knew that my teacher’s supposed wisdom was simply greed, pride, and vanity.

18 “Lugado, all you have just said stems from the corruption of the Urakti. You claim to know the Spirit and yet you only know the master of greed and pride. Children are not useless, they embody the innocence and purity of man before the corruption of the Urakti. They also bring joy and responsibility to men and women and help them grow as people through the experience of parenthood. 19 Emenv I say to you, the old and the mature should learn from the youth for they have passion and vigor in what they believe and see things in new ways that the old may oppose. Inexperienced they may be but they are full of heart and ideals that can do this world some good. The old simply try to retain what they already know and while some are wise, but like their shortness of sight many can be blind to the needed change that the young can see.”

20 I was so surprised at myself for how smoothly my words flowed from my mouth that I did not realize the look of anger on my teacher’s face.

21 “How dare you claim such things about me and treat me with such disrespect! You know nothing of the teachings of the Great Spirit and know nothing of the Urakti, you are nothing more than a learner, a stupid brat! I devoted years of my life to the Great Spirit and have praised Him for many years, I know the teachings of the Great Spirit like many Shamans my age!”

22 I drew back a bit at my teachers words instinctively, but then I felt a warmth come over me and felt courage within myself.

23 “While we must respect our elders, people of all ages deserve to be treated with respect and honor. Just because of age, power, experience, or wealth should one be treated differently than another. Since you claim to know so much about the Great Spirit and claim to be a devoted follower I ask you this, when was the last time you prayed by yourself and thanked the Great Spirit for all you have experienced in life and for the world we live in?”

24 My teacher went to answer but paused and furrowed his brow in thought. His eyes then widened in realization and tears began to roll down his face,

25 “I have not done any of those things in thirty years,” he fell to his hands and knees, “where did I go wrong?! What have I become?! The Great Spirit will never forgive me for my neglect and lack of faith!”

26 I the walked closer to Lugado, crouched down in front of him, and put a hand on his balding head,

27 “Lugado, you have also forgotten the Great Spirit’s love for all things. Your fear is understandable after being enthralled in the corruption of man for so many years. The Great Spirit shall forgive any who ask for His forgiveness when they are truly sorry for what they have done. The Great Spirit is not vengeful, He is a being of mercy and forgiveness. You ask how I know these things and the answer is because I met the Great Spirit in the jungle when I was out getting the herbs you asked me for and He declared that I was to be His Champion and unite the faith by making his teachings known. So I invite you, Lugado to become the apprentice once more and to follow me.”

28 He looked up at me with his swollen red eyes and said,

“You speak with truth and with kindness as well as with wisdom and understanding, I accept your invitation oh teacher, for you truly are what you say you are.”

29 And thus my ministry began here and I received my first follower and I began my task of uniting the faith.

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