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  1. Westwind

    Nuclear Apocalypse: What you need to know

    Although someone else's gravedig can be used as an opportunity for a traditional TWP threadjack. So next time a Nuclear Apocalypse approaches, don't forget the wisdom of Dr. Strangelove. "Deterrence is the art of producing in the mind of the enemy, the FEAR to attack." Be sure they will fear TWP before the next apocalypse!
  2. Westwind

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I read that as "add to the Trolls".
  3. Westwind

    Ask me anything

    That was my recollection, but I wasn't sure. I was pretty much working directly with Gates. (Which was good with all the factions I was trying to juggle.) I think CN's impact on NS is often forgotten or discounted. Gameplay was impacted by the talent migration to CN as much as it was by Influence. Although there was dissatisfaction in the NS gameplay ranks before CN that boosted interest.
  4. Westwind

    Ask me anything

    It seemed a little light on questions in your thread . Had to give you a chance to expound a bit more. Can't help you with the password, but: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Neutral_Territory/index.php? Yeah, they were unhinged. Right when folks signed up for the board it told you - Blue sky thinking here, leave your gameplay biases at the door - and instead they barged in towards the end of the conference and told everyone how evil everyone was for ever even thinking about thinking about raids. On Westwind, Sir Lans (FRA) said, "He's destroying the game!" because I dared to propose 'The Destroyers' to remove 'deadwood' regions from the game. (TAO presented the same general idea in another form). Liberty Alliance perhaps?
  5. Westwind

    Ask me anything

    *nods* A CommRanger RMB activity device. Maybe you'd prefer this Jack Daniels Whiskey Fudge I just stumbled upon.... https://www.wineandglue.com/jack-daniels-whiskey-fudge/
  6. Westwind

    NS reminisces

    When Zeta was Delegate, I was simply here as the Equilism Ambassador to TWP.
  7. Westwind

    Ask me anything

    Yeah, Eli's thread is a good idea, but it's going to be too cluttered. Each old timer needs their own thread. I was asked to do a lecture at the NS Worlds Fair one year, and I couldn't limit it to any one subject so I asked for it to be a Q&A, which it was. I think much to Unibot's chagrin, he lost control of the questions and they weren't going where he wanted. I think people had fun though, which is more important. Okay.....here's ten random questions for you to consider.....or not. 1. What was you favorite thing about the Neutral Territory conference, of which you were an admin. What was the thing that bothered you the most at Neutral Territory? (One of Westwind's memories......as I am brought in as a 'Moderator' (hidden Admin) at Neutral Territory, Dark introduces herself to me and tells me "we're alot older than you think". I chuckled to myself, already knowing Gates age, and knowing that I'm a couple years older than Dark.) 2. What was the first region you moved to after founding? 3. What, if any role, did you play in The Crimson Order events of The North Pacific ten years ago? Gatesville was there in support, TAO was TWP Delegate. Ivan was secretly in my government. (There's alot untold about Crimson, heh, .....there was the near TNP/TP war in the midst of that.) 4. Which did you enjoy more? Your first term or second term as TWP Delegate? 5. What positions did you hold in The Pacific? We're you a member of both NPO and PRP? 6. Do you think NS needs a new 'Gatesville' to crusade against the WA? 7. Occasionally in the world, the prevailing paradigm shifts drastically. What do you think it would take to break the R/D paradigm in NS, and open up gameplay to a more diverse game environment? 8. Do you recall the United Cyprus operation in Greece? 9. You and I have both complained, argued, explained, hoped for change.....over Influence. After 12 years of Influence, and changes in it's calculation in the Feeders, what is your position on Influence now? 10. "Does eat oat and Lambs eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy." (my mother liked singing that) Is Chocolate bad for Does and Lambs? (And, is the presence of chocolate attracting Marsupials to the region?) *slides a chocolate mousse in a Guinness glass with a cherry on top to Dark*
  8. Westwind

    Hello From the Past

    Hey Zeta, been a long long time.
  9. Westwind

    NS reminisces

    Beware, I know some of Dilber's secrets.
  10. Westwind

    COPS Treaty banning

    He's bad news. Always has been, and someone always seems to be stupid enough to let him in somewhere. ("Oh we believe in second chances!"....and third, and fourth, and fifth....) We've cut relations with Gatesville and The Pacific over them working with him on separate occasions in the past. Perhaps he should be told that continued attempts to target a forum he's been banned from is grounds for a civil lawsuit.
  11. Westwind

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    'Tis done. *Westwind's last Administrative Act*
  12. Westwind


    Amen. I'll continue the rant for you. I haven't watched mainstream or cable news in years. It's all worthless propaganda and lies. I'm much more informed than those buffoons. Even the local paper puts out "Breaking News" about things I've known about for months, sometimes years. It's pathetic. Most 'journalism' is dead. (There ARE good journalists, but they are hard to find - the media doesn't want them, they aren't entertaining enough for ratings.....gotta get that almighty cash!) And I see millions of idiots on social media regurgitating those lies. God help Mankind, the fundamentals of brainwashing are in play. Once upon a time I decided to buy a 22 rifle. World food reserves were low, the economy in shambles, and being in the middle of nowhere I need to make sure I can get something to eat if I need it. (Once upon a time a train derailment took out the power for a week here in the dead of winter, one must be prepared for anything here, no one else is going to take care of you.) A friend of mine is an ex-cop and border patrol. Used to go undercover infiltrating gangs. He makes his own knives, repairs guns. He told me I was choosing the wrong gun. "You're disabled, you need to be able to defender yourself when things go bad. You need a handgun." Okay, so I think about a 22 handgun along with the rifle. "No" he said. "A 22 will only make an attacker mad at you." He approved of the Smith and Wesson 40 I bought. I fired it once. I don't like handguns, I like rifles. I know it works, hope I never need it. If you are being attacked, cops won't protect you. They aren't there with you. And when they do get the call, they aren't going to be there for 20 minutes. You MUST be able to protect yourself. Look at those keystone cops in Broward County. They stood outside while the kids were murdered. They didn't protect them. The Sheriff told them to stand down. SWAT officers from another county trying to respond were disciplined for trying to help. WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?! Have you seen the video of Sheriff Israel speaking at a SWAT training session? He tells them they should "run and hide". WHAT THE HELL!?!?! That man needs to be in prison. Innocent children's blood is on his hands. The "No NRA" organization that's fundraising for gun control in Florida? They were formed the day after the shooting. Profiting from death. They were formed by the LGBTQ rights organization Equality Florida. The "No NRA" logo on their website is hosted on the Equality Florida server. Equality Florida is run by yet another Democratic organization of which Sheriff Israel is a member. It's a political sham. The money is headed for the Democratic National Committee, because the DNC is broke and desperate for money in an election year. FOR SHAME!!!! Raising money on the deaths of 17 children so you can get re-elected. There's a special place in hell for those people. There needs to be consequences for these horrendous actions, and it has nothing to do with guns. People are so terribly ill informed. My daughter and I went to see Black Panther last weekend. We think it sucked. They bragged about all this 'advanced technology' that no one else has. I've seen RL weapons much more advanced than that make-believe. You'd be stunned to know what's going on in the middle east these days. The GCC has weapons far beyond what the US has. There are mini-drone fired missiles that can implode a man in the middle of a crowd without harming anyone in the crowd. I've seen it in action. A man turned into a spray of blood and was gone. The crowd looked around trying to figure out what happened. Directed pressure wave explosions that can take out a gun emplacement without harming the soldiers. There are remote little 'Watchers' flying around everywhere in Syria. They took out all of Syria, Iran and Russia's generals. The war is all but over there, but the media will never tell you. ISIS is done too. North Korea threat is over, and Iran is next. Peace is breaking out all over the world and all the media can do is talk about hookers and broadcast know-nothing propagandized kids for gun control. Idiots one and all. There are US Navy ships with lasers now. Fighter jets with lasers. There are "Rods of God" kinetic weapons, which likely took out that mountain Kim Jong Un was testing nukes in. All his nuke scientists were killed. Hasn't been a nuke test or missile launch since then. Why do you think he's suing for peace now? Yes, there will be peace by the end of the year, although I'm hearing as early as late June. The Trump/Kim meeting is only a formality, it's already a done deal. They already met in November. The Korean War was never concluded, but it will be this year. It's a miracle. In coming years, things will get better for the North Korean people. Thank God! The media wants war and conflict, it's good for ratings. They don't give a shit about you and I. They don't want peace. They don't know how to make money off of peace. Did they report that Saudi Arabia and Israel are now allies? The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) gave Israel $3 Trillion dollars to develop those advanced weapons. Yes, I said Trillion. The Saudi's have the money and the Israelis have the tech. GCC is why ISIS is gone. GCC is why Syria is over. GCC is slowing working on Yemen. The GCC has an entirely new kind of soldier. 50 of these soldiers amphibiously landed in Yemen and divided into two groups. One group attacked and killed 10,000 Houthis rebels. The other held off 40,000 rebel troops.Those 40k retreated from 25 GCC soldiers after they were reduced to 20k. And they are quietly supporting the protests in Iran that have been ongoing since December. The Mullahs are finally going down. Pay close attention to MbS in Saudi Arabia. He's a hero and is going to reshape the middle east. Women can now drive in Saudi, go to soccer matches, vote....all because of MbS. People are going to love him. It is the most bloodless, successful military actions ever. GCC was able to evacuate an entire ISIS held city without a single death. 200,000 were scared into evacuating the city without firing a single bullet. And that's just some areaa they won't tell you about. Major changes are happening worldwide. Changes for the better and the media doesn't want you to know about it because they can't monetize it. The world is changing. Don't be left behind. I could go on and on.....but it's all so far out of what people are being told, no one believes reality anymore because it doesn't match the lies they've been told to believe. More on Syria? To my knowledge, all but one of Syria's generals are dead. All Iran's generals in Syria are dead (this is helping the protests in Iran - the Revolutionary Guard is only able to defend Tehran now). They keep showing old clips of their top General Suleiman in Iran to try to cover up the fact he was killed in Syria. Russia has been pulling out of Syria for months. It's all over but the conclusion and clean up. It will take time yes, but the worse is over. Turkey invaded Syria again to attack the Kurds. They told their people they were victorious and showed film on Turkish TV to show the victory. The film was fake. The soldiers in the film were using blanks, not real bullets, it was file footage from training. The reality? The Turks lost bad, turned tail and ran home. They've been pretty quiet since then. Meanwhile, Hezbollah in Lebanon is in the process of being dismantled...again by the GCC. Things are safe enough in Lebanon that the US is giving the Lebanese Army new weapons. I've seen maps of all Hezbollah's missile sites and weapon stores scattered across Lebanon and Syria. They are going down. GCC is infiltrating them at the squad level. Where is CNN? FOX? NBC? ABC? CBS? BBC? Out to lunch worrying about social justice bullshit. TURN IT OFF! I've been privy to some very indepth, horrible truths lately. What's been done the past 30+ years is worse than you worst nightmare. 60 years even. Some of it I've known since the 90's, but damn....it's worse than I imagined. Turn off the fantasy propaganda. It's not good for you.
  13. Westwind

    Greetings from beyond

    Perhaps you can help us with the annual Zombie infection NS suffers.
  14. Westwind

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    After mis-thinking this and trying some things, unless someone has another idea that fits the forum mechanics, your options are: 1. The voting forum must have all access removed from non-citizens (completely hidden to all but citizens) to prevent them from being able to vote in polls in that particular forum. (for any forum in which you want to restrict poll access) 2. Remove permission from non-citizens for poll voting. This will effect non-citizens globally, prohibiting voting everywhere on the forum. (This permission is by usergroup, not by forum, so it's a forum-wide permission) 3. Scrap poll voting for 'voice voting'. This is always the most secure voting method on any forum. I'd avoid option 2. This is why we 'voice vote' in Equilism (same forum software).