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The Nation of Jyzeria

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Hello there!

Well, this is the nation of Jyzeria!

This is actually a late introduction, as I've been playing NationStates since July 2014. Jyzeria was founded, of course, in The Best Pacific. During those early days, I was thinking of moving to another region, but I didn't know where. I decided to stay in TWP for a while until Jyzeria ceased to exist.

When I restored Jyzeria in 2015, I moved to a smaller region which suits the state of my nation at that point in time (mostly authoritarian dictatorship), only to find out that it was a raider region, and they didn't even care about the newcomers in their region. So I moved again to a much smaller, peaceful region. But the region was so quiet that I got bored of playing NS and Jyzeria ceased to exist, again.

Then of course, after restoring Jyzeria again, I moved to TWP. Because I like it there. And the fact that TWP researches cure during Z-Day is a plus for me, as I want my nation to have 100% survival rate every Z-Day, if possible. And I think it is possible because I've already had 100% survival rate five years in a row, though Jyzeria was in that raider region on Z-Day 5 (click here to read my Z-Day factbook).

Anyway, I think that's a bit long for an introduction. My nation ceased to exist many times already, but every time I restore it, I keep coming back to TWP. Maybe because I'm just lazy to move to another region and be familiar with everyone and everything, or maybe I just really like it in TWP. Probably the latter.

I don't know how many times Jyzeria will cease to exist again in the future. But what I'm sure of is that I will keep coming back to TWP. I actually want to join TWPAF, because I want to experience R/D. I just need to know when I am available and then I will submit my application. I'm also thinking about joining something that involves writing, because as you can see, I love to write. But maybe not now because I don't want to commit to something which I might not be able to do. We'll see.

So I guess that's it. That's my late but long introduction.


Some Trivia

  • I currently have 15 puppets.
  • The "Two Nations Above You - Which One Has The Better Flag?" in Forum 7 was my idea. I started it.



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