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  1. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Got it. No need to be sorry All done. Hmmm.....I see that, does the same for me. Dunno why though. I've check the forum setttings, checked unread content settings, and user group settings. Nothing there I can find.
  2. Eyyyy

    Hello there 'Dah Best Dee' !
  3. Good to see you on the forums! Welcome and make yourself at home.
  4. Hello Fellow Friends

    Welcome to TWP CR, make yourself at home *tips hat*
  5. [PASSED] Commend Zwangzug

    I'd prefer to be able to make my assessment based upon personal knowledge of the nation, but in this case I can't. Out of respect to those that are involved in that NS Community, the record of the author, and considering the longevity of this 23 billion plus nation, I think the commendation has merit.
  6. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Masking is updated when requested by the appropriate Minister/Guardian/Delegate. I suggest you nudge Dave to make the request.
  7. What do you want from your Delegate ?

    I'm sure that would provide the necessary real estate. TWP, coffee and chocolate capital of the World. And don't forget the spiced crimson rum.
  8. What do you want from your Delegate ?

    Real Estate. Really, the teaming billions of All Good People need room to grow, New lands to colonize and occupy. I'm quite sure many other West Pacifican nations share the same burden and needs for their own teaming billions. The NS universe requires growth, it is the very nature of it's mechanics. Yes. Real Estate.
  9. Glutton for Punishment

    *reads link* Interesting. I've had a curiosity for real estate lately myself. I'm not old until I stop learning (Or so I tell myself. My body says differently.)
  10. Treachery From The Kingdom of Great Britain

    Reminds me of another player that's made himself persona non grata most everywhere. That sort of thing cannot be tolerated.
  11. *looks all around, sighs, plops down in his rocking chair* So. Long time no see. Yes, Westwind Lives. What a long strange trip it's been. I don't want to give a terribly long story, I'll try to keep it short. 2017 is a blur. I've been through surgery, I've been through withdrawal from a medication I was on for over 20 years (no, not that one), dealt with four cars with multiple problems (one is now a pretty lawn ornament since the engine blew on one of my trips), had another old college friend die, and nursed my father through a long painful agonizing death. (16 deaths in 2 years, enough!) Some of that will haunt me forever. I buried him with full military honors a week ago. My daughter and I are the end of my family, the rest are all dead. Okay, so there are a few extended family members out there, but I haven't seen in 45 years or more so it's hard to count them, I don't really know them. I have made seven trips tending to my fathers affairs (had to get special clearance from my doctor to drive under the condition that I make frequent stops for my heart and seizures), and now that he is gone, many more trips are ahead of me. I am at home for one week this time (whatever 'home' means anymore, I've lost that connection entirely). Last time I was home a month ago, I was here for 2 days. Last I spent time with my daughter, was before school was out and now it's back in again. I'm writing this while she's still sleeping. Now I have to wrap up my father's affairs, go through probate, and figure out what to do with everything, 300 miles apart. More months of travels and doings. And winter is fast approaching these Northern Rockies I cross each trip. The 100F's of summer will soon be the below zero of winter. I may pop in a bit, depending on everything, heh. But life will continue to be busy for the forseeable future. I hope to have the 'what to do with them' questions solved by April. I can't afford to maintain two homes for long. I was already planning on moving in 2020. But I don't know how to work it all out yet, it all seems so busy no matter the option. Too much for this disabled old guy. But the path will lead where it will. So. Enough about me. What's up with you all? Gallifrey Stands.TWP Endures. The Westwind Abides.
  12. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    *nods* 'Tis done!