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Peaceful Utopia of Unradik Slar

Peaceful Greetings to All TWP Member Nations

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So I just found out we have a forum, hello everyone


My nation offers a peaceful getaway from your hectic day to day pizza delivery/cheese exporting industry lifestyle. Our national animal is the Sabel, which is akin to the western "savannah cat" with absolutely no hostility detectable. You are welcome to take one home with you when you leave.


Our tourism industry welcomes one and all. We also have a collection of book volumes available detailing everything there is to know about our nation, available for anyone interested.


I hope you can visit one day and enjoy the scenery,



Not-really-a-leader-because-we-don't-have-one of Unradik Slar

Ambassador of Goodwill of Unradik Slar

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