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Does anyone else think that General could do to be split up into General/US and General/Rest of the World? Because I have been going in there on and off, and there is one thread for the whole of UK politics, and the one or two times I have tried to start another thread, it either gets merged into the UK politics one or just ignored (maybe because no one cares which is fair enough) or because it gets swamped by all the American stuff. 

Meanwhile American politics covers 20, 30 threads with several topics getting two or three threads least. And when I try to contribute then most of them time I am either told that I don't understand (because I am not American), that the UK doesn't understand (because it isn't free, isn't democratic or just has too much tea) or just ignored (for both of the previous two reasons or another equally facile one). And I know it sounds like I am whining because I am not getting to play with the other kids, and that is not my point I swear - it's just that in the end I am going to stop going to the general forum because - quite honestly - there is very little in there to interest me. 

So - to get back to my first paragraph - I take it there is little or no chance of the Admins considering something like that? To move all the specifically American political topics into a sub-forum and the other political topics into a different sub-forum and then put all the other stuff (squirrels vs llamas for example) into an actual general forum? Because that might be fun and would at least make it more readable and might provoke more discussion about subjects other than Trump, Clinton and other such Americana.

(No offence intended to any Americans here - I am just commenting!)


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