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  1. Liddell Hart

    Hello TWP!

    Thanks everyone! West Pacific is Best Pacific! P.S. I coulDENt think of a way to squeeze in one of these.
  2. Liddell Hart

    Potential Security Issue

    Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Liddell Hart

    Hello TWP!

    Tasty, I know.
  4. Liddell Hart

    Hello from Katan Islands

    Welcome to TWP! Unfortunately there is no game mechanic for war between nations, so rest easily. However, R/D gameplay (raiding/defending) consists of nations that use the WA and their endorsements to either invade and take over other regions or aid in the defense of targeted regions.
  5. Liddell Hart

    Hello TWP!

    Thanks, fellow Texan!
  6. Liddell Hart

    Hello TWP!

    Hi all, new around here. Another DENfugee, hopefully that doesn't ruffle too many feathers. I've already noticed some friendly faces!