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  1. I remember when the Royal Duke Mediobogdum went out of his first TWPAF missions. Well done and Congratulations!
  2. In February 2008, while The Crimson Order was activated across NS, TWP Delegate TAO was working on his own innovations to improve NS activity. The 1k Endo Project....to invite WA nations from all around NS to endorse TWP Delegate TAO for a day to reach 1000 endorsements: TAO:
  3. Hmmm...... There's a form of ingame participation that has not been tried to my knowledge...."Sign This Pinned Dispatch Petition by clicking the Up arrrow" It's a small action, but people want something to do. Or pin two dispatches...competing proposals......"The dispatch that gets the most upvotes by Karaoke Friday will become regional policy" Just keep engaging with the players wherever you can.
  4. If anyone would like to know more of the history of The Crimson Order, there is a thread in TRR in progress since no one has ever asked me about it before. I'm revealing tales of Crimson that have never been shared before. https://rejectedrealms.com/viewtopic.php?f=79&p=10023755#top
  5. Since I can't comment in the Hall of Nations, I'll comment here.... Activity creates more Activity. Yes. Spend your time where the new players are it. In game, not offsite. I notice many important players are not active ingame. They rarely post on the RMB. It seems to me there is more interest in Discord than NS itself. It doesn't matter if my perception is true or not, but if it's true for a 15 year player like me, what do you think confused new players ingame think? Inviting new players to Discord and Forums is good, but don't ignore NS itself. That's the primary reason we are all here. Have your general conversations on the RMB, it'll keep it active and encourage new players to participate. THEN they'll be ready for offsite venues. When I was a new player, it wasn't the forums or chatrooms that engaged me to participate, it was the telegrams I received ingame, and the commentary on the RMB. Talking and planning is great, but accomplishes nothing without action. Action is the only means to Progress. Again, folks need to pay attention to the region itself ingame. The game is not Discord, it's NationStates. Engage with the Game itself. Frequently. This was the point of the Crimson Order eleven years ago, to bring activity back to an inactive game environment. Yes, it was very distressing to pop in and see that. I've never seen a proper explanation, and every time I've asked, I've been ignored. I notice the silences. They are loud and concerning. How but including us non-citizen residents and moving the discussion out of the Hall?
  6. A Donation button could be placed in a custom block on the sidebar for convenience. Winnie could create a Paypal Money Pool (if that's available in Canada) on his account. "Money Pools are an easy and fast way to collect money with friends. Whether you need to raise money for a holiday, a group gift, or for regular shared expenses, just create a Money Pool and share it with your friends and family. Please note that you’re responsible for spending the money collected for the purpose set out in your Money Pools page. Your friends can chip in in seconds. If they don’t have a PayPal account, they can set up one in minutes "
  7. I know HOW to add them, but in the past (I haven't checked in a long time) Winnie's settings didn't allow me upload them. So this will need to be a Winnie thing. I would have added many years ago if I could have.
  8. Winnie could simply have a Paypal donation button (tip jar) for donations. I've done that before, no hassle.
  9. *sets out a breakfast buffet*
  10. The Resolution is inaccurate. Against. Signed, former TNP Delegate Lewis and Clark. False. Blackshear is a great player and a fun TNP Delegate, but in no way was it 'one fo the first of it's kind' in an NS that was already two years old. I'd already helped write several constitutions by that time.
  11. *raises and shakes his cane at a passing cloud* I haven't looked at the feature in some time, but there is the banner advertising option in the ACP. It could be used for rotating banners, but separate from the header. Could also embed a rotating image in a custom block that could be placed above or below the forums, or on the sidebar. A sidebar ad block could have images for upcoming events, or satire, or recruitment, or.....*shrugs* "TWPAF Dragon Pirates Need YOU. Join Today!", hyperlinked to the signup thread.
  12. Here's another old one. The Crimson Sails of The West Pacific Someone could add a dragon tatoo to the sails....
  13. I also seemed to have had misplaced three other former members: Former Holy Ministers Treize Dreizehn , Intelligent Holograms and Charax  And it's worth noting that The Sacred Order embraces other Orders in NationStates, including The Crimson Order, the New TAO Order.....although I am concerned The New Pacific Order has lost it's way. Perhaps someday the NPO can return to the Sacred Order and complete the Gates of Redemption and Reunification Ceremonies and restore harmony between The Pacific and The West Pacific. *raises his hands to the heavens in supplication* *bows low to the earth bringing his arms down in a sweeping motion* *stands again* Welcome Former Delegate Elegarth! It is a honor to accept you into The Sacred Order. There is no doubt that your service to The West Pacific is deserving of recognition by The Sacred Order. A Grant of Title will be made upon due consideration. In the meantime, you are hereby Welcomed into The Sacred Order of The West Pacific as an Honored Entered Acolyte of The First Circle. I believe that Cleansed Seeker of The First Circle Mediobogdum is due for a Grant of Title as well. *raises his hands again* May the blessings of Max and ADMIN be upon you!
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