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  1. It might have to do with how we hate on all of his articles. I welcome them, for what it's worth. No news is without bias. TRT provides another lens through which to see GP events.
  2. Nope - we're very welcoming here! As long as you have a nation here already you have every opportunity available to you that other members of the region do. Make yourself at home.
  3. That was a nice read. Genius title, by the by.
  4. Jesus. I'd heard about the American being detained on the BBC yesterday. The title of this thread seriously freaked me out.
  5. Of course this is an April Fools joke - I'm the true successor to West. Obviously.
  6. Due to it getting votes and stuff, can the admin team pretty please change the name of the sub-forum from Concillium to The Holy Grand Assembly of the West? Thank you! In addition, is there at all the possibility of making the forum layout look more... spiritual? A change of theme, maybe? Perhaps change the name of the sub-forums? Just throwing out ideas
  7. Woah... it feels like I'm actually doing stuff around here...

    1. Westwind


      *smiles* Accomplishment is a wonderful feeling

    2. Consular



      It happens.

  8. You'd have thought putting democratic in inverted commas was sufficient...
  9. First of all, Secondly, how exactly will just an adoption of a theme change the status quo? The regions you cited, alongside their themes, have their respective unique regional hierarchies and 'democratic' systems to accompany their theme. Will our own system more reflect our theme? Obviously not go for the full on theocracy, but, for instance, have all official dispatches/updates have a slant on them, or parody a spiritual slant?
  10. I bet he remembers you as fondly as you remember him.
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