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  1. Eluvatar

    [FAILED] Condemn Wallenburg

    My thoughts exactly v_v
  2. Eluvatar


    Well, there is joining the Voice. One could also get started in foreign affairs or TWPAF (the military). Whatever you do, welcome
  3. Could the subtitle of The Judiciary of The West Pacific please be changed from "The Court of The Imperium" to, say, "Arbiter Hearings here"? Could the subtitle of Application Center under The West Pacific Union Intelligence Division be changed from "ISS Application Center" to, say, "Intelligence Division Application Center"?
  4. Eluvatar

    A public apology

    Security council 2.0 (as you say) was created after the previous Security Council had been abolished for several months. The group of people that drafted the initial proposal definitely had TWP on their minds. I should know, I was one of them. Credit should be given of course to The Minister for drafting the revised proposal which was finally palatable to a sufficient consensus in TNP, which was as a result ultimately better, I think, than the original proposal. I'd had similar ideas myself, prior to TAO's introduction of the Guardians in TWP, but my thoughts were influenced in their further development by that approach, and the notion of instituting "Guardians" specifically, with the comparison drawn to TWP, was a subject of discussion during the war with the Crimson Order. (back to the subject of trust) There are of course two different levels of trust to measure: how much guardians trust one another, and how much the regional public does.
  5. Eluvatar

    A public apology

    I would agree that TNP drew inspiration from the Guardians when it introduced its Security Council. It never had them be appointees of the Delegate, however. Punkdaddy is right that it's a bit more fluid. In fact, Flemingovia isn't TNPSC, even, and never has been. Current membership: # Nation Endorsements Offsite Forum Member since 1 Novare Res 511 2004 2 McMasterdonia 0 2012 3 Democatic Donkeys 488 2004 4 Grosseschnauzer 506 2004 5 God n Country n Byron 375 2012* 6 Former English Colony 449 2004 7 Great Bights Mum 359 2003 8 General COE 366 2012 9 Malvad 347 2012 10 SillyString 609 2013** 11 Territorio di Nessuno 424 2014 12 Plembobria 439 2014 *Lord Byron joined the forum in 2012, God N Country N Byron joined the region in 2011. **SillyString was registered in 2013, but Astarial had been a part of the IRC community for some time before this Edit: WTF in my input box that was a pretty table
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    I see. What about: 1 minute ago: Wickedly evil people banned The Chocolate Republic of Cluntobone from The West Pacific. 2 minutes ago: Wickedly evil people ejected and banned The Commonwealth of Benjamin Mark from The West Pacific. 17 minutes ago: Wickedly evil people ejected and banned The Commonwealth of States of Glory from The West Pacific. 19 minutes ago: Wickedly evil people ejected and banned The Most Serene Republic of A fish in the sea from The West Pacific. 21 minutes ago: Wickedly evil people ejected and banned The Borderlands of Goblin City from The West Pacific. I'm particularly puzzled by the banning of Benjamin Mark, who is listed as a nation to endorse on the World Factbook Entry as a nation to endorse up to 120...
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    Why are these nations being ejected? What's the purpose?
  8. Eluvatar


    Being somewhat new to The West Pacific, I'm a little lost. Why: Seconds ago: Wickedly evil people ejected The Republic of Dominic republic of arms from The West Pacific. Seconds ago: Wickedly evil people ejected The Republic of Sexybeastila from The West Pacific. 6 minutes ago: Wickedly evil people ejected The Republic of BLACKP3OPL3 from The West Pacific. 6 minutes ago: Wickedly evil people ejected The Empire of Mechomia from The West Pacific. 7 minutes ago: Wickedly evil people ejected The Dictatorship of Mark Estates from The West Pacific. I'm just not understanding it.
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    A monk asked Ummon: "What is the Master?" Ummon answered him: "Dried dung."
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    Zhao Huo Dao
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    *looks up from his roasted salmon, smiles*
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    I think I may be in for some of that culture shock you experienced over Northward. (But differently). Should be interesting
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    *grabs the salmon.* Thank you, I'll be taking that now.
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    I'm baaaaack!

    This is the wrong place to say hi to me!! This is the place to say hi to Harmoneia! Bad Llamas no sugar!
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    I don't know about exotic but it's certainly shiny. If your discussions fed into the Neutral Territory conference, then probably. I interacted with "Lake Liberty" (Freedom and Pride) very, very little, so I have no strong feelings one way or the other. I swear, when I started writing my hello post, it was just DYP here. Who are you and why are you so familiar with me? Thank you Mr Elegarth. I just hope people don't confuse you and I too much.