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First Congress of the WAU and Presidential Elections (OOC, Map only)

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First Congress of the WAU (OOC thread)

Welcome to the OOC thread for the first Congress of the Western Astronomical Union! This thread is for out of character (OOC) discussion about the event, including any questions you may have.

This first Congress's highlight will be the presidential election, though other subjects may +be broached at the will of the attendees. These elections will be held over the week in this format:

  • Nominations and debate will open at midnight EDT on Monday the 7th and will close midnight EDT on Thursday the 17th (4 am UTC both days).

  • Voting will commence immediately after debate closes and will continue until midnight EDT on Friday the 18th (4 am UTC).

Each nation that is a) on the TWP RP map and b) has submitted a national space program (can be as little as a name), is eligible to present one nominee for president in the IC thread. This information should be provided entirely in the first person by the nominee themself in their opening campaign speech. We encourage you to first make posts introducing them and other members of your delegation in character. Meeting other nations' delegations provides a great opportunity for this.

In order to be considered, your nominee must provide, at the very least:

  • Their qualifications

  • A short bio

  • A campaign speech delivered by them to tell the gathered astronomers why they should be the first president

During the nominations and debate period, you may make additional first-person RP posts in the IC thread related to the first Congress of the WAU. This is a conference with people from around The West Pacific, so get talking! Ideas for potential posts can include but are not limited to:

  • Questions to nominees from other nominees, attendees, and reporters

  • Information about your national space program

  • Other goings-on at the Congress.

At the end of the nominations and debate period, voting will commence and will be open to any nation  on the map who submitted a nominee space agency. People will probably be more likely to vote for someone who creates multiple high-quality RP posts. You may not vote for your own nominee.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Edited by Fujai
Moved voting period from Saturday the 12th to Friday the 18th

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Would it be possible to open voting as well to nations who haven't submitted nominees? Or is the idea to encourage submissions?

(Edit to clarify: I still mean only nations that have listed a space agency and are therefore WAU members.)

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The idea was indeed to encourage submissions, but I'm not sure how much defect that will have, so I don't think it would hurt to change it.

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Because of the numerous things going on in the region right now, we've decided to push back voting for the WAU Presidential Elections until Friday, October 18th, from midnight Thursday to midnight Friday EDT, to relieve some pressure on people. Acceptance speeches will take place the next day, Saturday the 19th. Everything else will stay exactly the same, there is simply one more week to RP before the elections.

I would also like to point out that the election and the end of the First Congress will by no means be the end of the WAU. It is and will be a part of TWP RP canon, and will continue to be a framework you can use for your own space agency and to foster the development of cooperative relationships between RPers.

Edited by Fujai
Fixed voting time typo

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