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Recently a plan to renovate important pieces of infastructure in the capital has been suggested this wolud include most of the roads leading in and out of the city and a new central highway through planned new commercial and residential areas, this plan of expansion has been met with criticism from a lot of residents of Ryxenia, the plans also include the construction of a new larger airport terminal to replace Ryxenia's aging Epetlatá International, and also the renovation of several hospitals and schools.

The cost for such a plan is still being calculated but the goverment has showed a lot of interest for this proposal while opponents point out that there are several parts of the country in extreme poverty and lacking the funds to build basic infrastructure, the money wolud be better assigned to less wealthier regions of the country to help with their development instead of building fancy new buildings and roads on the capital to make the foreign press reports on Inner Ryxtylopia look less bad.

The plan is supposed to be executed over a period of 4 years but opponents are intentionally stalling the plan to make it exceedes the term of the current president Eduardo Velázquez (not counting the 2 year optional extention period), most opponents to the plan come from outside Ryxenia and protests have happened in Carrizal and Cordilleras where people have gone out to the streets to voice their opposition to the plan, confrontations with police have escalated over the past 2 weeks.






An 8 year old was arrested by police on yesterday's afternoon after being seen with a toy gun, the police weren't able to see the orange tip on the gun, and so they ordered the child on the ground before arresting him and taking him to the police station. The mother is outraged that her child was arrested for "having a firearm" when it was just a harmless toy.


The Police are suggesting that having the orange tip at the end of a toy gun ins't enough, that all toy guns sholud be colored in bright colors to better distinguish from real guns, the mother is trying to make the point that the police inmediatley arrested the child and that they did not first inspect the weapon he was supposidly carrying.


The child in an interview said this: "I just wanted to play cops n' robbers with my friends... but then i find real cops pointing real guns at my face!"

The Police department is investigating the case.



Uhhh the economy is doing good i think, i dont know im a journalist not an economy super super know it all guy, now can i get a raise?

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