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The dikahnawadvsdi aninotlvsgi iyunadai has passed a bill that, if approved, will grant the Royal Aviation Administration the power to regulate the prices of airline tickets. People worry that these regulations will make air travel less affordable as the price of tickets would no longer change with market while supporters of the bill believe it would allow Zoranian airlines to focus on quality of travel and quality of service on their airline flights which would allow airlines to compete with each other over the quality of their service domestically and internationally. Opposition to the bill believe that these prices would cripple the Zoranian aviation industry as Zoranian airlines would not be able to compete with the potentially lower prices of the international market.
"It's no longer the 1360s," says Lawmaker Tsosie of the Republican Action Party, "the Zoranian economy is more connected to the international market than back then where regulations like this were to help make a new industry a viable option for travel. But now the aviation industry is a huge part of the global economy that has flourished under its deregulation and its ability to set its own price based on supply and demand. By enforcing these regulations upon the industry, we are likely to see Zoranian airlines be unable to compete with the international market and thus potentially risk an entire industry in our economy along with the thousands of jobs it supplies for potentially a higher quality of service that is not guaranteed."
Regardless, this bill will not become law until the Queen gives her approval on it but this hasn't stopped Zoranian airlines from scrambling as they seek to draft plans for if the regulations pass. 


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