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Saint Mark

Regarding TWP and the NPO

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This was posted in our RMB and in NSGP.

The West Pacific wishes to announce the end of its treaty with The Pacific.

This is our oldest active treaty and the decision was not made lightly. We continue to have a fondness for some of its citizens and a respect for its long history.

However, the information that has recently come to light demonstrates that the NPO, at least as it is currently governed, does not respect the sovereignty of its allies nor the safety of the people of NationStates.

At the very least it fosters an environment where its high government officials feel free to act against other regions and to associate with, and even protect, players who seek to do others harm. At most, The NPO has engaged in espionage against its allies, including The West Pacific, and used a dangerous player as a tool to promote their own interests.

When I took office, I stated that two of my important goals were to promote safety and to ease the toxic exchanges that we see so often. It is clear that The NPO diminishes security and promotes toxicity.

This type of behavior must be rejected by GCRs and UCRs alike. The West Pacific will always expose and eliminate any harmful players like Block and we call upon all of the regions of NS to pledge to do the same.

The West Pacific stands in solidarity with Osiris. Our treaty with The Pacific is withdrawn and their embassy will be closed. We remain, as always, prepared to defend ourselves and our allies from all threats.

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Beyond disappointing to see The Pacific has continued to work with a criminal player such as Block. It's not the first time they've worked with him nefariously, and it's not the first time we've had to call them out about the association.

Obviously they didn't learn and don't care.

The Pacific needs to return to sound leadership, and governance based on respect, trust, and merited responsibility. The current leadership needs to step down having stained the proud history of the region once again. 

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