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Statement on Ejection of Pestarzt

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4 JANUARY 2015




STATEMENT ON the Ejection of Pestarzt the Traveller

An Apology, A Clarification of Cause, A Defense of the Party's Integrity, and an Action Plan for Endorsement Cap Compliance

Good day,
Tonight, the Hippocratic Oafs of Pestrarzt the Traveller was ejected from The West Pacific for violating the endorsement cap. A ban was not imposed and Pestarzt was able to return before losing his endorsements and updating. During these events, concerns of distrust for Pestarzt's intentions and respect for regional law were raised. Fortunately, Pestarzt and Delegate Darkesia found a way to avoid having to have his endorsements wiped. The agreed-upon conditions called for Pestarzt to send out telegrams requesting nations to unendorse him and to demonstrate unquestionable committment to compliance with regional law.


Following through on his promise, Pestarzt unendorsed over 200 nations within the hour between the conversation and Sunday morning's update, and began distributing telegrams requesting nations to unendorse his nation. The Revolutionary Party reaffirms its steadfast committment towards pursuing significant cultural upheavel within the boundaries provided by both the game and the law of The West Pacific. The Party regrets that doubt or distrust may have been sowed by what was simply an accident; in a previous life, Pestarzt lived in a sinker region, and was accustomed to a drastically lower response rate for endorsement-swapping. Pestarzt miscalculated that he would plateau at 70 endorsements if he endorsed the number of nations he did. With this said, one nation also raised the incorrect assertion that Pestarzt assumed that he deserved exception from the regional law. The General-Secretary personally does not believe in exceptionalism nor leniency in regards to regional security protocols. Ejecting Pestarzt was both justified and right.


The Party apologies for this incident and provides its greatest assurances that it stands by its original mission statement and plan. Pestarzt will pursue the most influence possibly within the boundaries of the law. The Revolution will not give an inch when it comes to its policy, but neither will it steal an inch it hasn't been allowed by the Delegate. We hope that it is clear that Pestarzt's intentions are not to be doubted and that he respects the law of the West Pacific. The following action plan regarding Pestarzt's endorsement count is self-imposed as of this announcement:

  1. Come next update, Pestarzt will telegram more nations if he has yet to comply with the endorsement cap. If more nations have endorsed Pestarzt, and he has reached 75 endorsements, he will immediately send a mass telegram to 40% of his endorsers requesting that they withdraw their endorsements. If he has exceeded 75 endorsements, he will leave the region for update.
  2. If Pestarzt is still not able to reach 70 endorsements by next major update, he will clear his endorsements.

We hope that this is acceptable to the Delegate. Pestarzt currently possesses 72 endorsements. The Revolutionary Party understands that this is still a violation of the endorsement cap, and will not protest if it Pestarzt is ejected for a second time, without an opportunity to pursue the above described action plan. We would appreciate the privilege - not the right - of not having to re-tart, of course.


Thank you.



Secretary of the General-Secretary

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Just saying, it's probably a better idea to have someone else write this statement so you don't have to write about yourself in third person :P


What are you talking about? My secretrary wrote this for me, and just doesn't have a forum account. Didn't you see the signature?


I don't speak in the third person. :ph34r:

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