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Please don’t remove my citizenship I’ll be sad

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Once upon a time in NationStates, failure to clear the citizenship rolls of inactive members became a problem.

Entropy of Activity in NationStates is a problem that arises over and over again.  No matter how dynamic and active a region's community may be, activity eventually wanes, folks are distracted by RL, and Regional Officials get burn-out. Citizen/Players fade away.

Then newer players with their own ideas of activity come along. They find the inactivity of the existing citizenry boring.  So they write and present new Legislation to be voted upon, to shape the region with new activity that interests them.

The ideas come up for a vote, and those old inactive citizens that haven't posted in months come out of the woodwork to vote, and they vote against the new player's legislation. The idea dies.

Inactivity is thus perpetuated, and the frustrated new players go elsewhere.

To combat this phenomena of the 'Old Guard' coming out to vote when they are  otherwise inactive, Regions began to establish Activity Requirements to ensure that voting citizens are actively engaged in the regional community.

Posting requirements can be more important for Regional Officials as well. Once upon a time, there were requirements for Ministers and Deputies to post no less than every other day, and requirements to post a notice and assign a deputy if a Minister will be absent for longer than a couple days.

Activity begets Activity in NS, while the Entropy of Activity is the corrosive rust that destroys regions and communities.

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