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  1. A Donation button could be placed in a custom block on the sidebar for convenience. Winnie could create a Paypal Money Pool (if that's available in Canada) on his account. "Money Pools are an easy and fast way to collect money with friends. Whether you need to raise money for a holiday, a group gift, or for regular shared expenses, just create a Money Pool and share it with your friends and family. Please note that you’re responsible for spending the money collected for the purpose set out in your Money Pools page. Your friends can chip in in seconds. If they don’t have a PayPal account, they can set up one in minutes "
  2. I know HOW to add them, but in the past (I haven't checked in a long time) Winnie's settings didn't allow me upload them. So this will need to be a Winnie thing. I would have added many years ago if I could have.
  3. Winnie could simply have a Paypal donation button (tip jar) for donations. I've done that before, no hassle.
  4. *sets out a breakfast buffet*
  5. The Resolution is inaccurate. Against. Signed, former TNP Delegate Lewis and Clark. False. Blackshear is a great player and a fun TNP Delegate, but in no way was it 'one fo the first of it's kind' in an NS that was already two years old. I'd already helped write several constitutions by that time.
  6. *raises and shakes his cane at a passing cloud* I haven't looked at the feature in some time, but there is the banner advertising option in the ACP. It could be used for rotating banners, but separate from the header. Could also embed a rotating image in a custom block that could be placed above or below the forums, or on the sidebar. A sidebar ad block could have images for upcoming events, or satire, or recruitment, or.....*shrugs* "TWPAF Dragon Pirates Need YOU. Join Today!", hyperlinked to the signup thread.
  7. Here's another old one. The Crimson Sails of The West Pacific Someone could add a dragon tatoo to the sails....
  8. I also seemed to have had misplaced three other former members: Former Holy Ministers Treize Dreizehn , Intelligent Holograms and Charax  And it's worth noting that The Sacred Order embraces other Orders in NationStates, including The Crimson Order, the New TAO Order.....although I am concerned The New Pacific Order has lost it's way. Perhaps someday the NPO can return to the Sacred Order and complete the Gates of Redemption and Reunification Ceremonies and restore harmony between The Pacific and The West Pacific. *raises his hands to the heavens in supplication* *bows low to the earth bringing his arms down in a sweeping motion* *stands again* Welcome Former Delegate Elegarth! It is a honor to accept you into The Sacred Order. There is no doubt that your service to The West Pacific is deserving of recognition by The Sacred Order. A Grant of Title will be made upon due consideration. In the meantime, you are hereby Welcomed into The Sacred Order of The West Pacific as an Honored Entered Acolyte of The First Circle. I believe that Cleansed Seeker of The First Circle Mediobogdum is due for a Grant of Title as well. *raises his hands again* May the blessings of Max and ADMIN be upon you!
  9. *puts on his Grand Inquisitor robes.... gold highlighted crimson upon a sable field, edged with silvery white fur and and strong gilded threads, covering the formal military uniform with decorations of many Regions beneath, and his SC Commendation medallion hanging from his neck.* *raises his hands to the heavens in supplication* The Sacred Order would be blessed should you choose to join. *ponders* I'll have to refresh my memory on the proper ceremony. And recollecting the Sacred Numerology, it seems that bringing the tally to Eight Delegates, the number of Money and Wealth, would surely be profitable.
  10. We could have The Sacred Order of the West Pacific as a separate institution from the government for example. Has it's own theme, with a TWP historical basis. Grants titles, has an NS ideology... We don't need the Delegacy to manage our own affairs and policies, we would continue to recognize the sitting Delegate. Seven former TWP Delegates are members of The Sacred Order, including two current Guardians. The Delegate could join The Sacred Order and still maintain their own government and theme. You misunderstand. Badger is speaking for himself, not admin. The forum has recognized and provided forums for multiple governments before, more than once. The forum recognizes the TWP community, and the ingame authority of the Delegate. Governments are in reality a form of Role Play that is only tied to the game by the Delegate's recognition of it, as we recognize game mechanics as the true arbitor of ingame authority. The forum seeks to provide everything the Delegate needs and provides for the Delegate's government, but not exclusively. We serve the community. By allowing in-region opposition their own space, the community stays together and in time works to resolve differences as needed. This is the TWP way, and it has served us well for 12-13 years. I've seen large communities torn apart into separate forums and half the community never comes back and abandon's the game entirely in frustration. So many fantastic players lost to that. Thus, our forum serves the community, not just a government. Winnie has provided us all with a safe forum home for all (except those that get themselves banned for COPS treaty issues, et al), that isn't overly restrictive as those forums needing to conform to a third party TOS can be. We respect our players by seeking to preserve the whole community. There was an opposition group when I was Delegate. There was an opposition group during Yy's delegacy. There were the two governments after the Senate refused to work with Fae so she resigned the Delegacy and quit the game. She should have dissolved the government instead, but that government did not recognize game mechanic supremacy and tied her hands as she tried to work with them. Offsite government restraint of the Delegate results in inactive and rogue delegates, and split communities. Again, the forum resolves that by placing both the ingame appointed Delegate and the whole Community first before any particular government. If the Delegate's government works against the Delegate, and the Delegate ceases to recognize that government? The forum will continue to serve that government, while recognizing and providing for the Delegate's new government. That serves the entire community and avoids breaking it up, while recognizing the Delegate's prerogative. I think some misunderstand this, which brings them to be confused by those that say they respect the Delegate's choice, while expressing issues with or opposition to that same choice. As has been said, these are not incompatible positions. Precisely. The delegate asked for participation, yet those with ideas or concerns, have had their thoughts replied to with hollow assurances, rather than any attempt to hear or consider or address opinions/ideas/concerns expressed. That's my impression anyway. Yes, I sacrifice my ability to participate in order to remain an unbiased neutral admin.*sniffles overly dramatically, wipes a tear from his eye feeling the immensity of his sacrifice....falls out of his chair laughing* Although, I submitted my resignation as Admin in March 2018. But I can't remove my masking myself, and Winnie has left it as it, and I've given the admins my 2 cents on things that come up. *chuckles* I also didn't post an oath when our NationStates Republic government required it either. In that case I didn't agree with TWP turning it's governance over to an inter-regional body (sorry PD). Other regions could determine our policies. Of course, I was later the one to dissolve the NS Republic when I became Delegate. It was dead, the only active member was it's President...I don't remember his name or what region he was from....and he was barely active. But it did have some good activity during Enlightened Defenders Delegacy, and it was altered to ensure TWP's sovereignty. Remember to cut out the deadwood as you progress to allow new growth. Anyway, you didn't address anything I said or asked before, only commented on my citizenship which I'd already mentioned, so....
  11. As the motto of Westwind Armed Forces says, "There is always a choice" There is no disparity. We support our Delegate, we don't worship the Delegate. Why should everyone mindlessly follow along without having their own opinion expressed and recognized? Welcome to the world of Politics and Community dynamics. This is not true. I am in the region, have been for many many years - 15 years, yet I have no say. I am disenfranchised by the government. What is this insult for? What did you hope to accomplish with it? The rest of what you said shows you didn't read what others wrote, and for some reason have chosen to be offended by those with another opinion.
  12. *raises eyebrow* Where? Again, I'm not on Discord, so I don't know where this lengthy discussion occurred, because it certainly wasn't here or ingame. You seem to have a different POV than those outside your circle. I think it would be wise to consider this. Correct and agreed. It isn't an organic change, let's not pretend that it is. As I mentioned before, if you set the poll on Native, you can only vote if you have more Influence in TWP than any other region. And if you set it on Large Nations, nations under 1 billion can't vote. IMO you can get a fairly secure ingame vote. But it seem everyone in NS doesn't realize this. But then, it's a pet peeve of mine of that many ignore ingame features in favor of offisite control. Also agreed. What's the rush? Let me follow up on my comments about having made theme changes in my time. I took the Delegacy of a TWP that had a brand new inactive forum, no formal government, no constitution/charter/whatever. I was starting from scratch. That's not the case now. I am afraid my feeling is that this change is being ramrodded down the region's throat, with a couple days of comment substituting for discussion, debate, and input, where any alternative thoughts are dismissed when they were never considered in the first place. Saint Mark seems overly defensive and apologetic, which doesn't inspire confidence in this plan of action. Or in other words, this all seems poorly handled and poorly presented. As I said, fourth impression: My opinion doesn't matter. Sadly, regardless of the Delegate posting promises, I have little confidence in this change under these circumstances. Most of us are not in the Cabinet, and nowhere do I see evidence of this. You are defending yourself instead of promoting your position.....it feels strange and makes me wonder why you are so defensive. How often does the Delegate/Cabinet/Guardians bring such issues before the region? Isn't it true that controversy drives conflict which drives activity? Isn't it shutting down this same activity by rushing to a conclusion? *nods* A Delegate, Guardian, Minister should be servants of the region.
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