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Found 7 results

  1. Hey there folks. I've put together some ideas for unified regional branding here, as I think we could use a shake up in our look. There've been attempts before at making a theme for official dispatches, but none have ever stuck past a delegate change. For the time being, I have an emblem, wordmark, dispatch theme, WFE, and a potential new flag. Why have consistent regional branding, you ask? A cohesive look not only makes the region easier to navigate, but it asserts and enhances regional identity. As far as I know, only TWP and Lazarus have no dispatch theme (although they do have some pretty jazzin' graphics kicking around). Without it, we have a harder time displaying who we are both to ourselves and to the rest of the NSverse. My goal for the redesign was to keep everything in line with TWP's identity. Central to that is a sense of playfulness and not taking ourselves too seriously, which is why I tried to went for simplicity, recognizably, and vibrancy. As Dark once said, I believe, TWP runs a tight ship, but we do it wearing a tutu and a propeller hat. The colors I'm using I have [tentatively] titled The West Pacific Scarlet (#CC0000) and The West Pacific Violet (#481C5E), with white as a third color, when needed. For the emblem, I wanted to do something that was simple and round, so It could be used in a wide variety of places. Another thought I had was taking the favicon (the blue one here) and using that for the emblem after swapping the colors. The main reason I didn't go with that is because it didn't incorporate the flag and would've been less recognizable, but the option is still there. For the wordmark, I really wanted to keep it simple so that it could be typed out and still have the same look. To that effect I used Verdana for the font, because it's widely available both on and off line, with just a simple bold, italic, and color. Next are a couple options for a dispatch theme. I took my last attempt and incorporated some of the feedback from Dark's idea thread. The three versions each have a different header. The first is has only the words "The West Pacific", the second has the wordmark, and the third has only the words, with the symbol floated to either side. Edit: I added an example for an FA exclusive template, as an example of something that could be tailored to our ministries. Dispatch just words Dispatch wordmark Dispatch floated symbol FA Update example Should we decide to use these, I think the opportunity should be taken to migrate our official dispatches onto a regional nation. They're very scattered and in some cases duplicated right now. I'm willing to do the legwork for the migration once finals are over in a week and a half (I'll also finish the rest of my backlog then). After that, I can keep it updated when updates and new dispatches are needed. It should be noted that this would apply only to official dispatches, such as the RMB rules, code of conduct, ministry posts, etc, but not to personal projects like Yy's Survival Guide. For the WFE, I kept 90% of what it has now, changed a couple things around, and swapped colors. I didn't link Halo or the Guardians because I didn't want to bother them with a useless ping. I did test it to make sure that it fits inside the length limit, so there's no concern there. The only thing I really took out was the "No RMB recruiting" section, because no region really allows it anyway, so there's not much use in keeping it around. TWP WFE sample Lastly, and probably most contentiously, is the flag. I am in no way opposed to just keeping our original flag (this being the oldest version I know of), although the current version isn't vertically symmetrical (although the old version is technically a bit off as well, I found). Overall, I'm not ecstatic about the flag I did with the new colors, something about it, perhaps the colors themselves, just looks off to me; I'd like to see what you folks think about it. I have a bunch of other redesigns sitting around here if those look better to anyone. Edit: I added a second flag that I'm happier with. It captures more of the depth on our current flag while keeping the new color scheme intact. Note: I posted smaller versions of everything so it wouldn't be overwhelming and take three years to load. Later I can post the full size ones and put the svgs up on google drive or something so they're publicly available.
  2. It is my honor and pleasure to announce and ratify this treaty between The West Pacific and our friends in The New Inquisition. I look forward to a relationship that will benefit both our regions long into the future. Signed, 31st Day of May, 2014 All Good People, Delegate of The West Pacific
  3. Here is the spot to subscribe to Dass Nachrichten, TWP's official newspaper! Here is a current list of subscribers: A fish in the sea Hariko Nox Recuecn United RussoAsia Xecriussau Elegarth Westwind Big Bad Badger Mediobogdum Kraeshia Naisaar Kolmias Drachmaland Does that look like a lot? Well, there's a good reason! This paper is simply the ONLY place to get groundbreakingly new, entertaining, and invaluable news on the Multiverse's most dynamic feeder! So what in the name of Max are you waiting for? Get your cursor down there and give that reply to topic button a big 'ol whack and state your nations that you want subscribed!
  4. Alright. Posting of the articles and BBcode under different topics would be great, tag them with the tags of this topic as well as the tag "Article" and the tag "Raw" if unedited, "Processed" if edited and BBcoded, and "Published" if published. Articles may now be submitted here as well.
  5. Willkommen to Dass Nachrichten, TWP's only active Official newspaper! Here is where I'm going to be putting all TWP regional news from Dass Nachrichten. TG me in-game for details and positions or to submit an article! Das Roster: United RussoAsia- Editor-in-Chief Hariko- Editor Recuecn- Correspondent Nox- Satirist above all others Naisaar- Advertisement Man
  6. Hello all, There's something that I was looking for on the few days I've been around, something that used to be of some importance back when the WA was the UN. That's the discussion related to the issues posted by the WA that every WA Member and WA Region should vote. I was wondering if its the interest of the Delegate and the members of the Region if we should renew this type of discussion here. Thanks for your attention.
  7. Halmont

    Hi all

    Just wanted to say hi, and to announce a partial comeback to the game.
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