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  1. [PASSED] Repeal: "Promoting Sustainable Timber"

    The repeal target was straddling the border of international importance to begin with. Given that many nations feel it overshot its target by enforing too strict regulations, a repeal seems to be inevitable, with half a dozen repeals being in various stages of drafting and this one ultimately now at vote. So this might be one of those cases where the direct repeal arguments don't have to present a foolproof case as long as a reasonable minimum of coherence and competence is displayed in the proposal. Personally I am rather apathetic towards this topic but I will probably vote for.
  2. OK, some quick remarks from me. If necessary I might go into more details later. First of all: I am pretty impressed by this. This is way above what many new nations like to directly submit to the WA. You seem to have done your research regarding format and general style. It is absoluteley a good thing that you turned to the RMB first and then followed the directions here. The WA and the official forum can be a rough environment and a bit discouraging at first. Please keep in mind that everything in the WA takes time and patience. Lots of it. It is not easy to successfully get a resolution passed. Many proposals fail to make it, however well-written they are. Now for my blunt opinion: I am not sure if this will be met with much approval. You encountered one direction of disapproval on the RMB. Nations that insist on their citizens directly paying for universities will just raise tuition fees and be done with it. On the other hand I'd question if this is an internationally relevant problem that can be addressed best with this proposal. The problem only applies to certain specific types of universities. Why should every student have to own a copy of every book even though they won't need it anymore after a semester? University libraries exist (and completely cover the database aspect), as do second hand books. The predatory practice of some professors, to mandate the use of their book and make miniscule, yearly changes to it in order to force students to always buy the newest edition and make the old ones worthless, should not be supported. This proposal would actually subsidize this practice. On this basis I would oppose this proposal. I hope this was not too discouraging. This is just a single opinion. However this draft proceeds, this is a promising start for you.
  3. [DEFEATED] The Cloning Conventions

    Yes, the blue part is mostly incomprehensible. I was trying to make at least some sense of it. But the way the voting is going we thankfully won't have to play augurs in search for meaning any longer.
  4. [DEFEATED] The Cloning Conventions

    I think this is meant as an enumeration. An 'as well as' between the red and blue part could have made that much clearer. The red clauses seems to be aimed at bacteria etc. The blue part still is a bit unclear on its own. I think it might have stuff like cultivated bananas in mind that normally reproduce sexually in their wild form but lost their seeds during cultivation and therefore are reproduced via cloning nowadays. But one shouldn't need critical text analysis to decipher what a resolution intends to say. Overall this proposal is in dire need of some structure. While I find the general content more or less agreeable, it being obfuscated by bad presentation is a strong strike against. Coupled with who the author is, I am in sum against.
  5. [PASSED] Ozone Layer Protection

    Damages to the Ozone layer also are not confined to the space above the countries that emit Ozone-depleting substances. So this is absolutely a case for international legislation. Besides this I have nothing to add to your evaluation. Thumbs up for this resolution.
  6. [PASSED] Protection of Biomedical Research

    Weird proposal. Does relatively little, but what it does, it does in very broad strokes. Hardly does what it says on the tin. Overall it feels like some fuzzy shell regulation to me. Also the more I read the corresponding discussion thread, the less I like this proposal. While I sympathize with the general sentiment of it, this draft really could have used a few more revisions. Voted against.
  7. [DRAFT] Condemn Queen Yuno

    Without a doubt the most abhorrent and condemn-worthy behavior displayed by this personified public menace! As far as I understand it (from my admittedly very limited point of view), Yuno is taking a pause from raiding at the moment. Do you want to submit this if/when Yuno continues raiding actively? Or could this be redrafted a bit along the lines of 'Yuno may look like taking a pause, but surely they are carrying out nefarious plans in the background and will emerge an even greater raider and threat to the security of us all! Be warned, it's a trap!!' Overall very nicely written. I like the lighthearted tone.
  8. [PASSED] Repeal: "Liberate Dank Memes"

    Especially under the light that La Navasse currently tries to draft a repeal of his own, this version by Tim-Opolis deserves full support.
  9. [DEFEATED] Commend Northern Redlands

    These paragraphs are also extremely weird. Is it the WA or the Northern Redlands that is believing, encouraging and promoting? Why does something like this reach quorum? Well, Yuno et al. gave it a well-deserved early stomping. 162 FOR vs. 1886 AGAINST is a good start not even 3 hours in.
  10. [PASSED] Repeal: "Freedom to Seek Medical Care"

    Well, that went up quickly and is experiencing quite widespread approval. Shows again how much sincere conviction informs each individual vote in the WA.
  11. [PASSED] Enabling the Disabled in Academia

    So would boys going through voice change which limits their singing activities (weird wording of the proposal) count as (at least temporarily) disabled? Also seemingly this covers any and all activities? Creative nitpickers could have a field day with this one. On the other hand the intended measures seem to be a combination of too focused and too unspecific. It specifically mandates measures for the walking impaired but leaves all the rest (blind, deaf,....) to some unspecific ~'yeah, just enforce some anti-discrimination measures and train your teachers'. Voted against.
  12. [DEFEATED] Repeal: “Reproductive Freedoms”

    Also that part: reads to me as: Just lovely. One point I read slightly different than you Drach: I think that that line refers to the title of this repeal. Intended to be read along the lines: Of course the author does not want to replace the target resoution with a (in his eyes) better worded resolution along similar lines but rather would like to repeal the other resolutions regarding this topic too. Will vote against asap.
  13. And they are adding a TG campaign aimed at all WA members to their list of misdeeds: This elaborate, well-reasoned essay immediately convinced me ..... to vote against this resolution. This is starting to feel like the SC proposal spam wave La Navasse was conducting a while ago.
  14. [DEFEATED] Repeal "Liberate Dank Memes"

    TNP's delegate vote first confused me a bit but the SC helped framing this resolution. I agree, La Navasse totally deserves a repeal worded like this for his behaviour in gerneral. I also voted "For".
  15. Thanks for peeling the flaws out of that wall of text, Drach! As always, your excellent work is much appreciated and really helps forming an opinion.