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It's that Time of year again with the 1423 election on the horizon let's look at the Ageran political landscape and how each party looks going into the election year.

Democratic Socialists: The nations largest party in the Dhiringúr is in a very different position to the one in the last election. Two successive decades of their rule in the country is starting to show wear and the dipping opinion polls of Premier Markus Rolsund is beginning to become an issue. Personal scandals at the leadership level of the party including offensive comments made by the Premier at a party conference five years ago have led to a loss in trust from voters. That and the fact that after nearly 20 years of leadership of the isle cracks in the Dem Soc machine were already showing in 1420 when they had to rely on a coalition with Social Reform as they came 2 seats short of a majority, critics of the current Premier say Rolsund is an old man stuck in the past that can't compete with the likes of Árnur Darrúe of the Land Party who is sure to win the votes of younger Agerans. If an election was held this week it is suggested that the Dem Socs wouldn't even be the second largest party  outright.

Social Reform and The Moderates: We're putting these two together as they're much of a muchness. It's suggested that Social Reform which was born out of a spat within the Dem Soc party will follow its parent party in lowering electoral success. The Moderates will be kingmakers this time round, they are predicted to win around the same number of seats thanks to their voter base in North and Central Morvik and Sór Vestúr and it will be their allegiance either the Liberal Conservatives, the Land Party or the Dem Socs must win if they want to visit the Prince in the new year.

The Land Party: The rise of the land party has been nothing short of extraordinary. In 1420 they were an elecoral footnote, a party built on the protection of land and conservation of the enviroment as well as social welfare and high spending on social programmes in a country with one of the most stringent conservation laws in the world. However the arrival of it's new, down to earth, young and dynamic leader Árnur Darrúe has flipped what was a fringe party in the Dhiringúr on its head. Darrúe has added an element of the Liberal Conservatives traditionalist rhetoric to his party's ideals giving him the best of both sides of the political spectrum, he's popular on social media and with the nation's young people doing interviews with magazines and online Q&As he is seen as the leader to bring Ageros forward further into the 2020's. His party is predicted to at least triple its number of seats in the Dhiringúr from 8 to 24 he could be the man that relegates the current rulers of Ageros to the history books.

Liberal Conservatives: Another party looking to take advantage of Dem Soc weakness the Liberal Conservatives also have a new leader. Fraún Poilais has doubled down on the party's populsit, traditionalist stance hoping if he focuses on issues targetting the current Dem Soc government and their suppossed lack of patriotism he can make way in rural Fyslas where his party made gains in 1420 with a more toned down version of this campaign.

To conclude, election 1424 in Ageros is set to flip the current political landscape on its head and the Dhiringúr could look very different in a year's time. Check Thúraiste Póstúr for all political updates from the evergreen isle.

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Anders Merken Causes Outrage At National TV Debate

As a general election looms in the new year we have got used to seeing weekly debates from politicians across the political spectrum on our screens on a Wednesday evening. These are traditionally subdued, respectful and in all honesty a tiny bit dull. However the rulebook was not only thrown out the window by Anders Merken of the People for Justice Party last night, you could argue he lit it on fire. Merken is a self described "warrior of the people" hailing from Haede Fysla. His appearances on radio and in interviews with other media across the country have led to a mjaority of the population and his opponents label him a right wing populist who seeks to shock audiences with blatantly crass and ill informed opinions such as when he said that the reason for decline in support of the royal family was due to "that lot coming over in boat loads" (he did not elaborate on who that lot were). His policies of limiting immigration and protecting "Ageran national culture" have hit a chord in the rural lowland belt area and in the generally mmore conservative south and northeast of the country. 

Last night's debate contained all of the major Ageran political party leaders who were quickly overshadowed by Merken's loud cries directed at the Land Party's Árnur Darrúe from across the studio of "Traitor" and "Burn in hell you disgrace" were not popular with the studio audience or the national broadcaster ARC's veteran journalist Kata Orósun as Merken did not apear following the advertisement break in the middle of the debate. Merken has since gone to tabloids in Morvik claiming his freedom of speech has been curtailed by the ARC describing it as a "government mouthpiece".

This instance may sound tame to outsiders but in the ususally civil world of Ageran politics this presents a worrying and uncharted new territory with the 1424 election shaping up to be one of the most interesting in recent memory.

Some are left unhappy with the design of Morvik's new national theatre which sits on it's historic harbour front

Morvik harbour has a new addition and it is not popular with certain parts of the city's populace. Amongst the old grey and brown stone buildings lining the harbour and the city's famous green cathedral lies a modern glass and steel national theatre which some are calling an eyesore. Member of the Dhiringúr for Morvik south stated that "The new 
national theatre was much needed but it should have respected the already existing ancient architecture and not done it's best to completely erode it's beauty" others such as resident Ána Leathernen of Óravangúr Street just one mile away from the new theatre had a more positive reaction "It breathes new life into the city and gives the harbour a new lease of life I think it's wonderful". 

Whatever your opinion on the new national theatre may be it is doubtless, yes doubtless that it is an exciting and much needed addition no matter what it looks like.

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The Land Party win big as   Árnur Darrúe wins mandate     for office. 

Tonight will go down in Ageran electoral history. A party that only four years ago was little more than an electoral footnote has gone on to achieve an absolute majority in the Dhiringúr, a feat that has not been achieved in over 30 years when the Liberal Conservatives won the largest number of seats since the constitution of the principality itself was written. We will be summarising hoe Agerans voted, reacted and are thinking as well as what the result means for the wider world. 

We have to begin with tonight’s victors. The Land Party under the leadership of Darrúe were revitalised during the campaign which united voters on the left and right of the political spectrum. Set to be the nation’s youngest Premier he won the hearts and minds of young voters in the cities and rural areas alike offering an alternative to the stale Social Democrat/Liberal Conservative monopoly which many thought had plagued Ageran politics for long enough. Before tonight it was thought that the party would have to enter a possible coalition with the moderates with projections at around 28 seats. However Darrúe’s Land Party took municipality after municipality winning 32 seats and gaining a majority. He pledges to lead a more bipartisan and diplomatic government than his predecessors and regain the trust of the Ageran people in their legislature which was plagued by painfully partisan politics for the last 5 years. In his victory speech in Morvik’s historic harbour tonight he announced a new wave of change was coming with investment in Agerans on a wider scale than ever before with new infrastructure and social care packages, a restructuring of the health service as well as keeping the core Ageran values of environmental care for our beautiful island. Darrúe has been received warmly across the country as a welcome change and the start of a new era in Ageran politics. 

The Liberal Conservatives gained 2 seats which was a victory in its self as many thought they would suffer due to the oncoming ‘yellow wave’. However with a traditionalist stance Fraún Poilais and his party have managed to keep their role as the steadfast opposition although only time will tell how well they will be able to keep up with Darrúe and his supermajority. 

It was a disastrous night for the Democratic Socialists who lost a whopping 21 seats as current Premier Markus Rolsund who had been increasingly unpopular during his tenure failed to regain voters trust for his party in timr. It is their worst election defeat in party history and their lowest number of seats since their first general election. It is hard to know how the Dem Socs can recover from this and if they will be able to maintain their relevance or support in the new Dhiringúr. Rolsund announced his resignation from the party after the initial exit poll was published and an election for a new party leader is set to take place next month.

As for social reform they also had a disaster of an election going from 7 to 2 seats. The moderates held on to their same 5 seats in Halfí, West Morvik and the Drúlinn Valley. 

With Ármúr Darrúe as the new Ageran premier and the Land Party as the new force in Ageran politics tonight has possibly been the most transformative night in Ageran politics and the biggest change to the Principality’s political landscape in…well…ever.



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