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  1. Oh Hai there Peter! So nice to see you here! I swear I know you from somewhere! OH! Thats right XDD I'm glad you've decided to join us in TWP!
  2. I'm not a big DC fan. But Wonder Woman is a wonderful Comic series. I'm much more a Marvel Fangirl. I love Captain America and The Winter Soldier. They've always been my favorite duo, ever since I was a child and my dad brought home my first Cap comic XD I'm glad to be here, And I most certainly will, Badger XD
  3. Hi guys! I'm Rigel, and a few of you probably know me as either that or Victoria. I'm most commonly known from KGB and Exodus. And I've been playing NationStates since July of 2016 And have never been in a GCR before. But theres a first time for everything, yeah? So... A bit about me. I enjoy RP, and I like the culture aspect of the game. I've been involved in quite a few of the festivals that KGB has put on and I love doing it. RL me is a huge nerd, I love music and video games, Comic books and Superhero Movies are my go to. And I love making friends and I promise I'm a pretty decent person. I also really enjoy making and designing flags for my friends. If you'd like to see some of my work, just hit me up! My inbox is always open! I can't wait to make a home here in TWP!! ~Rigel
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