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  1. Greetings from beyond

    Perhaps you can help us with the annual Zombie infection NS suffers.
  2. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    After mis-thinking this and trying some things, unless someone has another idea that fits the forum mechanics, your options are: 1. The voting forum must have all access removed from non-citizens (completely hidden to all but citizens) to prevent them from being able to vote in polls in that particular forum. (for any forum in which you want to restrict poll access) 2. Remove permission from non-citizens for poll voting. This will effect non-citizens globally, prohibiting voting everywhere on the forum. (This permission is by usergroup, not by forum, so it's a forum-wide permission) 3. Scrap poll voting for 'voice voting'. This is always the most secure voting method on any forum. I'd avoid option 2. This is why we 'voice vote' in Equilism (same forum software).
  3. Goodbye, NS (hopefully temporary)

    Be careful out there, RL can be a scary place. See ya when you can!
  4. Phan Da Man reporting in!

    *chuckles* We each live in the world that we made for ourselves. (except when others impose their world on us) Welcome to TWP, make yourself at home
  5. Hello from Moorishland

    I suppose I should also mention that you'll find more folks around to chat with on our Discord server. You can find the link under the 'TWP Chat Services' menu at the top of the forum. (although, I'm almost never there myself, I'm more of a forum rat )
  6. Hello from Moorishland

    The game is having some issues, and ADMIN is working to fix it. We're all suffering NS withdrawl symptoms at the moment NS Server Downtime thread: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=428042&start=50 BTW, Welcome!
  7. Leaving Nationstates

    *sniffs....sniffs again....breaks out sobbing* But, but.....we'll miss you! Fair travels to you, may the winds of fate blow in your favor.
  8. [DEFEATED] Convention on Domestic Partnerships

    I have recieved tg's trying to convince me to change my vote. Their bottom line is "it doesn't force nations to use the word 'marriage'!" This is a childish argument. Not every WA member may have 'marriage' at all. So you're going to force every nation into 'marriage' even if it's against their culture and law? No, that tramples individual rights of belief as well as national sovereignty. Simply recognize the right of free association through domestic partnerships, regardless of what they may be called, (as this proposal does) and you have secured and upheld that right. I'm sorry, but people are really stupid these days.
  9. Here's A Challenge!

    Will there be a prize for the nation that makes the first post on the 8,000th page?
  10. [DEFEATED] Convention on Domestic Partnerships

    The WA get's stuck on these hot-button issues now and then. It seems to me that the only way to resolve it, has been to pass something that will address the issue without imposing upon other positions, and I think this is the only proposal that will do that. Thus I voted in favor, to put the issue to rest. Yes, it does have flaws and loopholes. But I feel it's flaws are overshadowed by the threading of the needle it does to uphold individual rights while not imposing on national sovereignty, or other individual rights.
  11. Punk Daddy's daddy

    *hugs* I am so sorry for your loss and troubles PD. I truly am. Thank you for sharing. Apparently August was a bad month for us. I lost my father on August 14th. Long suffering from Heart Failure and Kidney Failure, it's good the suffering is over, it was an ugly death, they said it's worse suffering than cancer. I'd been taking care of him since May, once he could no longer walk or stand. His final decline began last November. He was the only person that I talked to on the phone, we were our last family connection. Everyone else was gone. He was the last of his generation. Now, my daughter and I are the last of my immediate family, the end of my surname. My world is much emptier now. It's strange that the phone no longer rings from his calling, and he's no longer there to share things we would. I've lost 17 friends and family members in two years. Oldest was 82, youngest was 28. Several in my age range among those gone. Parents, half-brother, cousins, high school friends, college friends, gone. I can count the few distant family members on one hand, most I haven't seen in 30 or 40 years. I always knew I'd have to watch everyone else die, but never expected it to happen so soon or so fast. I don't think of myself as old, though my daughter keeps telling me I am. There's not much left of my interpersonal world. And now I'm picking up the peices of their lives, before I can create a new life for myself. I am the repository of all the family history, all the family memories. Things like the bronzed baby shoes of my great grandmother. The gold nugget my great-great grandfather found in Alaska. Notes from ancestors that are unsigned, who knows who wrote them. My grandparents school grade reports, etc etc. I have memories of my great-grandparents, I knew a Civil War veteran that was captured and interred in a Confererate POW camp. (He said the prisoners were fed as well as the guards.....poorly. They ate grasshoppers.) It ends with me. My daughter didn't know our family, doesn't have the memories, and someday she will marry, and I will be the last of my name. All those memories lost, like tears in the rain - Bladerunner But I am trying not to live a self-pity party. Life goes on. These are tough times. I have all that was left behind, a massive amount of work to take care of it all, sort it all, figure out what to do with it all. By myself, and for what purpose? It's a little lonely to be honest. And difficult given my disabilities/health. Many months of sorting things out lie ahead. But, I am not grieving as badly as I expected. I grieved throughout his suffering, so the end was a moment of peace and relief. I heard the death rattle, watched his last breath.He did not fear death, it was not his nature. Nor did he want to be mourned. He did have a day of tears and regrets a few days before he passed. Both my parents before they died made a point of making sure I knew that they felt they lived a good life, were satisfied, and were proud of me. Grief is a very personal thing, and we all must travel that path in our own way. Let no one tell you how to grieve. I was not satisfied with the obit that I wrote, but it was fine, others have complimented me on it. It's just that it's impossible to summarize a life in a paragraph. It's so insufficient, yet what more can you do? I like these lyrics.... ...father, I'm in need of your hand so I can face the world bravely and father, do you understand what it is you mean to me Like a warrior you always conquered every battle you had to face And through the hard times when life was a bitter fight it's you who would give so unselfish you lived A tribute to the world that blood Is thicker than water I'm tryin' to say that I love you I'm tryin' to say that I miss you Oh, father I'll leave a paraphrased a note for everyone else, it's an old saying: Enjoy and appreciate those close to you as long as you can. You never know when the Universe might need them back. *hugs, cries*
  12. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Got it. No need to be sorry All done. Hmmm.....I see that, does the same for me. Dunno why though. I've check the forum setttings, checked unread content settings, and user group settings. Nothing there I can find.