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  1. It is an interesting dynamic in NationStates that we have a simple, basic text-based game with larger-deeper player created functions and interactions that go far beyond the basic game. Just follow Alice down the Rabbit Hole and who knows what you might find in the depths of NS. Welcome to The West Pacific!
  2. Once upon a time in NationStates, failure to clear the citizenship rolls of inactive members became a problem. Entropy of Activity in NationStates is a problem that arises over and over again. No matter how dynamic and active a region's community may be, activity eventually wanes, folks are distracted by RL, and Regional Officials get burn-out. Citizen/Players fade away. Then newer players with their own ideas of activity come along. They find the inactivity of the existing citizenry boring. So they write and present new Legislation to be voted upon, to shape the region with new activity that interests them. The ideas come up for a vote, and those old inactive citizens that haven't posted in months come out of the woodwork to vote, and they vote against the new player's legislation. The idea dies. Inactivity is thus perpetuated, and the frustrated new players go elsewhere. To combat this phenomena of the 'Old Guard' coming out to vote when they are otherwise inactive, Regions began to establish Activity Requirements to ensure that voting citizens are actively engaged in the regional community. Posting requirements can be more important for Regional Officials as well. Once upon a time, there were requirements for Ministers and Deputies to post no less than every other day, and requirements to post a notice and assign a deputy if a Minister will be absent for longer than a couple days. Activity begets Activity in NS, while the Entropy of Activity is the corrosive rust that destroys regions and communities.
  3. I've seen 94Block around NS too, speaking of banned forum destroyers.
  4. *Endorses the Delegate's choice of Heir* Congratulations Bran, and best wishes on your upcoming term in the Big Chair. The Sacred Order will perform a Sacrifice to call the Blessings of Max and Admin upon your Delegacy.
  5. I have cross-stitch art and Salish style painting of Orca in my home. The Salish say that when a Tribal Chief dies, he is reborn as an Orca. In the 90's I had a friend that went on a Vision Quest, and afterwards had a Salish Beaver totem pole in his front yard, as that was what he found was his totem on his Quest. Although, when I was young, I was fond of Owls. "The Owls are not what they seem." - Twin Peaks However, there are two Cats, one Bird, and an aquarium full of Fish living in my home. I've always enjoyed cats since my first cat Mia when I was a toddler. My cats today are getting old like me, one is an arthritic 15, the other will be a chubby 12 next month. While there weren't always cats around in my life, there were always birds.First there were the Budgies in the '60's, then in the early 70's I bred Sacred White Doves. The Blackfeet sent Sacred White Dove feathers with their Warriors, as they represented protection and a safe return from battle. These are also the white doves magicians like to use in their acts. The male doves coo, while the female doves laugh at them. Then In the '80's, I bred and raised other birds, and I was the founder and first editor of the Kansas Avicultural Society Magazine. Today I have a 5 year old female Pineapple Conure that may well outlive me, as their lifespan is roughly 35 years. As for the fish, my maternal Grandfather came to visit when I was in the 4th grade and he took me fishing in the Paha Sapa (Black Hills). To commemorate our trip, he bought an aquarium for me when he left. And I've had an aquarium ever since. Sometimes fresh water fish, sometimes salt water fish. There are roughly 40 fish in my tank today.
  6. No need to apologize, Westwind tends to participate in these events under the radar.
  7. I would support a good proposal to commend Mikeswill, but this ain't it.
  8. Well done! Three nations of Westwind contributed 504 strikes to The Crimson Sea Missile Command The Gates of Delirium The Black Necromancer Trouble
  9. *sneezes* Bah, there's already too much glitter. Are we there yet?
  10. My daughter's 17 year old cat Chucky died last week at her mother's house. Been with her almost all her life. Chucky was given his name at the animal shelter, they said he had been 'chucked' out of a moving car before coming to the shelter. He was 2 when adopted.
  11. I was given a long hair black cat named Samantha in '90. We called him Sam, his previous owned said he was misnamed. He seemed to prefer Sam anyway.
  12. Hmmm..... my first Cat was named Mia (My-ah). 1963.
  13. I remember when the Royal Duke Mediobogdum went out of his first TWPAF missions. Well done and Congratulations!
  14. In February 2008, while The Crimson Order was activated across NS, TWP Delegate TAO was working on his own innovations to improve NS activity. The 1k Endo Project....to invite WA nations from all around NS to endorse TWP Delegate TAO for a day to reach 1000 endorsements: TAO:
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